shogun ka yo!

Catching up With Gintama

What is this?

This is a list I made for a friend so he could catch up and watch Gintama when it began airing again. 

I’ve separated the lists into three groups (excluding the optional beginning)

  • Imporant episodes: they’re either relevant to the plot, or the funniest episodes overall.
  • Episodes you should watch: episodes that doesn’t necessarily contribute to the overall plot, they’re still wildly hilarious or they have minor development for the main characters.
  • Episodes you can watch when you feel like it: self explanatory (a lot of these are also just filler episodes).

I love Gintama whit the same ferocity as Kondo loves Otae and I think that the majority of the episodes are great, but I know that most people don’t have the time to binge 265 episodes in one sitting. Especially if you’re eager to begin the new season straight away.

So here’s the order I would personally go with:

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Gintama spoilers 540

They are actually in chinese, using google translate i only got in the end someone stops the fight (shogun ka yo?), i will leave them there if someone can translate