A very bold colour this season is orange.  It can be a hard colour to wear (you don’t want to look like a prisoner or a traffic cone), so therefore I’ve put together an example of a great match for all of YOU. After all, if you match the orange colour right, you’ll be the center of attention all day ;) 

The dress is from Asos and the shoes are from Zinda…

The winter is near, but don’t fear shoepspanish is here.  We’ve set some guidelines for the footwear trends 2011/2012, but what about the clothes?

Well, you can come a long way with shoes, but with the right outfit you can go even further.

As always the colours get more subdued in the winter, rather than flashy. But if you really love colours, you can go for colourful accessories. Otherwise, orange, yellow (I hope you have some clothes left from the summer season 2011?), Grape and burgundy is still hot. You can look fabulous in these colours but remember to not over do it, because there’s a fine line between fabulous and disaster.

Besides these colours, there is print such as leopard, panther and flowers. The safe cards are as always white, black(little black dress) and midnight blue.

How to make it through the night with heels...


                                       This Picture belongs to Igoo Adler. 

High heels make women feel sexy, tall and gives your butt a nice lift. Not to mention; they also train some important muscles in important areas of the female body ;) 

The only problem is actually to make it through the night with “skyscrapers” and unbearable pain! For you newbies out there I’ve put together a list of advices to make it through the night with your favourite heels! 

  1. The first advice(if you’re a newbie) is to practise before you go out with high heels, just go around in your house for one day or two with heels. To look sexy, you should walk relaxed (don’t think too much about the fact that you’re about 1 decimetre taller than normal…). with a straight back and confidence. You’re sexy and you know it! 
  2. The second advice is actually to buy some gel pads that you can put on your shoe sole to support your “footpad”. These gel pads are available in pharmacies, shoe stores and some beauty shops. Thanks to these pads you can walk in your gorgeous shoes for some more hours! 
  3. Well, all good things come to an end, and if you’re a party girl you’ll probably need to bring some ballerinas! After all, it’s on the way home, so you’re allowed to relax your feet. 

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but what’s a girl without her shoes?  Luckily for you, I am guiding you through the winter trends!

So all of  you shoe lovers out there that loves shoes as much as shoespanish, can look forward to the fashion trends this winter season.  On the runway  you can see a lot of leather, satin, suede, metallic and reptile skins.  Plus you can set the trend wearing both pike and round toes. Let’s begin with the  suede shoes!