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Divination 101- Types of Divination (A)

For those of you who are new  here I am a diviner. I use Tarot and Oracle cards for myself and as a service to others. You can find my shop here. Frequently I get the comment that ‘Tarot doesn’t work for me’ followed by the question ‘what else is there?’

The answer? Sooo much. Below is a list. You will note that it only covers the letter A. I will be doing one post for each letter of the alphabet and then creating a master list when I am done.

I will attempt to be as thorough as possible. Please note that I am not an expert on many of these.

Acultomancy- Using needles. This was first used by the Romani people. A reader would pick up a specific amount of needles (The number depended upon the reader  but was usually divisible by the number 7) The needles would be dropped into a shallow bowl of water or upon a flat surface that had been coated with flour. The patterns that arose would be interpreted.Lines and angles were most important.

Aeromancy- Air divination with a focus on atmospheric phenomena. This included cloud formations, shifts and changes in the wind, discerning lightening, meteors and shooting stars, and more. If it happened in the sky it was important to this branch of divination. It was widely used and recognized as a branch of science until the Renaissance era.

Ailuromancy- Watching the movements of cats. This was MOST used for determining future weather patterns. However a dear friend and fellow diviner says that her feline is the best divination tool she has. Her moods and movements can tell her about a persons health, love life, or even financial troubles. My cat can only tell me when I’ve done something stupid or he’s hungry.

Alectryomancy- Using the movements and attitudes of small fowl (such as roosters and chickens) as a tool of divination. It was preferred for this branch of divination to use a white rooster or cockrel and place him amongst scattered grain. When the bird was done eating the diviner would look at the patterns and use this as their tool. Also. Some who used this type of divination would create a special board where all the letters and a few small words were drawn out. Grain or corn would be placed upon it and the words or letters that were uncovered by the chickens feasting would allow give them a pool to sort through and divine messages.

Aleuromancy- The use of flour as a divination tool. If you are a kitchen witch I HIGHLY suggest trying this at least once. There are two forms of this. The first is to toss flour unto a clean surface and look for patterns in the fluff. The second (and my preferred) is that you write the question on a piece of paper or into the flour itself. Then proceed to make a cake or bread You then take a piece of paper and write down all possible outcomes or conclusions to your question that pop into your head. Tear the paper into strips and put it into your dough. Mix it and bake it. When you break apart the bread the first message you receive is the answer to your question. Do not eat the bread. Depending on the paper and the tool you used to write the messages it could be poisonous.

Alomancy- Using the patterns of thrown or dropped salt as your tool of divination. It is also called Adromancy, ydromancie, idromancie, or halomancy. Salt is not only considered one of the core parts of witchcraft it is also the means by which people survived for thousands of years. It is thought that Alomancy is the oldest form of divination.

Ashagalomancy- If you’ve ever seen one of those super stereotypical hags on the television who are tossing out bones and using them as her form of divination then you have seen ashagalomancy in action. The bones are almost always small and (usually) come from animals. Like many forms of divination one must interpret the patterns of the bones.

Aspidomancy- is divination by entering a trance or ecstasy. This one falls under some scrutiny since it was documented by the french writer Pierre De Lancre in the 17th century while in the Indies. He wrote that “The sorcerer casts a circle, and steps upon the buckler at the center. he falls thus into a frenzy and…when the devil speaks within him the words come from his own lips”

Astragalomancy-  is divination by dice. While any types of dice can be used so long as the diviner themselves are comfortable with them in their origin special dice marked with symbols and letters were used. Often times these dice (like most dice before we developed plastic) were made of bone or (uncommonly) wood. The followers of Aphrodite were must likely to carry these in Greece. However they have the longest use by the Shona people of Africa who continue to use their dice (referred to as Hakata) today.

Astrology - One of the most popular and well known forms of divination astrology uses all the celestial bodies as the tools of divination. It is complex and multi-layered as the persons date and hour of birth, the current date and time, and other factors may be included in any readings. Because of its inherently complex nature it has fallen out of favor due to many charlatans using it to make quick money.

Augury- is divination from the behavior of birds.It is one of the forms of divination that was used in nearly every ancient culture that practiced divination. It was the study of not just the flights of birds, but their migration patterns, the colors of the wings, their numbers, where they landed, how many would take off or stay in certain circumstances. There are multiple stories and myths that revolve around an augur giving out wisdom. They were so popular that the term augury became synonymous with divination.

Austromancy- divination by the winds. The winds that came from the south were considered especially important. The strength, the pulse, and the temperature of the winds were the basis for forming a divine reading.

Auto-manzia-  is divination using ten straight pins and three bent pins. It is a very uncommon form of divination and was practiced only in Italy. The most famous practitioner of this form of Divination is was the psychic Maria Rosa Donati-Evstigneeff.

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