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okay i read the knb wiki and i had to show you guys what i found out if you didn’t read it yet~

Kuroko Tetsuya:

Kagami Taiga:

Aomine Daiki:

Kise Ryouta:

Midorima Shintarou:

Murasakibara Atsushi:

Akashi Seijuro:

Himuro Tatsuya:

Makoto Hanamiya:

Shogo Haizaki:

Reo Mibuchi:

Riko Aida and Kiyoshi Teppei:

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GoM, Haizaki, Kagami and Himuros reaction to finding a vibrator in their female s/o room x)

It’s semi-nsfw, only semi-nsfw asdfghjkl -T-chan

Kuroko would end up a blushing mess and try to act like he saw nothing. Keyword: try. His cheeks and him being unable to look into his girlfriend’s eyes will give him away.

Kise would yelp and without any sign of embarrassment or shyness if she was cheating on him-in a teasing way of course-before holding the vibrator, wobbling his eyebrows and smirking. Lots of teasing and foreplay, ‘cause no way will he miss that out.

Midorima would say “I haven’t seen anything” while slowly closing the drawer that he intended to close either way. Cheeks red, a bit of stuttering mess, but just like Kuroko, unable to look into her eyes.

Aomine would be shocked before he comes up with plan that includes her vibrator too. He’d enjoy every second of it as he watches her while sitting beside her, fully dressed.

Murasakibara would be flustered, but quickly go over it because that’s his girlfriend’s private things. He’d try to forget about it, he really would, but the image of her working out with vibrator keeps popping in his head and it’s hard to focus on anything while she’s sitting beside him and talking about god-knows-what. He’d be completely unfocused.

Akashi the gentleman, with dirty mind, that he is would completely disregard the vibrator, but wouldn’t hesitate to ask her anything dirty. Akashi please, you’re making your girlfriend embarrassed. He’d quickly find a way for her to…relax. ;^)

Kagami would be so so so red in the face, because he’d honestly never imagine that, but at the same time he’d be so turned on. Knowing she has ‘a helping hand’ he wouldn’t hesitate to use when they’re at it or help himself while getting off.

Himuro would be really subtle about it. He wouldn’t care after all these are her private things, but oh boy did he have to see it when he already has hard time holding back? He’d lead the conversation on it eventually and would definitely use it when they do it or he does her while talking dirty in her ear. He’s damn good at dirty talking.

Haizaki would just smirk and when she comes into room would instantly get to action. Wouldn’t hesitate in anything, because “[Name]-chan, I didn’t know you were this needy. Aren’t you satisfied with the real thing?” His pride could actually be a bit hurt, but he’d quickly make it up for that.

  • Otsubo: I'm so done with Midorima and his lucky items.
  • Imayoshi: At least he turns up at practices and doesn't skip games. Aomine has skipped 14 games and missed the entire year of practice.
  • Kasamatsu Yukio: Yeah yeah, at least you guys get to concentrate during practice. Kise is just pure annoying. Every single practice session he brings a whole crowd of fan girls who just crowd around him and scream every time he makes a move. How the hell are we supposed to play with so much screaming?
  • Okamura Kenichi: Try dealing with Murasakibara who litters the entire court with crumbs it's so disgusting and we have to spent half a session cleaning the court so that we can train.
  • Hyūga Junpei: This is all nothing in comparison to Kuroko's sudden appearances. My heart can no longer take those surprises and we can never ever seem to find him. Never ever.
  • Otsubo Taisuke: Midorima is the worst, he leaves his stupid lucky items every where and the entire team has at least tripped over 2 of his bloody lucky items. And that's not all, he is so selfish so we allow him 3 selfish whims each day. He uses all up before practice even begins. How am I supposed to not kill him?
  • Hideki Ishida: Well, at least none of them are as horrible as Haizak, he is so rude to his senpais he doesn't even care if he injures us, that prideful, arrogant idiot.
  • Akashi Seijuro: I have dealt with all 6 of them before and experienced everything you have. All you are experiencing is 1/6 of my pain. Shut up. You are in no place to complain.
  • Nijimura Shūzō: Oh please, I have dealt with all of them plus you Akashi. Don't think you were easy to deal with, you were so irritating. None of you get to complain.
  • Kise: Geez... Senpai sure is harsh...
  • Aomine: It's your own fault.
  • Midorima: Don't talk like this doesn't concern you, Ahomine.
  • Aomine: Huh? Didn't you just hear Otsubo called your lucky items 'bloody'? It concerns you too, Midorimama.
  • Murasakibara: Shut up, you all are so nosiy. *crunch*
  • Kuroko: Murasakibara-kun should really stop eating. You dirty the courts too much.
  • Kise: Woah Kurokocchi, not so sudden ya know. My heart is pretty fragile.
  • Kuroko: I apologise, Kise-kun
  • Haizaki: What is wrong with all of you?
  • Midorima: I could ask you the same question, nanodayo.
  • Akashi: Seriously, shut up. You give everyone a damn headache.
Haizaki and the GOM
  • Haizaki: Gosh, it probably would be so easy to be Kuroko, everyone in the GOM'll like you
  • Kuroko: That's true, Haizaki-kun. However, it'll be difficult for you to pick up on girls if you were me.
  • Haizaki: Neh, being Kise would probably be lot easier, and then I'll have all the women to myself
  • Kise: But Haizaki, I do photoshoots every weekend and my manager forbids me to date anyone
  • Haizaki: Fine. Being Aomine is probably great, slacking off all day while being the best at basketball
  • Aomine: Yeah, but my grades aren't really that high
  • Haizaki: God! Midorima's life will probably be a lot easier!
  • Midorima: You're wrong, Haizaki. I, of course do not slack off and always attend practice. Buy my lucky item, clean my house, and study, nanodayo.
  • Haizaki: I change my mind. Murasakibara has such a laid back life.
  • Murasakibara: But Zaki-chin, it's hard for me to be responsible enough to pick up on girls and cheat on tests
  • Haizaki: GOSH! I'll just be Akashi! Then I'll be the best in everything!
  • Akashi: Being the president of the school committee, captain of the school with a championship reign in basketball for 5 years, and being the only heir to our company, taking a break from all of that, that would be nice. Have fun taking my place, Shogo.
  • Haizaki: What? No!

