Reaction #5: His reaction to you being scared of him when he’s angry/jealous

SeokJin (Genie):

Jin would NEVER want to come off scary or alarming to his S/O because he is such a sweet prince. After an argument with his S/O, he would continuously reassure them that they are safe with him and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. After the whole argument, he would try to end this hostile encounter with cooking for them, running a bath for them or doing something else sweet to get their mind off of this encounter.

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

When Yoongi would get angry he would probably say things he doesn’t mean and come off a little cold (which he is not). He will get worked up and probably stop talking for a while. When he would realize that he scared his S/O, his heart will soften up and he will realize what had just occurred. After sitting down and contemplating everything, he would walk up to his S/O and try to talk it over and say how crazy it is for them to fight over little things and that he doesn’t want to lose them over foolishness and that his intentions were never to scare them like that.

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hoseok and his S/O never liked to argue over simple stuff. But when he got jealous or angry, of course he wouldn’t be the Hobi they knew and loved. He would get quite irritable but will try to calm himself down so the argument won’t get bigger than it was, especially if he knew they were scared. He would walk away for a little while just to sit down and think things through and calm himself down and like Yoongi, would walk to his S/O and talk it over with them about how this argument is crazy and how he doesn’t want to lose them before embracing them tightly in which he would probably slightly cry to the thought of unintentionally scaring his S/O and losing them because of a silly argument. “I love you y/n I really do, and I want you to always remember that if we ever fight.”

Namjoon (Monie):

When Namjoon would get jealous or angry it would show. He always made sure others knew that his S/O was all his and no one else’s. When getting into an argument about something, when he would raise his voice he would realize that things were getting out of control when he saw his S/O’s face display a startled look. He would immediately try to talk it over with them and try to see their point of view of the situation and like Jin, would reassure them that there is nothing to be afraid of and that all he wants to do is take care of them. His S/O will reassure him that they are all his and that there’s NO way he will lose them to anyone else.

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

When Jimin was angry, it definitely caught his S/O off guard. When Jimin would get angry it would startle them because Jimin is usually a soft, sweet human being. When he would get angry or jealous he would try to mention it without coming off irritated. For example, say if someone else was talking to you and it looked like flirting, he would go up to you and hold your hand or display some type of skin ship while holding back his slight annoyance. But when it happens again, he would jump in and would make a small aggravated remark. When arguing with his S/O about the situation, when he would get to a point where he would get angry and startle his S/O, he would try to calm down, then most likely cry afterwards soon after realizing what happened. His S/O would come over and reassure him that it’s okay and he would continuously apologize over how he came off and mention on how he never wants to scare them like that and how he loves them too much for them to feel that way.

Taehyung (Jack):

Tae and his S/O barely ever argued over anything. But when it would happen and if Tae ever got REALLY angry about something he would start to raise his voice. Whenever he raised his voice it would surprise his S/O and especially because he has a deep voice it would scare them a little more. But, when he saw his S/O’s frightened face, he would automatically start to cry because this soft bunny would NEVER want to scare the person he loved and never liked to partake in trouble with anyone. “I’m sorry y/n i really am, I feel like a monster” he said, voice heavy while crying. His S/O would then cry because they never liked to see Tae this way, hug him and constantly remind him that it’s okay and that he’s far from a monster. He would hold them into a tight embrace like he never wants to let them go.

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

When Kookie would get angry it will show on this boy’s face. His tone will become slightly irritable and would become more and more evident the angrier he gets. This would make his S/O nervous seeing and hearing Kookie this way. As his S/O would walk away in fear, Kookie will look down and try to calm down and think things through and let his S/O be for a little while. He wouldn’t know what to do or think and would know that his intentions weren’t to scare them like that and wouldn’t know how to approach them. He would feel slight embarrassment from his hostile reaction because he knew he didn’t mean to come off so cold. While looking down and slowly walking over to his S/O he would tear up and repeatedly apologize. His S/O knew that he didn’t mean it and they would hug it out and try to get through this together. They would then try to take their minds off of what just happened someway, whether it be watching a movie, etc.

