Mods For Shoewatch

Hello everyone, it’s Shoe! A while ago I made a post in which I was expressing my feelings about my time and this blog. In short, I was upset because I wasn’t spending enough time on this blog, or filling out requests as often as I would like. So, because of that, I have decided that I would like someone else to run this blog with me! There are a few rules, but other than that anyone can become a mod for shoewatch! 

 - Must be comfortable writing for most Overwatch characters 

 - I would like to see something that you believe represents your writing ability. I must be tagged in it. (Can be about anything! Just write!)

 - Get accustomed to my posting schedule ( 1 request out every two days, accompanied by two aesthetic post)

 - Willing to learn my tagging system

 - Be comfortable enough to talk to me on a semi-regular basis (I’m nice I swear!!!)

 I am trying to get 1 person to run this blog with me, but if there is more than one person I see that I would love to share this blog with, I am all for it! A like and reblog counts as an entry. Don’t forget to tag me in any writing!

 On December 31, I will pick a mod!