I left home thinking I’d catch a Pidgey in Pokemon GO, but I guess I got the genuine article.

This baby cedar waxwing has apparently been here for a few nights. The birdhouse picture was left by neighbor’s who thought it might take shelter. It looks like this bird didn’t like the real estate market.

But it seemed responsive to me. It chirped lots whenever I got too far. For now, I’m making a nest in a shoebox and holding onto this little buddy til morning, when I can get it to the wildlife center. I’ve given it some water from a bottle cap, and now it seems like it’s resting.

If anyone has any more specific advice, I’d really appreciate it!!



“Do you break my legs only to give me crutches?
Do you feed me a poisoned apple when I’m starving?
Do you make me hold guns
and knives instead of another’s hand?
Are you truly pure?
Why do you break my wings and make me crawl?
Why do you belittle and shun me?
Is it okay to throw stones if you’re without sin?
Isn’t stoning a sin?”

hey would anyone be interested in buying a pair of these JoJo converse sneakers off me

they’re men’s US size 7 and have rly only been worn like once for a few minutes, so in near new condition

it does not come with the stone mask keychain in the original purchase, but does still come with the original shoebox.

hoping to sell them for $120 + shipping, send me an email at feriowind [at] gmail if you’re interested!


Mamihlapinatapei: the look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move.

[ 500+ word fluff from this prompt ☆ ]

Katsuki doesn’t know when or how it happens, but he suddenly finds a sealed letter in his shoebox once a week. The writing is typed from a laptop, but the messages have similar content- be safe, work hard, good luck- like a predesigned hallmark card.

“Don’t you think it’s a secret admirer?” Eijirou remarks when he sees the letter in Katsuki’s hands. Katsuki immediately shoves the letter back into the shoebox and slams it shut, looking at the red-haired boy with murderous intent.

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anonymous asked:

How would Tracer, McCree, and Zarya deal with a mouse in the house and their s/o is utterly terrified of it?

Tracer doesn’t quite understand why they’re so afraid of the mouse, but she doesn’t question it. She uses her speed to quick scoop it up and hide it in a shoebox to go set it free outside. She sets it free far from the house when she gets the chance. 

McCree has a soft spot for little critters like mice, so he doesn’t know why they would fear the little thing! He may tease them a lil bit if it doesn’t hurt them, but he doesn’t taunt them with the mousie once he’s caught it. He sets it free outside once he’s caught the critter.

Zarya doesn’t like mice much. They eek her out, but she’s by no means afraid of them. She tries to catch the little thing in a box, and eventually succeeds. She sets it free far from the house like Tracer does. 

An old bus, as we like them: İzmir, Turkey, circa 1950. (postcard, found in my grandmother’s “shoebox”)

My great-grandfather, Periklis, and great-grandmother, Eleni, lived in Smyrna (now İzmir, Turkey) until… - well, until 1922. In fact, their first child, my grandmother, was born in Smyrna in 1921 (while her sisters were later born in Greece). In September 1922, Periklis, Eleni and the baby were among the lucky ones to get to the boats… (thanks to French passports - long story, for another time).

This postcard was sent from İzmir to my great-grandmother Eleni, on May 21 (her name day) 1953 by one of her sisters and the latter’s husband. Although I think some members of the family (an aunt?) remained in Smyrna/İzmir after 1922, I believe the postcard was bought and sent during a tourist trip: a postwar visit to the ancestral land, to Paradise Lost.

For my beloved friend across the Aegean, Nur @nuretmen

PS. There was a PS on the message on the back of the postcard: “This is Bahri Papa [sic]”. Indeed: Thanks to Nur, we now know that Bahri Baba is a park and also an entire neighbourhood - compare this photo.

casbabe  asked:

could you talk about virgin!dean having his first time with benny??? idk if you do hs age so maybe college!denny if that makes you more comfortable :) please and thank you!!!

(hey for my comfort level I will be writing college age dean thanks and sorry this ended up more sweet than sexy)

Dean loved many things about Benny, but high among them was that at five years older, Benny was finished with school and had enough money to have an apartment with no roommates. It was a shoebox, but didn’t smell and didn’t have negotiated shower time. And Benny had a memory foam mattress and let Dean have a drawer just for incidentals.

Everytime he spent the night at Benny’s, the guys in his house always whistled and said something nasty and Dean always had an answer. He didn’t mention that he had googled trash talk, just so he wouldn’t be caught out saying something dumb and showed his lack of personal knowledge.

Dean went over to Benny’s and smiled. Benny had candles lit, pizza on real plates, and Lord of the Rings on. “You are rather good at this dating thing.”

