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Steven Universe

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Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: None (Fluff)

“If I could, begin to do, something that does right by you, I would do about anything, I would even learn how to love…”

     - If I Could/Love Like You, by Rebecca Sugar, from Steven Universe

“Go away, Draco!” Y/n yelled, throwing a shoe at the door of her dormitory. “I’m done!”

She sank down onto her bed, crying. This was the second fight this week, the fifth one this month. What happened to us? Y/n thought to herself.

Y/n had found Draco bullying a Muggleborn wizard three years below them. She told him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. Finally, she just used rictusempra on him, and walked the lonely and sad Hufflepuff back to his dormitory, apologizing the whole way for Draco’s behavior, saying how it’s not bad to be Muggleborn and that both of her parents were Muggleborn, and look at how great they had become, etcetera.

When she returned to the Great Hall, she saw that Draco had gone. She suspected he went to the Slytherin common room, so she went and found him there. She started arguing with him, saying why-can’t-you-just-be-nice and I-can’t-believe-I’m-dating-such-a-rude-person.

He said a few choice words, as well as, “Stop pretending to be a pure-blood, y/n, everyone knows you parents are mudbloods. You might as well be one yourself, or even worse, a squib.”

Y/n slapped him across the face, stormed to her room with him following behind her, dumbstruck, and locked the door so he couldn’t get in. Which brings us back to the siutation she was in at the moment.

Did Draco really think that of her? It’s come up before, and he denied that he could ever think differently about her because of her heritage, but he’s been in such close contact with those stupid Death Eaters in the last few months, maybe he’s changed.

Y/n was talking to Blaise about it just at the last meeting for the Slug Club, and he thought the same thing. “It’s idiotic,” he’d said, “And the very idea that it’s in good standing to give up your education for a life of murder and chance being thrown into Azkaban, further ruining your family’s reputation? It’s ridiculous.”

Draco must’ve changed then, or how else could he have said something so horrible to her?

She was so hurt. She hadn’t asked to be born into a family of two Muggleborn parents. They were what she got, and personally, she didn’t care about lineage. What she did care about was that Draco judged her abilities based off of her parentage. Everyone in Slytherin house knew she was the best at curses. It may not have been something that is normally desired to be the best at, but it’s still something, at least.

Y/n didn’t know how long she had been crying in the dorm for when she heard something being slipped under the door. She looked over, and saw it was a piece of paper.

She walked over to the door and sat down with her back against it, picking up the paper, she flipped it over, and saw it had writing on it.

“If I could begin to do something that does right by you, I would do about anything, I would even learn how to love.”

It was in Draco’s handwriting. It was a quote, from a show y/n watched with her Muggle friends before she came to Hogwarts. Y/n had told him about it before, but only once. She didn’t think he would remember it, especially because it was created entirely by Muggles.

She wondered… y/n slipped it back under the door, halfway, and waited. A few seconds later, someone grabbed it. Y/n waited again until it was slipped back under.

Under the quote this time, Draco had written: “Please open the door.”

She stood up, unlocked the door, and opened it up a crack. Draco was there.

“Y/n,” he said, “I’m so sorry, I-”

“Don’t make excuses.” Y/n interrupted sharply.

He hung his head. “I’m not. I know what I said was wrong, and I know we’ve been fighting a lot more now than we used to, and I know it’s my fault.” he paused, and looked back at her, hopefully. “But I was thinking about this all, and I realized that you’re too special to lose. I will do anything you ask, y/n, if you’ll please just give me another chance.”

There were still tears in y/n’s eyes. “What makes you think you deserve it?” She asked, coldly.

He didn’t lie. “I don’t.”

“Exactly.” She started to close the door, but he stuck his hand in between it and the door frame, and said quickly, “Y/n, I love you, please, I’ll- I’ll change, I’ll- I’ll stop working with the Death Eaters, I don’t know how, but I’ll do it, for you!”

This made her stop. “How do you know that?”

“Blaise told me you two had been talking about it. He was trying to help me. With the relationship, I mean.” Draco rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

For what seemed an eternity, neither of them said anything. Then y/n spoke. “Do you promise?”

He said, “Yes. I promise to do what I said I would.”

“Then you get one shot.” she answered.

Draco looked shocked. “Really?”

“Yes,” y/n said, “But that’s your only chance. Don’t screw it up.”

Draco opened the door the rest of the way and wrapped y/n in his arms. “Thank you, y/n, I love you so much. I won’t forget this.”

She said, “I love you too, Draco.” Into his shirt.

He kissed her on the forehead, and Blaise walked around the corner at that very second. “Ewww, get a room!” He shouted, very loudly. He grinned devilishly.

