Cognitive Functions in High School

Ni: the one girl in braids who only wears pastels. sits in the back of the room ignoring everyone and color coding her detailed planner. wasn’t in your biology class at the beginning of the year and may or may not even be enrolled. listens to music in all her classes and somehow gets a 4.0. remembers your birthday. doesn’t give you anything.

Ne: that naturally confident, popular guy who teachers love. everyone wants to be on a team with him (whether it be sports or schoolwork) despite his D+ grade average. flirts with everything with a pulse.

Fi: shy guy in your ceramics class who you’re pretty sure is a vegetarian. you sometimes catch him silently crying for no reason. one day he just has a breakdown and screams “IM A V E G AN“ and shatters a vase and runs out.

Fe: the girl in your philosophy class always breaking up the arguments. literally always wears heels (how do you not trip and die??) probably stares dreamily at the guy she likes but never talks to him. gives her friends homemade candles. will bribe you with candy to get you to like them. everyone already does.

Ti: cute dorky kid who doesn’t say much. gets bullied by Te. always has dimes in his pockets but no one knows why. wears sweater vests and neon shoes. you do a project with him and by the end of it you’re best friends, but you realize later that he knows everything about you and you know nothing about him. will probably fix your broken watch then get so proud he keeps it.

Te: has never missed a class and reminds you of that every single day. smells like vanilla and stress. gets pissed off when you mention the vanilla. bullies you into giving them study guide answers. everyone likes them for some reason.

Si: pretty girl you sit next to in math class. wears dark sunglasses the entire period. the teacher never says anything about it. she always knows the answer, but mostly just talks about how she’s a virgo sun libra rising and pisces moon. probably has a hairbrush with her.

Se: that one partier who meant to stay in but woke up half naked drenched in beer wearing a sombrero in a stranger’s house in Mexico. still manages to pass all his classes and spends spring break in Vegas.

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i completely disagree with dunkirk elevating harry's image. are any of us interested in the other 3 leading soldiers? this is how the public will regard him. dunkirk is an action film that was paid to play as a trailer beside pirates of the caribbean and star wars- it's meant to be draw money at the box office. it's not an indie low budget film. it's got big shoes but it's not projected to fill them. especially with the competition.

Anonymous said: The biggest fight Dunkirk has on its hands is that a lot of critics are already saying it’s a bad film purely based on harry’s casting, they think it will bomb because Nolan’s normal crowd of viewers are unwilling to go to theatres and watch it because of the inevitable amount of ‘screaming teenage girls’ there. Critics are baffled as to why harry was cast and don’t have much faith in the film being good. And a summer release suggests that the studio don’t think it will win awards either

Anonymous said: Just because a film is critically acclaimed doesn’t mean it will make money. If it doesn’t make money, that means it wasn’t popular. If it wasn’t popular then promo will make no impact. Allied, Silence, Deepwater Horizon and the BFG are all critically acclaimed movies that stepped outside of public interest and flopped. Allied is a romantic drama and it spent $80m+ but failed to break even. I doubt Dunkirk will have a budget smaller than that, and fail to see how it could do better.

Putting these all together since you all feel similarly.  I still disagree and i’m not in the mood to have this argument again, but you can dig through my dunkirk tag to see why.  

little bpd things 3

- impulsively cutting your hair
- impulsively dyeing your hair
- deciding to spend all your money on getting a piercing
- impulsively destroying your shoes for an art project
- getting yelled at for impulsively doing things
- buying a bunch of shit online that you don’t even need
- feeling stable and then suddenly everything comes crashing down
- being annoyed with yourself for doing things impulsively
- knowing you’ll be mad at yourself for doing the thing but doing it anyway
- overeating
- driving waaaaaaaay too fast anytime you go anywhere
- driving the speed limit only if people you care about are in the car
- knowing that if someone threatened to shoot you you’d probably just stand there and wait
- “I want you to fuck off–wait, where are you going??”
- “no one is giving me attention. time to do something self destructive”
- binge drinking
- hangovers from crying too much
- throwing up from crying so much
- being constantly torn between “yes, I am, thank you” and “what no I’m not” whenever you get a compliment
- when the wardrobe you want to be wearing changes halfway through the day and you are stuck, suddenly uncomfortable in what you are wearing
- ‘borrowing’ money from your parents
- ‘borrowing’ alcohol from your parents
- ‘borrowing’ lots of things from your parents
- knowing your parents are the reason you’re fucked up b/c abuse
- doubting your abuse actually happened and thinking maybe you’re just fucked because you’re a terrible person
- thinking you’re a terrible person



>>>>Greetings from the LA Film Studies Center in West Hollywood!


- Classes and all are going so well! Challenging classes, great professors, classmates are a blast (only 23 of us; crazy right?)

