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Here are the starting mecha for 1994’s Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.

The first image is of their combined form, the mighty Muteki Shogun (Invincible General). It is made up of the five Giant Juushou (Beast Generals).  These are:

Red Saruder (レッドサルダー)
White Kaku (ホワイトカーク)
Blue Logan (ブルーロウガン)
Yellow Kumado (イエロークマード)
Black Ganma (ブラックガンマー)

Each of the names of the Jussho is a reference to the animal associated with each of the KakuRangers.
Saruder is derived from Saru (猿) which means monkey.
White Kaku is from Kaku (or Kark) an alternate reading of the kanji for crane (鶴).
Lo (or Ro) is an alternate reading of the kanji for wolf (狼).
Kumado takes it’s name from Kuma (熊) which is the word for bear.
Ganma is from (蝦蟇) gama, which is Japanese for toad.

(All images are from a collection of Super Sentai Mecha illustrations 1975-2002 originally scanned by Thai Toku)


From Gin-chan’s photobook:

“This is from the other day; me and my wife-to-be fighting for Shogun. 

Zenzou, that hemorroid-controlled bastard of a ninja could’ve done better job but hey, that’s why we were there. To save the day, ya know.

My Kagura, you know I love chuuu~, you’re so cool!” *fanboying*

Kagura’s sidenote:

“Gin-chan, that’s not liquid sukonbu flowing under your fringe, is it?”


confirmed lego trash


One of my favorite Sentai mecha of all time is Ninja Gattai Muteki Shogun from Ninja Sentai KakuRanger.  When it is first encountered, this mighty mecha was disguised as the Wind Illusion Castle. Seriously, it’s a castle that transforms into a giant, flaming-sword wielding robot!  That’s awesome!

Even more awesome is that it can combine with Tsubasamaru (the white falcon) to become even more powerful!


These are the transformation sequence and finisher moves for the Titanus (King Brachion) throughout MMPR’s run, what’s so unique about Season 3 is that they shoot Shogunzord (Muteki Shogun) and Ninjazord (Kakure Daishogun) into Titanus was filmed in US footage with Bandai of Japan toys. I just got hyped when seeing this.

Note: I couldn’t get Shogun Megazord’s finisher due to Tumblr’s 10 photo limit.


[MONSTER] Bakeneko.

Japanese name: バケネコ
Romanized name: Bakeneko

Alignment: Youkai Army Corps
Type: Minor Youkai
Inspiration: Bakeneko
Status: Killed by Fiery Shogun Sword.

From: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger - Episode 8


  • The bakeneko (化け猫; changed cat) is a supernatural creature in Japanese folklore. It is a cat that has transformed into a youkai.


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Are you taking prompts? BB's been gone for a week and when he's back home everythings normal, except that Rae is super clingy in her own way. Both don't know why.


With a resounding series of dull thuds, a collection of bags and cases fell to the floor of the common room, all dropped by an exuberant changeling.

“Yeah, it’s good to be home!” he cried, back after a long visit with his adoptive parents. It had been a good visit but also draining, as encounters with Mento, his adoptive father, often were. Still, he was glad he had done it and equally, if not more, glad that he had returned home, to the Tower. Starfire sailed across the room and embraced the boy, lifting him into the air and spinning the pair of them around, already recounting the ‘events of the week of absence’. He laughed at a story of Cyborg’s misadventures with his car, nodded thoughtfully when she spoke of Robin and herself double-dating with Kid Flash and Jinx while Robin winced in the background, and playfully overreacted when she told of a ‘scandalous’ plot in her favourite show. That the show was about molluscs did nothing to temper her emotions.

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