shoesday tuesday


Lanchen Mihalic HAND-PAINTS these gorgeous galaxy shoes to order. That’s some top-of-the-line “Tuesday Shoesday” in our book. You can explore her work on Etsy or on Instagram

Thanks to Andrea Kuszewski for brining these to my attention! 

- Summer



These amazing GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, hand-painted shoes are the creation of Chiana Tracy, who runs the Painted Peacock Shop on Etsy. Perfect for standing on top of the world…and on top of the galaxy.

- Summer


Etsy designer Josefina Flello Martinez hand-paints style Doc Martins in a range of cosmic galaxy colors. She takes request for both shoe style and color. Based on the Doc Martins I had in high school, these might be the only shoes that have a shot at lasting for astronomical time scales. 

- Summer