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Where can i buy cheap vegan friendly shoes? I plan on making the change soon but i think almost all the shoes i own have some sort of leather in them. When i look on websites vegan shoes are kind of pricey or maybe im just looking at the wrong places? Im not sure honestly some feedback would be appreciated ^.^ have a nice day!

Shoes specifically marketed towards vegans tend to be on the expensive side, but plenty of cheap shoes are accidentally vegan, or at least non-leather. Your cheaper high street stores are a good bet, just ask an assistant what they’re made of or check the label. If you’re buying from specific brands you like, most companies will have a list of vegan products if you email them, but likelihood is someone has already done it and you’ll find a list if you google it. There are also a few good stores on etsy and other sites, I’d need to know where you are to be more specific but they shouldn’t be hard to find. 

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They're called rainbow shoes on the website. so it's rainbow

Thank you to all the anons that came to my rescue. YES RAINBOW AND YES BEES!!!

those fuckers I swear….