shojo likes to art


Pidge knows, Lance pines, Keiths trains and everything is going fine !

Also neither Keith nor Lance can put back the Shojo Manga filter down and they can’t even look at eachother in all those sparkles and sakura petals.

(they made him loose level 14 ; they better run)

Keith is fighting against this bot btw ↓

131 - My Review

I didn’t write anything about the new chapter huh!

So here’s my humble opinion:

- Yana’s art improvement always leaves me speechless
There’s few scenes, for example when Ciel gives O!C the flowers, that look very shojo-like

This chapter art style kind of reminds me of Sakura Card Captor or Lady Oscar (Old shojos)

- I’m aware there’s a lot of fans that lately don’t enjoy Yana’s writing
But I, personally, really liked this chapter storytelling

O!C was in fact happy but the lack of attention made him feel less important than his brother?
Also Diedrich comments didn’t really make him feel better (what a dick)

Is it possible that he has/had some inferiority complex or was he way too young for that in the flashback? I don’t know how it works, sorry

I loved the scenes with Tanaka
He’s a sweet grandpa and a loyal servant.
We already knew this, but anyways, it’s always good to have more scenes with him :)

After this chapter I can emphatize more with RCiel, but I LOVE the idea of him not being the pure angel he seems to be (After all, he’s Vincent son lol)

And I love camera boy


Y'all were %100 right with the scenes you used as proofs for the 2ct YEARS ago

I’m impressed 👏👏👏

To resume: I don’t usually enjoy flashback chapters, but the art style and the cute and touching moments made this one pretty good in my opinion
I’m looking foward for chapter 132!

Ps. I love how beautiful Madame Red is

Sorry if there’s any typos!


too lazy to clean up lol

will write down more info on her later!!