Here’s a longer version of the World of Final Fantasy video on YouTube. Enjoy.

You Reposted in the RIGHT Neighborhood
  • You Reposted in the RIGHT Neighborhood
  • SHOKK青 (Edited)

I keep hearing this mashup everywhere. In vines, on shitposts, and now even on H3H3. But it irks me every time I hear it because the vocals don’t match the tune of the track except for the first chord of the progression (the entire chorus doesn’t match at all). 

So I did some rudimentary pitch-shifting, mostly just so I can finally groove out to it (because aside from the tune issue, this shit is FIRE )


“In which I use YouTube to breathe new life into my tumblr shitposts.“

This one’s for you, Anon that wanted me to upload something else to YouTube but I ended up doing this instead. This one’s for you.

anonymous asked:

Hey I saw you tag that Reinhardt video song thing with "I love that song", do you mind telling me the name? I've been going crazy trying to find bc it sounds so familiar but I can't think of the name or lyrics haha

Lol its a parody of a remix, You Reposted To the Wrong Neighborhood by SHOKK. The background song is Casin by glue70.

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1. trap dumplings - pink omega
2. walla walla - glass animals
3. breaking free - night riots
4. fall away - lund
5. antichrist - the 1975
6. nickelodeon girls - pink guy
7. big gulp - blank banshee
8. you reposted in the wrong neighborhood -  SHOKK 青
9. body - mother mother
10. unsaved info - joji miller


1.) nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks - panic! at the disco

2.) (coffee’s for closers) - fall out boy

3.) smd - pink guy

4.) summer time - my chemical romance

5.) thom - joji miller

6.) cardiac arrest - bad suns

7.) juarez - gerard way

8.) i exist i exist i exist - flatsound

9.) rhode island - the front bottoms

10.) lola - the kinks

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