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Turnover, “Like Slow Disappearing”

I was afraid but you were glowing like the most relieving light. 
You were my revealing light.
I closed my eyes and suddenly we were 
You stayed with me after the moment passed. 
I felt you buried deep under my chest, like my lungs when I’m breathing in and I was not myself when I opened up my eyes again.

People kept saying shoegaze. I like shoegaze. I bought the album. It’s really cool. But maybe not what I consider shoegaze. Certainly indie-rock though. This is my favourite track. It’s actually really beautiful, the music that is. I love the shimmery nature the of the production (reverb?). I guess this song, for me is the closest thing to the shoegaze I listen to, on this album. I Would Hate You if I Could gets pretty close as well. Both of those songs are great, but I much prefer this one, Like Slow Disappearing. I like the chorus. It’s nice.

The photos in the booklet are kind of nice too. However the actual cover I dislike. There’s something about the cover picture that unnerves me. Perhaps it’s the huge fucking spider. Regardless, I switched the booklet around so that the back page picture is the cover. It’s a nicer picture.

It’s all nice.

anonymous asked:

hey this is... completely out of left field but can you recommend some good shoegaze bands

oh fuck yes i can. i wont do the big name ones cuz u can find them easy. but some of my faves: Adorable (sunshine smile EP), Lilys (In The Presence of Nothing), Medicine (The Buried Life is VERY GOOD), Ozean (EP on bandcamp),  Sway (The Milla Pink & Green EP), Westkust (Last Forever) 

check out slowdive’s bootleg demo album, and the jesus and mary chain arent shoegaze but their first album owns hard