You wouldn’t download a Shepard –

– unless you’re Joker and have never given a hoot about rules, at least when it counts. xD

Don’t mind me I’ve just. been crying about the end of ME3 most of the day and had to draw Joker officially welcoming Reaper AI Damir Shepard into the Normandy’s systems after AI ! Shepard has first made himself known on the Citadel. Joker adamantly denies crying later. ;u;<3

‘Welcome back.’

OK but just imagine Joker as a dad

  • Puffing up with pride every time Shepard touches her little growing belly and getting showered with compliments by friends. 
  • Going places with his baby in a strappy carrier. He’s wearing shades. 
  • Making mini versions of his SR2 cap for his kids. 
  • Buying them toy replicas of the Normandy. 
  • Being the reason why “shit” was the first word to be learned by the youngest Shepard-Moreau child. 
  • Telling his kids stories of the Normandy crews adventures and how their mother kicked ass and how she even kicked her own ass. 
  • Teaching them how to make laser gun noises. 
  • “You’re not going to be good, hell, you’re not even gonna be great, you’re going to be the best damn kids in the entire galaxy.”


More Joker and Evie Shepard (yeah, I know… I’m pretty obsessed with them, I’m sorry!). Drawn on iPad Pro. I really need to colour it as soon as I have some free time.

(And yes, I’m fully aware that it’s unlikely she can sit on his legs with all her weight, so I’m going to pretend that those Cerberus’ improvements are super awesome… or something.)