7 good manga Shoujo to read

Hello everyone! In this post i decided to show good manga shojo to read ^^

Niehime To Kemono No Ou

This manga is veryery beautiful and im waiting for the new chapters <3

So in short the story follows a girl who is the 99th sacrifice of a Human Demon King and after some time she get’s to know his kindness,sorrow and his secrets.

Jigoku No Enra

Ok so i loved this manga too *-* Unfortunately this manga in not clomplete(like the previus manga). </3

The story follows a normal girl who meets Enra, the son of the King of Hell. Enra wants to put Komachi in hell because of her sins(?).

Chasing The Sun

SO. Even this is a manhua (Chinese manga) i reaaallyy enjoyed it. Its beautiful, colored and very romantic <3

Xiao Xiang An is a High School students who experience big city life for the first time. In this city she chages her apparence for one night and meets a guy who is hateful and rude.

My Boyfriend is a Jinyiwei

This is another good manhua i truly enyojed ^^ The story,characters were on point <3

One day, in a little girl hose, a super handsome tsundere Jinywei falls from the sky(?).The loli girl takes care of him and she wants to be his pride.

Taiyou No Ie

This manga is so sweet! If you want a good romantic manga to read this one is for you! ^-^

Motomiya Mao is a High School student who has lost a home after her father gets married again and she starts to live with Nakamura Hiro, 23, who knows Mao since childhood.

Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji

Are you searching for a good fantasy,comedy and reverse-harem manga to read? This one is for you. The story is very good and the art is OMG.

Momochi Himari unexpectedly inherits an old house. Despite warnings she receives on the Momochi House being haunted, she decides to go live there anyway. She soon learns that the house is already occupied by three somewhat strange men, Aoi, Yukari and Ise.

Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai 

This is a VERY good manga to read. If u are searching for a good school romance manga this one is for you.

Yuu is a plain girl who had a determination to change when entering in high school. Falling in love with the hot guy nicknamed as “White Prince”, but somehow she’s keeping an eye in the super sadist guy nicknamed as “Black Devil”.

Ok so i only put 7 good mangas in this list and if you want a second or a third  part just send me a message ^^.

Thank u for reading! A hug!