imagine this right

Charles and Hank have this shoebox in the mansion, unassuming but kept far away from sight. Covered in dust and hidden.

But they sometimes go back and read the content with tears in their eyes. All these letters from Vietnam…

a letter for each time a friend had been ‘killed in action’ but probably actually died later on in one of Trask’s labs…

They have one for Sean

and for Alex too, even though he was rescued, because he and the others were destined for Trask’s labs, their deaths so definite: the people had probably already sent off the letter to the next of kin for all the Mutants Raven saved

the two of them bursting into tears when they realise Alex is alive, there, heart beating and a confused frown at their crying, standing on their doorstep, and the letter was premature theirAlexisalivetheletterliedhe’sherehe’ssafehe’sokay

Charles thinking he’s imagining Alex standing there and bursting into tears when he realises Hank can see him too and Alex is real

Just… Charles opening it every year to cry and remember the friends he’d lost and the one he almost lost

Signs at the Mall

Aries ; wow look at this shoebox *knocks every shoebox over* oops

Taurus ; guys we HAVE to go to bath and body works. have you heard about the new lotion?? i does wonders for acne 

Gemini ; well i didn’t bring that much so i cant share *counts stacks of money*

Cancer ; rushes over to the fro-yo stand

Leo ; so i was online yesterday and guess what?? this scarf is on sale at forever 21 omg its summer but I MUST HAVE IT

Virgo ; actually doesn’t go because they use amazon prime

Libra ; i wont buy too much *buys entire Macy’s store*

Scorpio ; im hungry lets go to the food court *whines*

Sagittarius ; is playing hide and seek with aquarius

Capricorn ; cheeeeaaaap cheap cheap

Aquarius ; tag you’re it *tags sagittarius*

Pisces ; wow look at that really cute dress *buys it in 23 different colors*

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Hi! I know you probably get asked this question a lot but I was wondering if you could list your top 10 Remus/Sirius fics. Thanks in advance :)

I do get asked variations on this theme quite a lot, but I LOVE ANSWERING IT because it means I get to go through my delicious and relive the joy/pain/“Dang, I am mad at JKR still” fury every time. the forever oteep.

  1. the shoebox project (200,000+ word monstrosity that makes you chortle in public and then slowly pollutes your soul with an undefined grief)
  2. being an historical record… (the first fic in a pair of fics that smother you in loveliness and ABJECT AGONY, respectively)
  3. I see a darkness (the second fic)
  4. pair (this is VERY CUTE, ffs)
  5. redeeming time (this one is from James’s POV and I love it because I love James)
  6. let nothing you dismay (I only read this for the first time last week but a, slim pickings and b, it really is that good)
  7. adagio (yes!)
  8. heat the winter floods (ahhh!)
  9. map of the problematique (hmm.)
  10. monday’s child (???)

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t actually read those last few in at least 2 years, but I bookmarked them for a reason so let’s assume they’re fine. one of them has the MOST HILARIOUS FANART of Sirius on his motorbike at the top of the lj page, I nearly cracked a rib. I almost had Thoughts over how fan perception of characters change through the years and depending on what’s In Vogue, but I’m tired. enjoy!

•afternoon vibes• [listen]

 intro - peejay | sober - childish gambino | tender love - exo | neon - jonghyun | view - shinee | hold on, we’re going home - drake | i get lifted x beenzino - peejay | inc. “swear” | it’s your boy - crucial star | mannequin - primary | aqua man - beenzino | bae bae - bigbang | friday - oohyo | baram - lim kim | love radar - lee hyori | converse high - bts | from time - drake | first love - exo | scully doesn’t know - humming urban stereo | a little close - high4 | whatever - ugly duck | callin’ me - sam | lost in ya love - chris brown | i’m so high - grind mode | move me - jhameel | cold - paloalto | shoebox - epik high | cameo lover - kimbra | shadow - f(x) | truly - spazzkid | awoo - lim kim | blue knight - risso | all night - f(x) | can’t breathe - u-kiss | outro : love is not over - bts | 


There are moments when I don’t know if I’m sleeping or not. Moments where I wake up with another version of myself laying on top of me, her head resting on my belly. Sleep-doused girls with my nose and eyes and curly hair. Every year, my mother celebrates the anniversary of her miscarriages. Shoeboxes of ultrasounds, fruit tart from the diner with the scabbed leather booths. We don’t throw out much around here. Wipe the plates clean. When the girls finally sleep, I put my fingers in their mouths and check for rotten teeth. People spent centuries debating the difference between a gift and a lame horse. Most nights, I watch movies where people fall in love then destroy each other. No one wanted that dog to die. No one ever wants the dog to die. 

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Marauders fan fics?

Unfortunately, nonnie, I don’t really read fanfiction all that often. (I know. I’m terrible, right?) But, there are quite a few that I’ve read and absolutely loved.

A Month of Sundays received mixed reviews, but, personally, I adored it. It does centre mainly around Jily, but there’s some fantastic banter in there from the boys. It was super cute and loaded with fluff.

I’m currently reading The Life and Times, a literary masterpiece, and one that, though it is fantastic in terms of Jily, could not be more accurate when it comes to the Marauders. Admittedly, I really should’ve read I’ll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred first, although the Great and Almighty Jewels did state explicitly that The Life and Times is not the sequel to I’ll Take it Shaken, Not Stirred, however, I still think it would’ve provided some useful backstory in regards to references. You could do it this way, but I didn’t. Furthermore, I haven’t even read ITISNS, yet, but I intend to as soon as I’ve read TLAT, and I do not doubt that the former is anything less than fabulous, if Jewel’s writing abilities in the latter is anything to go by.

I’ve also just started on Text Talk, which, whilst I don’t really ship Wolfstar, is another famed literary classic that I am enjoying highly.

Again, I know that this is a limited list, but I’m sure that a lot of my chums could provide you with more recommendations. Furthermore, plenty of them write fantastic one-shots, themselves, whereas the aforementioned fics are all multi-chapters. My own writing tag is here.

And I will reinforced the somewhat problematic predicament that these aren’t explicitly Marauders, by they are Marauder’s Era. They focus more on certain ships; Jily, of course, and others.

Hopefully this is helpful!

Much love,
Ellie. x


My sister’s friend just found this little critter in the road outside our house, it seems to have an injury on the back of its neck where the spines are damaged and it also looks like it has a tick and we’re not sure if it’ll survive the night but we’ve popped it in this very cutesie rustic thing that’s sometimes used by a neighbour as a pen for guinea pigs and he’s got something to hide under overnight for shelter. One of my neighbours knows a lot about wildlife, she has put out cat food and water and will take the hedgehog to Mrs Tiggywinkles hedgehog hospital tomorrow if it survives the night.

Christian Louboutin (Ashton Smut)

This is my first attempt ever at smut so pls be kind to me okay?

Rating: R

Word Count: 2226

Plot Summary: Ashton surprises you with a gift so you give him a little surprise of your own. 

           “Hey I got you something.” I looked up from my book to the grinning face of my hazel-eyed boyfriend. His hands were behind his back, trying to conceal a box and failing miserably.

           “My birthday isn’t for another two weeks babe.” I reminded him, as his grin got wider.

           “I know I just couldn’t wait to give you these.” He said, handing me a messily wrapped present.

           “Great wrapping job.” I joked, ripping the paper off to reveal a shoebox with the words “Christian Louboutin” scrawled across the top.

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