How It Really Happened
  • <b> John:</b> *Bends down to tie Ham's shoelaces*<p><b>Ham:</b> What are you doing???<p><b>John, smiling:</b> Well. I can't have you falling for someone else now, can I?<p>

I just found out that some people don’t know this. In the punk scene depending on where you live Doc Martens shoelaces have different meaning. To make it short and simple.

Blue: Killed a cop

Red: neo-Nazi

White: White pride

Purple: Gay pride

Green: Neutral/ Non-racist

Black: Does not mean anything

Yellow: Anti-Racist

I think theres other colors to but I don’t remember the meanings to them.  

I only watch Casualty for Ethan and Cal these days so if it is Cal that dies then i don’t even know if I will carry on watching it. I haven’t enjoyed Casualty for a while now, I enjoy watching Holby City more tbh. I just think the story lines on Casualty lately have been so… shit. (Sorry 😔)

And also, if Casualty want to make the death a big mystery then they need to tell the cast to not post photos on social media basically giving it away.