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This week we created pinhole cameras using shoeboxes. To make my shoebox light proof I needed to cover the bottom with black duct tape and add flaps to the sides making the top better fitted onto the box. The top image includes my shoebox pinhole camera, test strips, and half sheets. My test strips are very white because they got too little exposure time. My final pieces got almost double the amount of exposure time and look a lot better. The bottom photo shows my final pictures of the area outside of the CADC. And the final image is of my finals, inverted.

Photography: A Couple Weeks Ago, I Sat Inside A Giant Camera

It sounds strange, I know. Especially since I have not posted in awhile… the first thing I have to say upon my return to Tumblr is “I sat inside a giant camera.” But it is true. I have the pictures from my normal-sized camera to prove it.

See the bookshelf next to the white backdrop, where you can see the trees outside?  And why are the trees upside down…?

And there is my teacher and friend, Deej, proof that we were in fact inside of a giant camera. But how does that work? And why is the image that is being projected onto the backdrop upside down? Time for a mini artsy science lesson :D

A camera and the human eye are very much the same. Our pupil is much like the lens of the camera. The ‘aperture’ of our eye is controlled by the muscle called the iris, or the pretty part of our eye(blue, green, brown, grey,…). When an images enters our eye, it actually enters the eye upside down, but our brain translates it to be right side up. A camera works in the same way.

You can make a working camera out of a shoebox. I did it as a project in high school. You spray paint the inside of the box black, create a foil lens(poke a hole in it and the box with a pencil) and a manual shutter out of black construction paper and then make sure the lid and shutter are secured with duct tape and electrical tape. Place a piece of photo sensitive paper in the camera and when you open the shutter for a given amount of time, the exposure will transfer the image your camera is aimed at onto the paper(then you have to develop the negative, but that is not what I am getting into today).

But the question still remains: how would one turn an entire room into a walk-in camera?  Same as the shoebox, cover the windows in a black light-proof material(ex: trash bags). Then, poke a hole in the plastic and create a construction paper(or other dark material) shutter.  Hold it open, and the room will be filled with the image through the hole. Pretty cool.

This is what is known as a camera obscura, and I think it is super cool that Deej created this one, and that I & other photography nerds got to experience the sheer awesomeness of being inside a camera.

End of artsy science lesson.

I know it has been a while since I have posted and I will post more about my adventures over the past couple months very soon, as well as current happenings and general photo/writing stuff. Ciao for now.

To learn more about shoebox cameras, watch this nifty vid:

-Sarah J Dhue

Jack White is a man with a plan. Everything he does is methodical, masterfully manipulated, righteous and real, from his searing guitar stomps to his world record romps; from his late-night TV booths to his secondhand thrift store truths. Yes, Jack White is a man with a plan. And, as it turns out, Jack White also happens to be a man with a mighty Polaroid camera collection, too, and as such, FILTER gave him the opportunity to shoot himself for our Issue 56 cover.

Step inside the hermetically-sealed titanium footwear receptacle of Jack White’s dreams for the man’s very own “shoebox, box camera, camera obscura, pinhole, single-lens reflection reaction to life.” And while you’re at it, let Jack’s own words steer your ship, as he preaches to you the perils of third party film development, the pleasures of all things blue, who the two strange men in his yard are, and why there hasn’t been a photograph of a woman on his refrigerator since last Halloween (until now…and you’ll never guess which of his former bandmates has the honor).

FILTER 56: Instant Manipulation: Jack White By Jack White is on newsstands everywhere on June 6. Polaroids + Text By Jack White III