“You aren’t exactly high maintenance.” Benny replied. “Oooh I gave up mushrooms on my pizza, the horror.”

Dean sat on the couch and picked up a plate. “You even got nice beer.” He paused. “Oh shit, is it an anniversary or something?”

“No, I’m off probation at my job, got me a 1.50 an hour raise, thought we should celebrate.” Benny said.

Dean leaned over and kissed him. “That definitely deserves the nice beer.”

They ate and watched the movie, Dean doing all of Aragorn’s dialogue and prodding Benny to do Gimli, and Dean put down his plate and snuggled into Benny. “Hey babe?”

“Yeah?” Benny asked.

Dean took a breath. “Wanna fuck?”

Benny put his beer down carefully and moved to look at Dean, who couldn’t quite make eye contact. “Dean, babe, you know I’m happy waiting.”

“Yeah, I know that, but I kind of want to fuck.” Dean said, still not quite looking at Benny.

“How about you say that while actually looking at me.” Benny kissed him gently.

“Yeah, but it’s just -”

“Just what?” Benny was patient.

“Just what the hell do we call it, because fuck sounds too nasty, sex almost clinical, shoot me if I ever say make love, and I’ll shoot you if you say bump uglies, because I’ve seen your junk and it ain’t ugly.” Dean rambled.

Benny adored his boyfriend.

“I suppose we could call it Benny and Dean’s super sexy bedroom shenanigans?”

Dean burst out laughing. He collapsed onto Benny he was laughing so hard. “This is why I know you are right for me, laughing. Laughing about sex is good.”

“It is.” Benny agreed. He kissed Dean gently. “You ready for sex Dean? You want this?”

“So damn much Benny.” Dean replied. “You always make me feel good when we’ve fooled around and I just want more. I want everything.”

“Everything does sound good.” Benny kissed Dean’s neck, on Dean’s favourite spot. Dean squirmed. “You are so fucking sexy Dean.”

“You’re pretty swell too.” Dean groaned. “Jesus at least I didn’t call you ginchy.”

Benny kissed his neck again. “Call me whatever you want.”



“Cool, let’s go get me deflowered then.” Dean said with a grin. “Been reading me some books about this, should be fun.”

“Dean, book porn is like movie porn, not quite based in reality.”

Dean thought about it. “You mean that you don’t have a monster cock that even without enough lube will make me feel amazing the first time as I beg you for harder? And I am ready for three rounds my first night? I am shocked and appalled.”

Benny stood and hauled Dean up and over his shoulder. “Let the shenanigans begin.” He said with a swat against Dean’s ass.

“Oooh, you should also demand I come untouched. That seemed big in what I read.” Dean said.

“I’ll gag you.” Benny warned.

“We’ll save that for next time.”

the thing that concerns me about Suiting Up for the wedding though is. really pretty stupid actually and not my fault, but: i am really tired of people i tell about my life assuming that i am “the butch one,” that there’s supposed to BE a butch one (go awaaaay), what that says about my relationship etc. :S

like i was chatting with a semi-regular at the store and mentioned kat and he was like IM CURIOUS R U THE “GUY” and im like… no. in whatever sense you are asking that the answer is no, also if you think that IM the most stereotypically butch lesbian u have ever met OH BOY, BUDDY, leave your shoebox and live a little. ps never ask anyone that ever again

like first of all the actual literal reason i don’t think of myself as being butch is “I AM NOT COOL ENOUGH” but also stop it


status update!!

I let the bird sleep in a dark room overnight (by the time I decided I had to care for it, it was getting dark and I couldn’t find any suitable places) and first thing this morning, I took it back outside as soon as I heard other birds chirping. As you can see, I tried to make a makeshift nest in the shoebox to make the little fledgling more comfortable. This seemed to work, because my little friend seemed to more easily eat and drink!

As per multiple users’ advice, I soaked dry cat food in water til it was soft enough for the bird to eat. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but I found that feeding from above seemed to work better than from the front.

It’s also worth noting that it is REALLY hard to put this bird down. I don’t mean that in a “I love it too much” sorta way, but in a “it won’t let go of my hand” sorta way. I hope we can find this bird a safe home soon– I wouldn’t want it to get too attached


The only cosplay we did all weekend!! (what is AA prep hell)

Though even these were really last minute thrown together QQ we didn’t get the chance to make ears and tails!

if you came by our table while we were in this we gave out junior ZPD stickers! (made by @shoeboxing)

wigs styled by me, nick’s shirt dyed and painted by me!

Nick: @shoeboxing
Judy: @demograph