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Hey there! Can I request Haizaki headcanons if he noticed a very shy and timid girl was crushing on him? Thanks, sweet!

hi, love! of course you can! thanks for sending them in!! xoxo admin k

  • Usually he isn’t one to go for your type, but he couldn’t help but notice how cute you were. You were his next target; he wasn’t going to let you go easily. 
  • He starts teasing you, taking your notes when you were writing what the teacher was explaining, and tugging at your skirt when you were walking in front of him. 
  • You can’t help but have some sort of attraction towards this guy because underneath his brusque personality, he had some sort of kind heart. you hoped. 
  • you have to admit he looks gorgeous playing basketball; he’s quick on his feet and although he’s a bit cocky and boisterous, you feel a magnetic pull towards him. 
  • you don’t know if he’s playing with you, but you’re falling for it hard. the slight touch, the way he leaves a hot, stinging feeling in your gut when he’s feeling particularly touchy is making you go crazy. 
  • finally, you confront him, although you’re a stuttering mess and he’s smirking, that permanent arrogant look plastered on his face. 
  • next thing you know, he’s pulling you in his arms and kissing you. somewhat aggressively taking your first kiss, but you weren’t going to complain. 

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helloooooo, do you mind making an aomine + imayoshi + haizaki fluff (or things they do to cheer you up) headcon? thank youuu

I hope you don’t mind me going with cheering up ^^ I’m also sorry for not updating in days/a week and that these hcs are short. I’m not really being myself and whatever I write doesn’t seem to work/come out well for my liking.



  • He’d be really attentive, especially if you come to him upset. No matter the reason, he’d listen and let you cry out or even make you cry, just so you can loosen up a bit. It could backfire, but he wouldn’t leave you alone. Not for a moment.
  • He’d begin with words, questions and anything that could come to his mind so you could tell him what happened or at least make you hint.
  • If words wouldn’t help, he’d pull you in a hug and not let you go. He wouldn’t want you to feel even worse or let you think about it for long. He’d do anything to make you stop thinking about it.
  • Once you’ve calmed down, he’d still hold you in his arms for a while longer.
  • He’d be very reluctant to let you be alone, so be prepared to see him by your side and checking up on you in case you need anything. He’d hold back on his words a lot, knowing that sometimes he’s at fault for your foul mood, but he’d try to make it up to you.


  • Imayoshi would know when you’re feeling down before it even dawns on you. He’d see those little different movements or a second-longer silence before replying.
  • On such moments, he’d be a bit more affectionate and hold himself with his remarks. He’d try to cheer you up with small gifts or things he thinks you’d like, though I’m more than sure he’d approach you, asking directly.
  • Now once he manages to get an answer from you, he’d either pull you in his embrace for a while to calm you down, or just try with words. Sometimes his words could help, sometimes he’d only go with actions instead.
  • Those days would be mostly spent inside with watching TV, playing games (with Imayoshi letting you win) or reading. He’d spoil you, not too much, but just enough to let you know he cares.