Y/n shouted back, “Why should we? You never do!” at which Draco laughed.

Blaise said, “Because, I am entertainment here, duh!”

Draco yelled behind his back at his friend, “Just shut up and go away if you don’t want to see it, Zabini!”

Blaise sighed, and reluctantly left. The smile on his face showed he was perfectly satisfied with what he saw, though.

Y/n and Draco focused on each other again.

Draco said, “I’m sorry, y/n. I hope you know that.”

She smiled. “I do. And I forgive you.”

Her boyfriend kissed her again on the forehead and she closed her eyes, sighing into his shirt. This boy may not have been perfect, but he did love her, and she loved him, too.

Notebook Pt. 1 (Bucky x Reader)

I’m back with more Bucky! This is inspired on the summary an anon gave @bovaria a couple months ago and I loved it so much I wrote two parts….

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Summary: Bucky writes down every moment he has with you, something he never wants to forget.

Warnings: Fighting (physical and vocal) and angst

Words: Lord knows…..

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Part 2


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You mutter profanities under your breath as you practically rip your black skater dress off, growl as you throw your shoes at the wall and grit your teeth as you pull your hair out of the mangled ponytail it was in, not caring about the achy feeling the grows when you begin to rub your scalp.

You crawl into your bed and bury your face in your pillow, trying to keep the tears at bay as you recalled what happened tonight.

- 2 hours ago -

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Drabble Challenge! #1 - 150

Rules: Followers send a number to your ask and you write a drabble using that sentence/prompt in your piece. Try to keep up! Expect a TON of requests!

  1. Take the long way around
  2. Can you shut up for five minutes, please???
  3. He’s been gone for quite a while
  4. I can’t see anything.
  5. I heard a noise.
  6. Scary movies are for chumps.
  7. You’ve gone to the bathroom fifty times today.
  8. The floor is lava.
  9. Where’s my food?
  10. I bet you feel like an artist
  11. Did you ever clean the attic?
  12. Can I be of assistance?
  13. Get out of the way before I murder you.
  14. I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship
  15. You’re breaking my heart, babe.
  16. Cry me a river.
  17. Build a bridge.
  18. Get over it.
  19. Another credit card?!
  20. It’s just rain, you aren’t gonna melt!
  21. When’s the last time YOU cleaned the bathroom?
  22. I don’t know why I married you.
  23. Have you ever lied to me?
  24. If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.
  25. Aren’t you supposed to be the adult?
  26. I’m stuck! Help me!
  27. I swear, I’m not scared.
  28. What do you think a cupholder is for?
  29. You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?
  30. Turn that sh*t off!!!!
  31. When’s that last time we went on a date?
  32. I thought you didn’t like cats?
  33. The door’s locked.
  34. Remember when you were a kid and you ______ (insert memory)
  35. I’ll just tell your mom on you.
  36. I thought you were nice.
  37. I had a dream about you.
  38. I work pretty hard around here, but you get all the credit
  39. What color do you like better?
  40. Am I your husband or your taxi service?
  41. Take notes, sweetheart.
  42. This is where you impress me, right?
  43. Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.
  44. I can’t believe you didn’t remember
  45. If that makes me a child, so be it.
  46. I could beat you up, you know that right?
  47. Would it kill you to help people?
  48. I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.
  49. But, I said I love you.
  50. Is it just me or is cold as hell in here?
  51. I’m not weird, you’re just basic.
  52. Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying
  53. Take off your shirt.
  54. Why’s there a pregnancy test in the trash?
  55. Way to go, kid.
  56. I found the candles, we’ll be alright.
  57. We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.
  58. You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?
  59. …or we could make out….
  60. I said “I HAVE AN IDEA!”
  61. Down the hall, second door on the left.
  62. I warned you. He warned you. Your freaking mom warned you.
  63. Sit still, for the love of all that is Holy.
  64. Are you even human?
  65. We’ll talk later.
  66. K.
  67. I’m afraid.
  68. I thought there was time.
  69. Can you just leave me alone?
  70. I’ll carry it.
  71. We’re not ‘fine’.
  72. Are you really taking his side right now?
  73. I like proving you wrong.
  74. Girls can’t drive, plain and simple.
  75. Who are you?
  76. I think you need stitches
  77. Must be a coincidence
  78. Can you be romantic for once?
  79. This is your fault by the way.
  80. Nothing bad is going to happen, baby, I promise.
  81. Excuse me for falling in love with you.
  82. I have fans. More fans than you to be exact.  
  83. I paid for half and you ate three-quarters.
  84. I knew you’d be mad.
  85. If you die, I’m going to kill you.
  86. You’ve never smoked anything in your life.
  87. You gave me a black eye.
  88. Stop looking at me like that, weirdo.
  89. What if it sinks?
  90. Birds can’t fly without wings.
  91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.
  92. That SOOO classifies as a date.
  93. No backsies.
  94. You’re an idiot. I married an idiot.
  95. I never liked it, I lied.
  96. Remember, we have to get up early tomorrow.
  97. Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.
  98. Remember when we were dating and you _____
  99. Be brave, sweetheart.
  100. I’m sorry, but that was adorable.
  101. You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.
  102. You hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.
  103. She’s my daughter, I can read her diary.
  104. That’s a fact, Jack.
  105. Actually, I couldn’t care less.
  106. I try my best.
  107. Doesn’t make a difference to me anyways.
  108. I’m glad you’re mine.
  109. You look pretty good for your age.
  110. You passed out for like an hour.
  111. Delete it. Now.
  112. You’re a jerk.
  113. Are you high?
  114. No, you’re MY bitch.
  115. Ew ew ew. You’re so gross.
  116. Spare change for the poor and lonely.
  117. She’s 6, how can she scare you?
  118. When’s the last time we ______
  119. He’s spoiled rotten.
  120. I can’t stay long.
  121. There’s nothing we can do.
  122. Do you ever stop smiling?
  123. Step aside and watch a pro.
  124. Never give him stuff like that!
  125. You’re the one who left it laying around.
  126. I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.
  127. Teach me how to play?
  128. It’s called a prank.
  129. Well, you’re a prick.
  130. Good, I hope you feel bad.
  131. You have cold, you’re not dying.
  132. I have reasons. You wouldn’t get it.
  133. I hope you have a cold shower.
  134. You don’t mean that.
  135. Sing to me, please.
  136. Did you enjoy yourself last night?
  137. Why do they behave for you?
  138. Stop making your own rules.
  139. Don’t open an umbrella in the house.
  140. You know what happens when you assume things.
  141. That’s open for discussion.
  142. Oh, what a shocker, you have an excuse.
  143. Be serious for two minutes, please.
  144. I cheated.
  145. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
  146. Pillows are over-rated.
  147. Zombies aren’t real, I promise.
  148. Are we lost or do you know where we are?
  149. We started with one and now we have seven. You have no chill.
  150. *Make up your own*

