Hogwarts House Aesthetics


Coffee stains on their work, messy handwriting squeezed into the corners of pages, curling up in front of the fire place, laying outside in the sun with the wind in their hair, chipped nail polish, scuffed shoes, hot chocolate with a sprinkling of cinnamon, earphones tied in a knot, whistling along the corridors, being breathless, wide grins and messy hair, feet hitting hard on the ground as they run, falling asleep in the oddest positions


Grass stains on knees, wrinkled sheets of paper falling out of their notebooks, a strand of hair always is out of place, squeaking of their shoes on the floors, always reminding their friends they love them, taking in deep breaths of fresh air, laughing until their stomachs hurt, singing or humming songs under their breaths, notes to themselves written in the borders of the pages of their books, blankets wrapped around them


Ink stains on their hands, wrinkled shirts, sitting by the Black Lake studying, fixing their hair, hair ties on their wrists, calm music, long showers, doodles in the corners of pages of their notebooks, stretching after sitting in the same position for hours, sleeves rolled up, wide yawns and sleepy voices after staying up way too late, piles of books they promise to read, picking at their nail polish when in class bored


Make up stains on their clothes, drinking glasses or hands, shirts tucked into trousers/skirts, drinking tea/coffee in the mornings to wake up, looking at the stars at night, ice cold water, heels on wood/marble flooring, secrets glances at their crushes across the room, loud music blasting through headphones, songs that get the adrenaline pumping, fingers skimming over water before throwing stones in, slinking into the background because they don’t want undeserved attention


Shoe Shine Sunday - I find shining my shoes to be very relaxing. I always have. Except for black shoes I rarely trust anyone to polish mine. I do a better job plus I enjoy the satisfaction of keeping them looking their best. 

My kit is a box built by my grandfather back in the 1950’s. It is now filled with wax from Lincoln (a Bay Area company), Berluti and Lobb.

Note the plastic shoe trees. They can be purchased from a Berluti store and are lightweight for travel but perfect for holding the shape of your shoes for polishing. And, you avoid getting polish on your prized wooden shoe trees.

Also from Berluti is a loose weave heavy linen for polishing. It is the same linen used at Berluti's Swan Club shoe shinning gatherings. The fabric really gets the color deep into the leather.

The horsehair brushes are for polishing, and each is used for its own shade of cream or wax.

And speaking of cream, after cleaning the shoe, I always apply one or two coats of a colored cream polish, brush well, then add a very thin coat of colored wax for the final finish. A little spray of water along the way can add a true spit shine.

Oh, and don’t forget a bag of disposable latex gloves. What good are shinned shoes and dirty fingernails : )

For more tips on shining your shoes, care of suede and Shoe Shine Sunday visit The Shoe Care section of the Kirby Allison Hanger Project at


• Calum was wearing bright red shoes and black nail polish.
• Michael told us that love was the most important thing in the world and we all needed to try to spread as much love as possible.
• He then told us that the message of the show was to “be more like Calum.”
• Luke said that we we’re a “perfect crowd.”
• Luke then had us vote on if the show should be called SLFL Detroit or SLFL Auburn Hills. We chose Detroit.
• We legit screamed for 5 minutes straight before Jet Black Heart.
• While we were cheering Michael kept wiggling his eyebrows :)
• Ashton said the Detroit show is always a “damn good one” and that we all “fucking rule”
• There was a poster that said “Show Me Your Ass-ton”
• During Girls Talk Boys their high notes were amazing and Luke played piano.
• Michael had us cheer for Luke’s hair and then cheer for Ashton Irwin.
• Ashton returned the favor and had us cheer for Michael.
• According to Ashton, Eminem is one of the “greatest artists ever” but playing that song is “torture”
• Micheal asked “How many more songs do you want us to play?” and everyone in the arena held up two hands to which Calum responded “That’s at least 10.” 


Good Habits…

The quality of your stuff is only as good as the quality of your habits.  Investing money is the first step, but investing time is what lets your investments last a lifetime.  Shoe polishing is just one of those examples.

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”

- Aristotle