One of the first places we visited after picking up our rental Altezza was the legendary AE86 tuner Ukiya Shoukai. This place is true 86 heaven. Mr. Ukiya and his colleague Mr. Yamamoto were extremely friendly so thank you again for your hospitality if youre reading this. Fun fact: the red Trueno was used to record engine sound for the new Initial D Legend series.

Shokai Shii - Morohoshi Daijirou



Alternative Name : しょかいしい, 壺中天, 諸怪志異
Genre(s) : Fantasy, Historical, Seinen, Supernatural
Author : MOROHOSHI Daijirou
Artist : MOROHOSHI Daijirou
Years : 1989
Status in Country of Origin : 04 Volumes

It looks to be a manga about a shaman and his little psychic buddy who go around smacking the shit out of demons that are troubling people. Or something? It’s Morohoshi.

Shokai Buddies!

Hey guys! I’m keeping a list on my computer from now on of people looking for shokai buddies.

If you’re interested, send me a message! It’d be helpful if I could know your nickname, age, level of Japanese, host experience, and if you want strictly shokai or if going as “eda” to someone’s tantou’s club is okay too.

I have one person already who wants to meet someone for strictly shokai only! So if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll connect you two.