How It Really Happened
  • <b> John:</b> *Bends down to tie Ham's shoelaces*<p><b>Ham:</b> What are you doing???<p><b>John, smiling:</b> Well. I can't have you falling for someone else now, can I?<p>

I only watch Casualty for Ethan and Cal these days so if it is Cal that dies then i don’t even know if I will carry on watching it. I haven’t enjoyed Casualty for a while now, I enjoy watching Holby City more tbh. I just think the story lines on Casualty lately have been so… shit. (Sorry 😔)

And also, if Casualty want to make the death a big mystery then they need to tell the cast to not post photos on social media basically giving it away.

Every spare shoelace went for a walk a bout so here we have it! Improvisation at it’s best 😂
Thank you to the wonderful world of Holby and it’s army of shoelaces and buckles that follow and just emphasise how much this hospital means to so many of us. Seriously, without sounding cliché, it’s helped me through so much and I’ve no doubt it has a special place in many people’s hearts.

It finally happened!!

I was driving in my neighborhood, and ended up behind a car with a SuperWhoLock sticker on the back window. I pulled up alongside for the right turn, and gave the gal a thumbs up. We rolled down windows, I complimented her sticker, and then called out “I like your shoelaces!” She grinned, and replied “Thanks, I got them from the president!”

It works! I found a random fellow tumblrite! :-D  

Needless to say, our passengers were a bit confused by this exchange…