Rachel Bilson, star of the O.C and Hart of Dixie, has teamed up with friend Nicole Chavez and shoe designer Steve Madden to create her first ever shoe collection.  It ranges from flat ballet pumps to high stilettos and can now be seen at

Bilson stated “In my everyday life I’m a flats and cosy sweater kind of girl, but in my going out life I prefer something a little more sophisticated and body conscious - and definitely a heel for height” and so that is why this collection is perfect for any woman. 

I'm a SHOE ADDICT! A small adventure into my shoe closet.

“You know how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet.”
- Cher, Clueless

Okay, it’s probably more than just shoes. It’s purses. Denim. Outerwear jackets on sale at J. Crew. I can go on…

It’s a typical “girl” thing, yes I know; but towards the end of last year it was apparent that my love for shoes was a hazard on my pocket book. From September to December, I purchased a whopping 14 pairs. Call it “retail therapy” or what you will, but this was bad.

I listen to a radio program called “Love Line” and a recent caller had made a statement that made me laugh, because I totally agreed with her though it may sound crass:

“Men masturbate. Women shop.”

So true.

I just happen to shop for shoes.

A plan was made to curb the addiction. My New Year’s resolution for 2012: One pair of shoes per month. WHAT?  Only 12 pairs for this year? (insert gasp) In just 4 months I purchased 2 pairs over that number. When I think about it, I couldn’t even tell you how many pairs shoes I bought with in the first 8 months of 2011 (side note, I have a closet that is dedicated to just shoes). Scary, right?

So, ask me howzit going?

January 4, 2012 - My first pair shoes were purchased, just four days into the new year, golly gee. I’m an avid internet shopper, it’s dangerous because I like to browse and “place” things into the shopping cart. Not always with the intention to buy mind you, but I like that I can go back and re-review my favorites. Danger. Danger. Danger.


Vince Camuto - Bailey - Heel Height 5" - Platform 1 ½" - Leopard print, platform booties. Retail $132. On sale with coupon $59.99. STEAL!

I shouldn’t complain, I am blessed with slender size 9’s, tiny ankles, a high arch and calves that measure 13.5" circumference (aka chicken legs).  When I came home the following week, I was excited to see the box on the stoop. Unfortunately, my excitement turned to disappointment when I strutted in front of the mirror - the realization that the instep was too large and my ankles made the booties look huge. SO, boom - back into the box. Gotta love free return shipping with

So, I was back to no shoe’s for the month of January. Awesomesauce!

January 21, 2012 - I had an eye appointment at my local mall and walked by a “EXTRA 30% SALE” sign in front of the store Aldo.  I only own one pair from this brand  (1 of the 14 from the Q3/2011 shopping spree).  I love to browse, but ended walking out with:

Aldo - Plumb - Heel Height 5.5"- Platform 1.5" - Pointed toe leather & suede platform. Retail $110. On sale (of course), for a mere $38.

Wore these beauties out the other night and survey says: Love ‘em! Comfy and sexy, but I don’t recommend wearing them while walking with a fast paced person. Ha ha ha.

I then came across a conundrum with my resolution. A pair of platform boots that I purchased during Q4/2011:

Lucky Brand - Janine - Platform 4 ½" - Retail $219. On sale purchase $135 (FYI - currently on final sale on for $59.97)

I had taken them to the shoe repair guy who informed me that the paneling on the shaft of the boot was too intricate to take in. Although SUPER comfortable fit, these boots were made for those with calves larger than mine. The description lied, the 14" circumference was actually 15" - my chicken legs were going for a swim!

…insert sad face…

So back to the conundrum, if I exchange these boots for something else, am I breaking my resolution? Is it cheating? My conscious stopped for one second, then moved on. HA! Addiction in full force.  I haven’t figured out what I am swapping them in for, they are back in the box on their way to be returned. Will keep you posted.

Now… here we are Day 1 of Month 2 of 2012.

Hold on, let me go back to Q4/2011 - December 2011 - was launched!

I am a “member” of this site which is a sister website to,,; the company has several celebrities that hock products such as Mary-Kate & Ashley for Stylemint, Kate Bosworth for Jewelmint, etc. Shoemint has Rachel Bilson as their spokesperson and it’s product is “crafted” by shoe guru Steven Madden. I love how it’s free shipping both ways!

Here’s the link to how the website works if you’re interested:

I already own two pairs from this website (also part of the Q4/2011 purchase) - Edith - Heel height 6" - Platfrom 2" - Retail $79.98 First purchase discount paid $62

This shoe also came in a blush color, but was already sold out because I showed up late to the party. Also, I apparently didn’t read the recommendation to order a half size up. I had to send these back in hopes to exchange, but they sold out. Boo for me. - Jolly - Heel height 3 ½" - Leopard pony with a rounded toe lace up - Retail $79.98 First purchase discount paid $62

This was a last minute decision, but when I wear these I get so many compliments both male & female. Comfortable and stylish, this shoe also came in a taupe and black suede, but like the Edith - all are sold out. - Pauline - Heel height 6" - Platform 2" - Kid suede platform bootie - Retail $79.98 First purchase discount paid $62

So this is the shoe that started my adventure. I happened to see my friend Jessica open her package and pull these babies out.  I’ll admit, they aren’t the easiest to walk in. I’m quite clumsy and have almost eaten it a few times, but boy are these sexy. I recently did a photoshoot wearing them, paired with a leotard and fishnets; talk about leg lengthening! The photographer called them my “Lady Gaga” shoes. Also came in wine - but again, both colors also sold out.

So back to today, February 1, 2012 and I have already pre-ordered: - Kbell - Heel height 4 ½" - Platfrom 1 ½" - Nubuck open toe mule - Retail $79.98 

Boo, no discount on this one.

So there - my long ramblings on my love (okay, slight obsession) (shut up! my huge obsession) with shoes. I could go on about the 14 pairs and continue to describe the pairs of Vince Camuto boots (I purchased in two colors), the Dolce Vita biker booties (hot!), the Pour Victorie heels (way sexy), Steve Madden leopard platform sandals (so FUN), but I won’t - and note that I appreciate it if you’ve stuck with me this far. Regardless, I think it also shows that I love a “deal” and have a hard time turning one down. 

I’ve got 28 more days till I can go out into the shoe shopping realm, but it doesn’t mean I’m not always browsing and placing items in my “shopping cart”.