- My first screenplay EVER was voted in as one of two projects to go into production this fall! It’ll be a 10-minute, bilingual short film about a Japanese-American man trying to fill his deceased father’s shoes. This project, and the one my crew is working on (cool spy film!) are starting pre-production this week!

- I have a professional screenplay writing concentration this semester, for which I have to complete a feature length spec script. Above is the outlining work I did yesterday ♡

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I am a PR Account Executive for an inner city non-profit, and FUCK you for saying PR is all a game. You're scum. We dedicate our lives to bring attention to their plight, and you degrade an entire industry because you're mad Darren and Chris won't bend to your expectations. Disgusting.

Well well. Mad much? Someone sounds bitter. Amazingly enough I don’t think I personally have said anything one way or another except that pr is a game. Yet you seems to think that I want to dictate how Chris or Darren should act? *goes back and looks* funny I don’t seem to have anything I personally posted that says anything about forcing Chris and Darren to behave as I see fit. Sounds to me that whatever it is that you believe, something has you doubting and so you get bitter.

I mean far be it for me to say oh yeah the pr looks amazing when you have public relations shots after repeated snaps of a certain female with her real bf “Oh Ben look at her” and butt naked in lingerie on snap (i know nipples when I see them, I have a set myself)

Let’s see since you want to go there, I’ve started not 1 but 3 non profits. One feeding homeless and needy families in my community where we provide meals every weekend as many of these families depend on schools to provide two meals a day during the week to their children, another providing children entertainment while they receive chemo and other therapies (multi state project), and my personal favorite a shoe project. Everyone thinks of coats but rarely think of the fact that many children in this country do not wear shoes that fit and many women and men do not have proper shoes for interviews or their work environment. (We also try to provide several suits each month for interviews for adults)

I am very well aware that pr is a game. How else do you think we are able to get the donations we get? How else does one sell themselves to companies for product hauls and testing. How else does one end up being the face of a product?

First thing I learned at disney and warner brothers is pr is end all. It’s not about what you do but what you can make others believe.

Sounds like someone is trying to be all up in the kool-aid without knowing the flavor.

But please tell me again how I don’t understand prs game.


Whoa, cool! A DuckTales animation test by Italian Duck artist, Romano Scarpa! I wonder who’s playing Scrooge here…

The description for the video is in Italian. I put it through a couple of online translators to have a better understand to how this test came about:


  ITA 1988. Trial video produced by the great Italian cartoonist Romano Scarpa to be given by Disney to the production of some episodes of the animated DuckTales series. Unfortunately, such a sought-after kind of animation would have had some cost that in America they would never want to face, preferring entrust the animation of DuckTales to various Japanese or Korean studios. There were also tensions and fears in America that led to strikes dictated by the fear of being replaced by a foreign animation school (it was in the era of transition, the studios came from some flop like Taron and the rebirth started with The Little Mermaid and continued in the 90s was still far away to imagine). But years later, Disney would open the satellite studios of France, Japan, Australia and Canada for television productions, but it was late and the Scarpa project was now fully wounded , just because it came early in time.


ITA 1988. Test video realized by great cartoonist Italian Romano Scarpa to get from the Disney animated series the creation of some episodes of DuckTales. Unfortunately an animation type so sought would have a certain cost that in America they never wanted to face, preferring to entrust the animation of DuckTales to various Japanese or Korean studies. Also there were tensions and fears in America which resulted in some strikes dictated by fear of being replaced by a school of foreign animation (it was a time of transition, the studios were by some flop as Taron and rebirth starting with the Little Mermaid and continued in the ’ 90 was still far away to imagine). Years later though the Disney would open for the television productions the Australia Japan, France, satellites and small offices Canada, but by now it was late and the project of shoe now shipwrecked in full, just because it came ahead of its time.

((Sure hoping this ‘him’ is Carlos))
((ps. part 2 could happen on request))

((Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3))

“Where were you?” Jay said closing the door to his and Carlos’s room behind him. He pulled off his jersey and under armor, and cast it aside. Their room was pretty neat when they first arrived, but now it was cluttered with unfinished homework, dirty clothes and plates, Carlos’s ‘projects’, and shoes; they kept saying they would get to cleaning it but never have.  “You missed practice.” He pulled on a clean shirt.

Jay looked at the lump under the covers of his roommate’s bed, which was definitely Carlos. Why wasn’t he saying anything? Is he asleep? “Carlos?” The lump made a grunting noise and moved a little to acknowledge him. Jay could instantly tell by the lack of conversation or even attention that there was something wrong.

“Dude. You okay?” He sat on the side of the bed, lifting one leg onto it to go closer to him as Carlos inched away, cocooning himself more tightly in the blankets. “Come on man.”

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