shoelaces test

Fat Boy Keeper Tips: The Shoelace Test

Most keepers will agree that one of the hottest aspects of a very fattened boy is the way his heavy, swollen tits press against the huge shelf of his gut when he tries to bend forward in a sitting position.

A well-fattened boy, when sitting, will naturally lean his body back and spread his thighs to accommodate the flab that you have piled onto his torso. As he grows fatter, the thick rolls of his love handles will also increasingly limit his movement from side to side as well as forwards.

At the Fat Boy Keepers Association we recommend the use of The Shoelace Test to measure your boy’s progress in this dimension. Not only can the results be submitted to the Association to be added to your fat boy’s record, the test itself provides a very attractive way to make your boy struggle for you and realise the extent of his own fattening.

The Shoelace Test is simple: 

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