shoes it

@rabbitpietale suggested that I doodle some kiddins in light-up shoes, so I doodled some kiddins in light-up shoes.

Maybe these shoes went out of style really fast and a ton ended up in the garbage dump… and eventually landed in the hands (and on the feet) of many excited monster children.

some shoe headcanons about 1-a and some other characters loosely based on a post from @mhafacebook and a discord convo i’m in

  • tsuyu adores crocs and owns 3 pairs: classic green ones, white ones, and a pair of crocs sandals. she has a handful of pins that you put in the holes since samidare gives a bunch to her for her birthday every year
  • denki has heelies- they never seem to leave his feet. he can often be found skating down the hallways of yuuei, sunglasses covering his eyes as he shoots finger guns to everyone
  • aoyama wears twinkle toes exclusively (and sometimes nice leather shoes if he’s going out). his favorite pair are chucks with rainbow laces
  • bakugou secretly collects basketball shoes- his favorite company is nike
  • jirou is definitely a vans/converse gal. she has those classic checkerboard vans and black high tops, which she wears the most often, but she has a bunch of limited edition vans at home.
  • sero also wears crocs, though it’s more for the meme than comfort. his favorite pair are lightning mcqueen ones 
  • mina loves funky shoes! they can range from a pair of beat-up sneakers from the thrift store to those light-up hightops they sell at the mall: as long as they look cool to her she’ll wear them.
  • todoroki is a socks and sandals guy. he doesn’t see a problem with it, though aoyama calls him “a fashion disaster”
  • monoma wears sperrys like the terrible child he is. no ifs, ands, or buts.
  • shinsou is actually a fashion god when he’s not in school (my friend and i have another hc where he’s a popular instagrammer but never shows his face), so he has a decent collection of shoes. his favorite pair are just a basic pair of red sneakers since they’re the most comfortable.