shoko's tiger


I know I’m very late to this fandom, so, this might already be a thing- but I present the Shoko/Finn swap AU, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Shoko is a young human adventurer in the land of Ooo. Like Finn, she travels around helping people in need, and may have a crush on the neighboring kingdom’s princess, but unlike him, prefers small one-handed weapons and roguelike strategy.

Tiger is a magical stretching tiger and Shoko’s sibling/adventuring companion. They’re a typical cat, I don’t know what else to say.

As a bonus, here’s this AU’s Finn and Jake:

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Shoko and her tiger?

Well… here is!! :D I don’t really thought I would get to work so much in this draw but the thing went out of control :P

this time I challenge myself with background and a TIGER I don’t know the name of the tiger (ʘ‿ʘ)
to be my first time drawing a tiger I think it went well xD  I’m satisfied with the result :) in other hand… I need to work more in the background D: I guess is fine but not especially good ಠ~ಠ

For better resolution here :D –>

anonymous asked:

I couldn't help but notice that the relationship between Shoko and her tiger is very similar to that of Finn and Jake. Is it possible that, just like Finn is the reincarnation of Shoko, Jake is the reincarnation of her tiger?

We doubt that Jake was the reincarnation of the tiger due to the lack of information. But, we can keep the parallels between the companionship of finn and jake and shoko and the tiger in mind.