a little vegas magic

this year, Shoe Daca participated in MAGIC Market Week in none other than las vegas. im soo glad i got the opportunity to go and represent our boutique and have a lil fun at the same time ;) we met with a lot of cool companies and brands securing big names like TOMS Steve Madden Chinese Laundry to name a few that im super pumped to carry in our store. i also got a chance to see and meet with the urban lines ive loved all my life like HUF Kid Robot Tokidoki oh my i was just blown away and in heaven the past few days :D ive heard about this show in the past and i would have never guessed that id get to be involved one day. it might be a bit of a stretch but i can kinda compare it to my first rave.. where i was instantly overwhelmed by the masses of unique individuals and activities going on simultaneously and i did not completely get what was going on but when i dove in and got into the groove of things it turned out to be one of the best times of my life :) i love my Shoe Daca fam and am eternally grateful for them sending me on this business trip it mos def was an experience of a lifetime

had hella fun bowling last night with the lovely ladies of Shoe Daca! Haha first time really hanging out and bonding outside of work with everyone so it was really cool.. some of them are hellaaaa funny! hahah we’re all so different but some of us just click hella well and i love working with these girls. sometimes its hard for a group of girls to successfully work together cuz of catiness and unnecessary drama so i want to avoid that at all costs. i think we should try to chill more often and it’ll help strengthen our relationships and better the work environment. its been tough since we opened in EG but i only foresee good things for us in the upcoming months. if you havent checked us out yet doooo it ;) its off of Laguna Blvd. in the Laguna Gateway shopping center with Home Depot and TJ Maxx. you can find me there on the weekends or on a poster on the wall haha

Shoe Daca Boutique
9158 W. Stockton Blvd. Suite 100
Elk Grove, CA 95758