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How about the NDRV3 guys sleeping with their S/O for the first time? (Just sleeping. Nothing NSFW)

Awh that’s cute Anon ^^ Have some fluff >_>

NDRV3 Boys sleeping with their S/O for the first time (No NSFW)

Shuuichi Saihara:

- The boy was stressed

- This was the first time you agreed to stay over at his house

- He literally cleaned everywhere just for you

-The two of you spent the day watching Sherlock (Best show)

You noticed he was yawning more and more 

- “Saihara - kun! Let’s go to sleep now, I won’t carry you to bed haha”

- You take his hand and pull him towards his room

- He already has a faint blush but once he realises that you’ve decided to sleep with him he’s instantly bright red

- “U-Uh… Are you sure S/O - san?…”

- You nod before cuddling up to him

- “Night night Saihara - kun!” You give him a quick kiss on the nose

- Gah… You’re so cute…

- He shyly kisses the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you and closing his eyes

Kaito Momota:

- He loved the idea of you staying over at his house for the first time!

- He won’t deny it, his house was messy so he did what we all do when we have guests

- He threw everything into the wardrobe

- The two of you were night owls which meant that you could appreciate the night sky with him

- The two of you were lying on his jacket as he lazily pointed out stars to you

- You cuddled up to him and slowly started to drift off to sleep

- “And this is… Oh… You’re asleep”

- You look so cute, it’s unreal

- He carefully wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead

- “Goodnight, my brightest star”


- He didn’t really know what to do

- He invited you over to his house for the night but he didn’t really think about what you two could do

- When you finally arrive he gives you a small tour of his house

- “So uh… I would usually charge up over there but… It’d be rude to just leave you..”

- You give him a confused look, he’s blushing quite majorly

- “I… Can… I would like to accompany you whilst we ‘sleep’!”

- You begin to giggle, he was just so cute!

- You just spent time talking to each other before you started to become sleepy

- “Bedtime!” You say as you yawn

- Kiibo just sort of stays in one place so you have to take his hand and guide him to the bed

- You let him lie down first and then you simply place your head on his chest

- “Night night Kiibo - kun!”

- Hesitantly, he puts his arms around you before turning on sleep mode

- “Goodnight, S/O - san”

Rantaro Amami:

- You invited him to stay the night for the first time

- “Make yourself at home!”

- The second you say that he smirks and jumps onto the sofa, taking up all of it

- He flashes you a grin before getting the remote and switching the TV on

- “Come watch with me S/O - san”

- “There’s no space.”

- “I’m sure you’ll think of something”

- And think of something you did, you walked up to him and casually sat on his stomach

- “Kh! Okay, stop!”

- You roll your eyes before shifting so that you’re lying on top on him

- “Better Amami - kun?”

- He begins to blush and just stutters out a “Y-Yeah…”

- The two of you just watch TV but… He’s really comfortable…. Soon enough you find yourself slowly drifting off

- The next time Amami glances at you, you’re happily sleeping on him. He just smiles and wraps his arms around you before closing his eyes

Kokichi Ouma:

- Of course he invited you to sleep at his house!

- As soon as you enter he pulls you into his room and shows you all of his best possessions

- He then proceeds to tell you all about the best pranks he pulled

- “Nishishi~ S/O - chan should join me one day!”

- You giggle before rubbing your eyes. You loved listening to Ouma’s stories but that didn’t stop you from becoming sleepy

- “Huh? Are you sleepy?”

- You nod before slapping your cheeks lightly

- “Nishishi!”

- Before you know it, Ouma jump hugs you causing you to fall onto the bed with him on top

- “If you’re tired you should go to sleep S/O - chan”

- “Eh? What about you?”

- “Well~ I have someone I can cuddle now so I’ll sleep too!” As he says that he kisses your cheek before cuddling up to you and closing his eyes

- This is cute

- You hug him back before letting yourself fall asleep

Gonta Gokuhara:

- Being the gentleman he is, whenever you offered for him to stay the night he always slept on the sofa

- You two were together for a while now and you knew he was just being polite but you wanted him to be happy too

- “Hey hey Gonta - kun!”

- “What is it S/O - san?”

- “Tonight, you have to sleep with me okay? No more sofa sleeping, it’s bad for your back!”