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Dominate Me

Kim Taehyung x Reader

 • Smut
 • Dominant Taehyung
 • Spanking
 • Dirty talk
 • Masturbation
 • Daddy kink
 • Nicknames

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

You returned home from work, tired and hungry. It’d been a long day and you couldn’t wait to feel that comfy, soft bed beneath you.

Sighing, you got out your car and walked to the front door. Grabbing the spare key from your pocket, you remembered you might not need it. Probably won’t. You knew your roommate would probably be home watching Netflix or running round the damn house pretending to be an aeroplane.

A small smile twisted its way upon your lips at that thought. You grabbed the handle and pushed the door open. Unlocked. Yep, he’s home.

Walking inside, you kicked the door shut behind you, your hands reaching up to help shrug off your jacket. Kicking off your shoes and throwing your jacket to the side, you paused. Silence. Weird..

“Tae!” Your eyes scanned the living room. “Tae, you here?” You yell. No answer. ‘He’s probably upstairs playing video games’

Rolling your eyes, you walked upstairs and to his room door. You raised your hand to knock but came to a sudden halt. Your eyes widened.

Shuffling of bed covers and soft whimpers filled his room. Soft but loud enough to know the sins going on in there. It felt wrong to listen but at the same time it felt so good, his hot, desperate moans shot straight to your core and it filled you with pleasure.

You shook your head. ‘No. He’s my roommate. He needs privacy.’

Your feet moved an inch from the door before a loud moan escaped his mouth.You halted. It wasn’t just a moan, it was a name. Your name. 'Fuck’

Your eyes wide, and you gulped hard before putting your hand gently on the handle. 'Fuck it.. What the worst that could happen?’

Before your mind could think up any horrific scenario’s, you pushed the door open and stumbled in.

Stopping at the sight, you gulped once more. You didn’t expect him to be completely naked. His arm was outstretched, balling the covers in his fist, his head pushed back; engulfed in pleasure as he gripped his shaft. You could see pre-cum leaking out of his tip as his other hand glided up and down his length rapidly, not wanting to waste a single moment.

It didn’t last long as his closed eyes were now wide open in shock. He grabbed the nearest cover and threw it over himself in an attempt to cover himself.

“Y/N! What the fuck are you doing back so soon?!” His cheeks blushed the darkest shade of red as he gulped hard.

