Couple of weeks ago I caught up to the homie Stalley, who you all know as one of Maybach Music Group’s lyrical and conscious artist. Stalley has been grinding for a while since his move to New York from Ohio which he reps hard like his fellow statesman bro Kid Cudi - Stalley like all stars in the making, has put in the work and made a name for himself through the underground music circuit in NYC and took advantage of every opportunity. Along with his positive, thoughtful poetic lyrical style his image was also something people liked and stood out for him - to me he was the real “fear the beard” guy before James Harden and a few others who took on the look. (S/o to Freeway!) It was also Stalley Street Style of fashion that made him a influencer in the street wear world. While in New York he spent some time working with one of the iconic street wear brands called ALIFE, which are now still making some noise. Stalley once again took advantage and worked his music and style to perfection during his time working there.
Today you can catch Stalley rocking some of the latest or exclusive threads or footwear known to hypebeast across the planet! Every sneaker site would feature Stalley in their “what is the celebrity wearing this week” post or modeling for a few clothing brand’s campaign!
By far I say Stalley “MKNMVZ” and doing what he suppose to do in this industry “drop bars and stay fresh”

Check out Stalley’s Shoexiety Top III kicks to rock and mentions of what he feels like hooping in sometimes…oh! forgot to mention Mr. 330 got game too, I call him “Rip Hamilton” Stalley can shoot!

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