No Boys Dorm

Mediajunkie Studios (probably better known as the (My) Immortal Webseries people, but I’d like to see them be able to go beyond that, so let’s not call them that) is working on a new project called, in case you didn’t get it from the post title, No Boys Dorm.  They have a live Kickstarter right now with one week left on it.  They’ve got $4600 of the $10,000 ($8,000 US) they need to make their new webseries happen, and one week to make the rest.  They’ve got a bunch of neat rewards, including merch for both No Boys Dorm and (My) Immortal!  For the size and type of project, this is a very slender budget, but they’ve proven already that they can do great things with a shoestring.

This one, unlike (My) Immortal, is a wholly original series!  The basic premise is that it’s going to be a dramedy satirising anime, specifically shoujo anime and the harem/reverse harem subgenre.  We know it’s going to be a true satire - of equal parts homage and ridicule - because we saw how capable of that they are from their prior webseries.  They get to cater this one specifically to their strengths:it looks like the performance and the humour are going to be beautifully balanced and every role, joke, and moment can be tailor-made for the talented actors.  In short, it’s going to be awesome.  So watch the IPF proof-of-concept trailer, hit like, share it around, and then go pledge to their Kickstarter!

Sources for traveling on a shoestring budget

Here are some great ways to explore the world without breaking the bank:
Use search criteria to find the most appropriate and best hosts for you - I always search for English speakers with profile pictures then go by who has the most/best references from there. Each CS host I had played a huge part in my enjoyment of the city so it’s best to 1) choose someone you have something in common with and 2) choose someone who will offer you the experience you are looking for.
WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities in Organic Farming, so all organizations are supposed to be affiliated with sustainable living and especially organic produce - most hosts are farms, others are camps or even coffee shops. With WWOOF, you trade typically 30 hours of work per week for room and board. There is a separate WWOOF site for almost every country in the world.
I’ve had a couple really great experiences WWOOFing (family farm in Maine, kayak camp in Alaska) but also seen hosts who were abusive of volunteers and clearly taking advantage of free labor (sailboat in Malaysia, llama ranch in Alaska). Read between the lines of their farm description and their email correspondences to see what they’ll offer you and how they’ll treat you.
There is about a $30 annual fee to join WWOOF USA.
The work-trade concept is similar to WWOOF but it’s not exclusive to organic lifestyles. For example, I met a couple who hosted WorkAway volunteers at their English school in countryside Japan.
There is about a $30 annual fee for this site also.
Also a work-trade situation.
If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a French chateau for six months (for free), this is the place to do it. I haven’t explored the site much, but a friend of mine bullshitted his way into a 6-month housesitting gig for a Texan oil tycoon and got a couple great stories from it.

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I have your attention
cause anything is possible
I swear that my intention
Is nothing short of probable
You think that I’m conceited
But maybe I’m just miserable
Now that I’m improving
They say that I have lost it all