  • Haizaki would be different. In some cases he could be the reason for your bad mood, so it could also make him twice the jerk. He wouldn’t see where the problem is or that he’s at fault. But once if you really move from his side, ignoring his calls and messages, he would stop and actually think what was wrong. He’d hardly apologize with words, but a small gift, a chocolate or a bouquet of flowers, would be the apology enough for him. He’s a hopeless romantic.
  • If he wasn’t the reason and you were feeling down because of someone/something else, he’d be pissed. 1) because why the hell would you listen to someone else when the only one you should listen to is him. and 2) you’re an idiot for letting it get you down. Which would probably end up in first step again.
  • He doesn’t like showing affection to you, but if you really feel down and even small gifts wouldn’t help, then screw it, he’s going to hug you and you better not mention that to anyone or even think about it. In time, though, he would get used to it, so whenever you’d feel down, you could go to him and just cuddle up and he wouldn’t say a word.
  • He’s really horrible with comforting words, but his actions alone would let you know that he cares and loves you in his own way.

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I need some Nash,Hanamiya, and Haizaki angst if you don't mind hahaha. Any scenario will do but as long as it hurts the heart i guess aha

Of course you can and since I’m in the mood to vent out these three scenarios will be totally random, perhaps no similarity in-between. Just a bit of their “demons”. I hope they’re angsty and good enough. ^^, -T-chan


He always loved breaking people. He loved seeing hope and happiness slowly leaving people’s eyes when they realized he did nothing but play with them. He loved it, when he saw them break. There was thrill that flew in his veins, giving him adrenaline, wishing, wanting for more. He wanted to be more destructive.

No one liked him, he knew that well enough. His mother never knew that. And he made sure it stayed that way even when his locker was filled with trash and razors. How people managed to sneak them into school was beyond him, but he didn’t care. He acted like everything was fine. He acted like nothing was wrong and that unnerved everyone even more. They wanted to make him pay for what he did.

Hanamiya was alone. He didn’t like hanging out with anyone. That was until he joined the basketball club. “There are annoying people in the club.” was his reason and it made his mother laugh. But she could see something shifted in Hanamiya’s eyes as he talked about the club more.

He never talked about things he did. Books he read were what kept his relationship with his mother float, but even then there were more things to it too. He loved his mother. He cared for her. He wanted to keep her away from things he did. He kept it a secret when he went home, taking longer roads, just to shake off people that followed him in secrecy. He made sure his mother was safe, but he knew sooner or later someone will find out where he lives.

Hanamiya was pissed when he came home and saw his mother with a broken wrist. He knew that they gave up on breaking him and went after his mother instead. Hanamiya didn’t like that and he will make them pay.

“Who did this?” He asked and gently held his mother’s arm, looking at the cast.

“It’s nothing, Makoto.” She smiled. “I slipped on the water at the market.”

Market. He looked into her dark eyes that were same as his. “What did the doctor say?” He looked back down at her hand, placing it gently on her lap afraid he would break it even more. He hated seeing his mother hurt in any way. Physically of psychologically, he hated seeing her hurt and sad, less alone cry. Just like he hated his excuse of a father, who left her.

“It’s broken and will most likely need the cast for a month if not more. I did land pretty bad on it.” She admitted and let out a silent sigh that Hanamiya easily caught.

He swore he will make them pay.

Blood dripped down his clenched fist, his chest heaving, as he stood in front of seniors from his high school. They were slumped on the wall, one of them barely conscious as he knelt down in front of him. His eyes glinted with mischief and anger. The corners of his lips turned up in a smile that sent shivers down the teen’s spine and he shivered. He tried to move, but he flinched, hurting all over.

“I see you coming after my mother one more time, I’ll make sure you end up in hospital longer.” Every word was filled with venom, yet only one came out with most care. He reached out his hand, the teen flinching, and patted his shoulders, like he wanted to brush dust away. “Make sure you tell others too.” He looked straight into the teen’s eyes, who nodded. His smile stretched wider. “That’s good. That’s very good.” Straightening up, he turned and left without looking behind.

“Were you in another fight, Makoto?” His mother looked at him disapproving and Hanamiya wanted to scowl.

“It’s nothing.” He replied and tried to pass her by, only to be stopped by the look she gave him.

“It’s not nothing when your clothes are bloody and your cheek blue.” She argued.

Hanamiya sighed. “I bumped into one of my old friends and we talked about old memories.”

“Makoto!” She called and he felt his chest tighten.

Hanamiya looked at her. “I’m fine.”

His mother stared at him, her lips in thin line before she let out a sigh. She closed her eyes and walked over to her son, caressing his cheek. He felt filthy the moment he felt her soft fingers on him. He didn’t want to taint her. Turning his head, he took a step back, further from her. He didn’t want to get any dirt on her. Especially not from people, who caused her injury.

“Don’t fight anymore.” Her voice was silent, begging.

“I won’t.”

They both knew it was a lie.

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