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acidtripper666  asked:

Top 5 shoegazing albums?

Oh in no particular order out of the top of my head
1. Lush - Split
2. Ride - Going Blank Again
3. Slowdive - Souvlaki
4. MBV - Loveless
5. Lush - Spooky

Pretty much just the classics but guess this is why theyre considered classics so…



The absolutely perfect combination of indie pop, shoegaze, electronics, and dreampop. Their 2011 album, SAVE YOUR SEASON, is perfection from beginning to end…

Turnover, “Like Slow Disappearing”

I was afraid but you were glowing like the most relieving light. 
You were my revealing light.
I closed my eyes and suddenly we were 
You stayed with me after the moment passed. 
I felt you buried deep under my chest, like my lungs when I’m breathing in and I was not myself when I opened up my eyes again.

People kept saying shoegaze. I like shoegaze. I bought the album. It’s really cool. But maybe not what I consider shoegaze. Certainly indie-rock though. This is my favourite track. It’s actually really beautiful, the music that is. I love the shimmery nature the of the production (reverb?). I guess this song, for me is the closest thing to the shoegaze I listen to, on this album. I Would Hate You if I Could gets pretty close as well. Both of those songs are great, but I much prefer this one, Like Slow Disappearing. I like the chorus. It’s nice.

The photos in the booklet are kind of nice too. However the actual cover I dislike. There’s something about the cover picture that unnerves me. Perhaps it’s the huge fucking spider. Regardless, I switched the booklet around so that the back page picture is the cover. It’s a nicer picture.

It’s all nice.



If you’ve been in earshot of me in the last couple of years, you’ve probably either heard Wax Idols or heard me go no about them. One of my favorite post-punk discoveries of the last few years, the band incorporates elements of 80’s post-punk with hints of shoegaze and dreampop. Highly recommended if you’re a fan of much of what I post on here.

a couple seconds of Bad Blood accidentally gets recorded into the final mix of my post-rock/ambient shoegaze album while I work on it at Starbucks. later that night the taste of cold metal in my mouth wakes me. the last thing i see is Taylor Swifts dead lifeless eyes before she pulls the trigger

every time i think i have a handle on what shoegaze is someone will be like “oh here’s my list of the top five shoegaze albums” and there are three spiritualized albums on there and i’m like, “spiritualized???? really??? spiritualized is shoegaze???” or i’ll go to the wikipedia page for shoegaze and it’ll say “the term was often used contemporaneously with dream pop” and i’ll be like okay so shoegaze is NOT dream pop and i’ll scroll down for two seconds and it’ll say “shoegaze combines ethereal swirling vocals with layers of distorted, bent, flanged guitars, creating a wash of sound where no instrument is distinguishable from another” and i’ll be like “hmm that sounds kind of like… dream pop…” and then i’ll be like okay well the one thing i know FOR SURE is that my bloody valentine is shoegaze and then i’ll hit the wikipedia article again and it’s like, “most shoegaze bands draw from the music of my bloody valentine as a template for the genre, although co-founder kevin shields stated that the band had never used any chorus, flanger, or delay effects pedals” and i’m like WHAT! THE FUCK! IS SHOEGAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!