I posted about my 6 page entry for the Hana Doki Kira shoujo anthology awhile back, but since the Kickstarter ( has gone live, I thought it would be worth revisiting.

To me, shoujo as a genre is about more than school romances and magical girls (though those are definitely beloved shoujo tropes), and I wanted my comic to reflect that. I decided to focus the story on the affection a girl may feel for her first pet.

My mini comic, ‘Small Blessings’, is a stand alone comic using characters from my ongoing comic, 7" Kara. Unlike regular 7" Kara pages, I was limited to three colors- seafoam green, black, and white, which presented an exciting challenge. The original pages are technical pen on smooth Bristol board, the seafoam green was toned in Photoshop.

For 'Small Blessings’ and the Hana Doki Kira anthology, I decided to go with a hybrid drawing and inking style, pushing my usual rendering choices toward a slightly more shoujo aesthetic without entirely changing my usual style of drawing. I’d toyed around with the idea of doing a halftone in inkwash, but knowing that it’s difficult to digitize and reproduce properly, I shied away from halftones altogether.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on a project that allowed me to work with other artists who share shoujo manga as a source of inspiration, and I look forward to seeing the published book. If you haven’t yet, I’d really appreciate it if you took the time to check out the campaign ( and consider contributing. You guys have been so generous in your signal boosting as well as your contributions, I really appreciate it.


We are pleased to let you know that Hana Doki Kira is going to be making it’s debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! We will have copies of the book for everyone to view.

Annie Stoll, Rebecca Mock & Lindsay Cannizzaro (Year 85’res) will be at table #208 with Hana Doki Kira as well as their individual personal projects. We will be sharing our table with fellow comic artist Maritsa Patrinos

Other contributing artists to HDK that will be at TCAF are: Megan Brennan (table #227), Leslie Hung (table #268), Sloane Leong (table #156), Kris Mukai (table #246), Carey Pietsch (table #146) and Tim Ferrara (as attendee, table #208). Make sure you say hello and support all of our artists!

Annie, Rebecca & Lindsay will also be selling extra Hana Doki Kira posters, tote bags, and postcards. Any money raised by the sale of these items will go towards covering any extra shipping costs that come up from the kickstarter. Any extra money after that will be equally split and added to the money that each participating artist will be receiving.

We are all very honored that TCAF is allowing us to debut the book at their amazing festival. We will have books on display all weekend for everyone to look though. In addition, we will have 50 advance copies of Hana Doki Kira for sale to make it an official debut.

If you are a backer, please read your email for more details and a backer-only update!!


Only 4 days left on the crowdfunding for this beautiful comic anthology <3

A Yuri anthology drawn by women!

Freya - Sequential Love Stories is an indie comic book project with 14 stories made by 14 of the best Scandinavian comic artists, all focusing on women’s love stories.

That means that all of the main characters in Freya define themselves as women and every story is written from women’s point of view with the theme of love between women.

Our goal was not to force the artists to make erotica, but to let them simply explore the enjoyment and hardships between two female persons without the need for intimacy unless the story led them there. Some of the artists chose to depict a blooming love or interest, while others wanted to go even further…

If you want the book for yourself, support our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo! <3

There is not much time left now, but we really want to try our hardest to reach our crowdfunding goal before the campaign ends.
Please support us in any way you can (reblogging this post helps too)!

You can contribute with as much or as little as you want. Of course, the higher levels will help us reach our goal faster <3

Even if we don’t reach our goal, you will still get your books!

At the 85€ perk level (includes shipping anywhere!) you will get the printed book, a bookmark AND an original colored drawing by one of the artists in the book.

There are also black/white originals by the artists at the 45€ perk level.

The minimum perk level to get the printed book (including shipping) is 18€.

You can support us at Indiegogo, here:

Remember, only 4 days left!!
(Ends April 30th, 2015)

Thank you <3