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Okay, has anyone ever talked about this book??
I just went to Barnes & Noble and I’ve been looking for some more art books and I stumble upon one called Shojo Fashion Manga Art School Year 2, and this thing has like Hetalia art EVERYWHERE!!! This book made my night!!!


i feel like now would be an appropriate time to post this little comic i sketched out. i don’t know if i’m gonna actually ink and color it yet but i wanted to post it in its sketch form like lots of digital artists do.

i have a lot of feelings and opinions when it comes to rabbit. rabbit was my favorite. he was charming, a little insane, a little sexy, and just looked like someone who’d sit with you for hours talking about simple things and playing hide and seeks and UGH I JUST REALLY LOVED THIS CHARACTER.

and then the gender change happened and i was devastated. i really didn’t like the design, i wasn’t a fan of any of the changes, and i cried for an embarrassingly long amount of time. everything i loved about this character was different. and, the most selfish thing of all, i couldn’t have those sappy daydreams anymore about a robot boyfriend. i like guys. rabbit is now a girl. that attraction is gone and it hurt me more than i’d care to admit.

but then the goggles came back. and i saw all the fan art and geekshot photos and bunny’s videos and… wow. she is so happy. she’s smiling more and more in each photo. her self-esteem is up. she looks incredible. and here i was crying about something so stupid. i felt like the biggest jackass in the world. i wanted to quit this fandom. i wanted out. i felt like everything i loved is gone and i, with my negative comments, had no place in it.

but those damn goggles came back. and i found hope. rabbit was still there. i could still love this band. i do still love this band. they make me so happy and seeing them/bunny happy makes me happy. i found acceptance. i found peace. 

this band has given me more than they’ll ever know and don’t want this love to end anytime soon. my life was never suppose to be about robots but i’m so glad it is. <3

izzebear  asked:

What's your favorite style/era of art?

ahh choosing one is too hard. i like rococo, pre-raphaelite, art nouveau, horror and shojo manga (lol the dichotomy), i also have a soft spot for those 40s fairy drawings (ie mary cicely barker)… and pretty much any animation but especially ghilbi and disney