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Okay so I’m thinking about the AU where Zayn’s a broke uni student and Liam’s a kind burglar that keeps stealing things to help him out. Zayn’s in the habit of always saying no. He’s lived a tough life, but he’s always hated taking charity from people. He hates help, he hates sympathetic gestures, and he really hates the question: “Are you okay?”

And so Zayn’s living in a terrible shoebox apartment (basically just a single room with a toilet, a sink and a microwave), and he has a terrible job where he works horrible hours and doesn’t even get paid minimum wage. He’s desperately trying to make money so that he can stay in college, but as a result he’s had to sacrifice things like decent food, proper bedding, and travel money, because his books and backpack cost so much.

Then there’s Liam, who attempts to rob Zayn one day but finds that Zayn has even less possessions than he does. So instead, him and his friends start leaving care packages of food and blankets, and toothpaste and other little things to help Zayn stay alive.

Zayn hates the charity. /Hates/ it. Especially coming from a bunch of robbers.

But Liam is persistent and caring and endearing, and so eventually Zayn begrudgingly takes (some of) the help, and they become closer.

Also featuring: Liam getting unnecessarily sad when Zayn tries to give back the care packages, Liam’s buddies Louis and Harry randomly showing up in Zayn’s apartment and scaring the shit out of Zayn every time, Zayn’s best mate Griff being way too enthusiastic about the whole thing, and Niall the Pizza Guy kind of becoming their new best friend without asking.

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