shoes with arch support

Let’s talk SHIN SPLINTS!
If you run a lot or do lots of workouts incorporating jumping & plyometrics you might have had this before..I had them quite badly one season as a pole vaulter and it’s the worst!! 😫
Shin splints is pain on the inside of your shin bone (your tibia) caused by a number of things including: a sudden increase in intensity or frequency of training, weak muscles in your core, lower leg & feet, bad shoes, poor training technique & sometimes a combination of all these things!
Inflexibility of your calf muscle will overload and start pulling on the shin bone causing more pain 😥 ouch!!
The best is to try a combination of:
🔸Rest and avoiding any exercises that aggravate (also ice to reduce pain & swelling!)
🔸Stretching and self massage to release the calf (especially near the shin bone) and arch of the foot
🔸Shoes! You need good support & cushioning for your foot, maybe it’s time for new ones!
🔸Strengthening your calf & foot muscles (walking/running in sand helped me)
🔸Lastly, professional sports massage and acupuncture was one of the best treatments that helped release my calf muscles
BUT..remember prevention is always better than treatment!! Have a look at your running technique, stretch regularly, change your shoes regularly (at least every 6months), build good core strength (including deep core & glutes!) and incorporate good recovery sessions (yoga, beach, massage etc)! ☺️😘

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What's in your wallet? Er, white coat/bag?

So these pictures are ugly because they were taken on my cellphone in crappy light.

So this is what I wore to general neuro inpatient service today
World’s ugliest white coat but hey it was free
- Necklace: Vintage gift a friend
- Shirt: H&M collared tank top with white cami underneath
- Pants: Express Columnist in gray
- Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction with powerstep arch support inserts. GET INSERTS!

All the stuff I keep in my white coat for general neuro inpatient service.

What’s in my bag
- water bottle (red)
- world’s greatest coffee thermos- seriously keeps that business hot for hours- lunch/snacks
- travel sized hand lotion
- stethoscope (if I don’t have my white coat on my stethoscope is in my bag)
- wallet
- iPad mini
- umbella
- 2 lip balms because I was a Girl Scout and our motto is always be prepared
- things for ladytimes
- a bandaid, see Girl Scout motto
- car keys
- prescription aviators


Today was good. CrossFit early + walking to class. Got 12,000+ steps in. Stayed under my calorie goal. Packed snacks and a really good protein filled dinner. Didn’t go off track at work despite the fact that my boss has a Costco size bag of dark chocolate peanut butter cups in the pantry and I can’t stop knowing about it, hahaha. Snacks, lunch and dinner are all packed for tomorrow’s hell day (9:30am to 9:30pm).

My foot is really feeling better. It still hurts at times but not most times. I walked to school and back in regular boots and it felt okay. I couldn’t even do that in anything but tennis shoes with arch support insoles for awhile. I’m doubtful I can run again in two weeks (and too poor to have another ultrasound done on my foot to confirm it) but I think I could maybe be running by January. Which would be cool. If not, I have to walk the Resolute Runner 5k and I don’t wanna. But I’m not gonna focus on that right now.