Ain’t She Sweet? :: ain’t she cool? this catchy electro-swing mix is liberally interspersed with classic takes on modern songs (a lá Postmodern Jukebox) for a 21st century soundtrack to a party that’s fit for any flapper. lace up your saddle shoes and polish your strings of pearls; we’ve got some dancing to do.

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01. Ain’t She Sweet (Radio Edit) - incontrol & Wolfgang Lohr // 02. The Devil in Disguise - APM Swingers // 03. Troublesome Trumpet (Murder On the Blue Notes) - Bart & Baker // 04. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen - Tomato Jack // 05. Speakeasy Sleazy - APM Swingers // 06. Crazy In Love - Emeli Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra // 07. Wanna Fete (Wanna Get Remix) - Parov Stelar // 08. Don’t Rock The Boat (Bart & Baker Remix) - Skeewiff // 09. That Man - Caro Emerald // 10. Straight Up (feat. Ashley Stroud) - Postmodern Jukebox // 11. No Swinggity - Minimatic // 12. Booty Swing - Parov Stelar // 13. Delight (Frizzo Remix) - Jamie Berry // 14. Thrift Shop (Bart & Baker Electro Swing Remix) - Postmodern Jukebox // 15. Maniac - Caravan Palace // 16. Deep Henderson - Nick Hollywood // 17. All Aboard - Iain MacKenzie // 18. Chambermaid Swing - Parov Stelar // 19. Clash - Caravan Palace // 20. Fancy (feat. Ashley Stroud) - Postmodern Jukebox // 21. Is That Too Much To Ask (feat. Nina Zeitlin) - Biboulakis // 22. Jungle Dancing (feat. the Allstars) - Enzo Siffredi & Jfth // 23. St. Louis Blues - James Copeland // 24. Princess Crocodile - F.M. Einheit & His Orchestra With Gry // 25. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP // 26. It Don’t Mean A Thing (Club Mix) - Lionel Hampton // 27. Call Me Maybe - Postmodern Jukebox // 28. Dramophone - Caravan Palace


Shoe Shine Sunday - I find shining my shoes to be very relaxing. I always have. Except for black shoes I rarely trust anyone to polish mine. I do a better job plus I enjoy the satisfaction of keeping them looking their best. 

My kit is a box built by my grandfather back in the 1950’s. It is now filled with wax from Lincoln (a Bay Area company), Berluti and Lobb.

Note the plastic shoe trees. They can be purchased from a Berluti store and are lightweight for travel but perfect for holding the shape of your shoes for polishing. And, you avoid getting polish on your prized wooden shoe trees.

Also from Berluti is a loose weave heavy linen for polishing. It is the same linen used at Berluti's Swan Club shoe shinning gatherings. The fabric really gets the color deep into the leather.

The horsehair brushes are for polishing, and each is used for its own shade of cream or wax.

And speaking of cream, after cleaning the shoe, I always apply one or two coats of a colored cream polish, brush well, then add a very thin coat of colored wax for the final finish. A little spray of water along the way can add a true spit shine.

Oh, and don’t forget a bag of disposable latex gloves. What good are shinned shoes and dirty fingernails : )

For more tips on shining your shoes, care of suede and Shoe Shine Sunday visit The Shoe Care section of the Kirby Allison Hanger Project at

Juliet sat in the small cage, adjusting her tattered pants and shirt she was wearing as she watched polished shoes and heels pass. A woman stopped to look at Juliet a bit, but hearing the girl wasn’t the best at orders, quickly left, complaining she wasn’t going to train a girl to be a slut. Juliet was fine with that. She did well at keeping people away. But then a man stopped and was crouched down looking at her. She moved forward and put her face in front of his. “You might want to go look at that section over there. I’m sure there’s a nice whore over there for you” she said and smiled, then sat back.

“I’ve got to get rid of this bitch. I’ll cut her price and let you take five items from the back if you take her! I’ve got everything you could want back there” her vender spoke. “Don’t trust him, he smells like cigars and cheap champagne” Juliet said.