- He makes a somewhat shocked face before blushing

- “It’s nice that… S/O - san cares about Gonta’s health”

- You two spend the evening watching a wildlife documentary before you take his hand and lead him to your room

- He takes up most of the bed but you don’t really mind seeing as you just cuddle up to him 

- He’s like a giant teddy bear

- At first he feels kind of.. Awkward seeing as he never did something like this before but after a while he just brings you closer before playing with your hair

- “Sleep well Gonta - kun..” You murmur into his chest

- He lets out a little laugh and kisses the top of your head

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- The two of you didn’t really do much when you spent time together

- And by that I mean you mostly read books together

- He was just sitting on the sofa reading whilst you were lying on the sofa, your head resting in his lap

- You had to admit, reading like that made your arms quite tired but it was worth it

- As you glanced up you noticed his eyes were closing

- Aha! There’s your chance

- You quickly put your book away before sitting up

- He gives you a confused look but you ignore it and quickly sit on his lap then you lean against him

- “Huh.. What are you doing S/O - san?”

- “You look like you need a nap so I’m joining you of course!”

 - He just rolls his eyes but then lazily puts an arm around you

- “We should do this more often S/O - san”

- “Agreed!”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He somehow managed to convince you to go to the gym with him

- That was a mistake

- By the end of it you were exhausted whilst he seemed as energetic as ever

- As soon as you got home you collapsed on the sofa

- “Hey, S/O, come on that was barely a proper workout”

- He starts poking your cheek but you just reply with a groan

- This however, does not discourage him so you open your eyes and glare at him

- “Stop”

- “No”

- “Okay.” You quickly reach out and pull him towards you until he’s pressed against your chest

- “Gotcha”

- You can’t see but his face is bright red

- “Now I sleep”

- It doesn’t take long for you to actually fall asleep and he just kind of… Thinks about this situation a bit more

- She pulled me into a hug. She’s asleep now though. Is this sleeping together? Wait if it is this is the first time. She’s warm… Wait no bad Ryoma!

- He tries his best to get out of the hug but your grip is like iron

- Guess he’s staying here for a while…

- Not that he’s complaining :3


       No one knows where she came from…

no one knows why she’s there. 


        She means no harm to the mortals in her path…

She   only   wants   him. 


            who     is     him? 

Coming soon.

The Boy Next Door

South Korea // 2017 // 15 episodes

Series based on a webtoon about two 25-year-old neighbors: game production major Park Kyutae (Room 301) and animation major Sung Gijae (Room 302).

If you liked The Lover you’ll be probably be into this, it’s the same type of comedy and “misunderstandings”. But don’t expect The Lover’s ending, this is strictly bromance.

I was thinking of making a special drawing for Kirby’s birthday but ended up not doing it. ovo; (Or I just might draw it late.) So instead, here’s a little doodle of Kirby and Magolor I drew yesterday!

Happiness in the form of a pink puffball. Happy 25th borbday, Kirby!

Süslüsü, sadesi, ajandası, kitap görünümlüsü, kilitlisi, çizgilisi, karelisi…
Kızmışım, kırılmışım, ağlamışım. Yazmışım. Yorulmuşum, sıkılmışım, bıkmışım. Yazmışım. Şaşırmışım, düşünmüşüm, taşınmışım. Yazmışım. Sevinmişim, dirilmişim, gülmüşüm. Yazmışım. Düşmüşüm, kalkmışım, yürümüşüm. Yazmışım. Gitmişim, koşmuşum, gelmişim. Yazmışım. Bakmışım, görmüşüm, anlamışım. Yazmışım. Dualarımı yazmışım. Konuşamamışım. Yazmışım. Konuşmuşum. Yetmemiş yine yazmışım. Yazmak yetmemiş; çizmişim.
Defterlerimin bi kısmını döktüm. Geçmişe gidip geldim. Şunları yazmışım:
Hayatta sıkışınca, hayata sıkışınca yazıya susadığımı fark ediyorum.
Ben, kendimi kaybetmek istemiyorum.
Ben, kendimi ziyan etmek istemiyorum.
Yazmak olmasaydı ölürdüm.


NEW VIDEO: Pirate101 Review (Ep.1) Character Creation

Episode one of my Pirate101 review; hope you guys enjoy! I know it took me a while to upload this video, I just couldn’t get it how I was picturing it, but now I love how it turned out! Enjoy!

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