You bit your bottom lip nervously as you made your way over to him. Before he could protest, your hand found his cheek and brought him closer, slamming your lips to his.

He didn’t fight back, he give in almost instantly, kissing back desperately. You moaned into the kiss and it shot straight to his hard member making his twitch. Tangling your hands in his messy hair, he pressed his wet tongue against your lips asking for entrance which you so happily granted.

Your tongues thought for dominance, he won overpowering with ease as he explored your mouth. His hands snaked their way down your body, one hand groping your breast and the other gripping your ass hard.

Moaning at the sudden movement, he smirked pulling away. He positioned himself better, sitting up for more access as he buried his face in your neck, his hands bringing you ever closer. His wet lips planting butterfly kisses along your neck before sucking on your sweet spot. Your breath hitched as you gently moved your head to the side to grant him more space.

“Naughty girl.” He purred into your ear, you soft out a small whine, his hot breath against your marked neck. His hands snaked down to your hips and he roughly puled you onto him so you straddled his waist. You hummed in pleasure as you felt his erection pressed up against your high, smearing pre-cum all over your warm skin.

A smug smirk found its way upon his face as he brought your head down closer to his. “Interrupting me?” His plump lips almost touching against your earlobe, taunting you. “That’s bad. Princess is gonna have to be punished.”

Your breathing grew heavier and you knew there was no going back now.

“Isn’t that right?” He smirked as he noticed the way your body tensed. “Princess.”

You gulped. “Yes.”

“Yes what?” He growled as his hands roughly groped your body.

“Yes daddy” you moaned breathlessly.

His hands grabbed at your top, pulling it up over your head in one swift motion and removed your bra expertly, you exhaled softly as his swollen lips met your breasts. Your hands gripped his knotted hair as he sucked a dark hickey on your breast, his wet tongue swirled around the hard budd and you threw your head back in pleasure as he sunk his teeth down onto it. You moaned his name under your breath and you felt him shuffle slightly beneath you, you smirked knowing it turned him on.

Moving back and forth, you grounded your hips against him, desperate for more friction on the area you needed it the most.

He stopped, gripping your hips to keep you in place. “Now, now Princess” A playful smirk across his face. “I’m just getting started.”

He turned you both over so he’s on top as he looks down at you with lust filled eyes. Bringing his head close to you ear, he whispers, almost growling. “You don’t know what you’ve got yourself into.”

His hands find your jeans instantly and tugs them off, you smirk as you lift your feet to help. Noticing your smirk, his eyes darkened as he stares back, his eyes so hungry and intimidating. You bit your lip as it sent bolted shivers up your spine.

“Tae” you whine, arching your back teasingly. “I need you”

A faint growl escapes his mouth as he hooks a finger round the band of your underwear. He moved them in one quick movement and threw them to the side.

He hummed against your hot lips and your breath hitches. “What do you want, Princess?” He smirked as he breathed out, blowing cool air over your clit teasingly. “Tell me what you want, babygirl. Beg for me.” He said, lust lacing over every word as you whimpered in response.

“Tae” you say breathlessly looking down at him. His tongue swept along his bottom lip as he looked back into your eyes hungrily. “I want you inside me.”

He smirked once again. “What, baby? What do you want inside you?”

You rolled your eyes, annoyed and needy. Hesitantly, you give in to his wants. You whine arching your back, pushing more of you closer to hiss face, you felt his hot breath on your wet pussy again and it made you crave for more. So much more. “Tae, I want your fucking big cock inside me! I wanna feel you pound it into me so fucking hard, Tae! Please fuck me, please I want your cock so deep in my tight pussy!”

Without warning, you arch your back abruptly as a loud moan leaves your lips, your eyes widen as he pushed his hard member inside you in one swift move.

“Fuck Tae! Ahhh ahhfuck!” You throw your head back, the feeling of being so full so abruptly was almost overwhelming.

“Fuck Princess!” He grunted, throwing his head slightly. “Ah! You’re so tight!” He grunts again, his mouth parted as he heaved heavy breaths. His eyes screwed shut as he pounded his hard cock into your wet hole, not giving you a chance to adjust to his size.

You were a bad girl interrupting him and he needed to teach you a lesson.

Although you weren’t complaining as you moaned loud and begged him for more. All of a sudden, he pulled out and you whine in protest but before you could utter a word, his low dominating voice speaks up.

“Get on all fours, Princess.”

You gulp.

A gasp chocked into a moan as he brought his hand down on your ass hard, the sound of the slap echoing throughout the room.

“I said get on all fours.” He brought his mouth close to your ears, his lips once again teasing to touch them. “Don’t make me say it again, Princess.”

Obeying his every command, you moved and positioned your body in the way he wanted. He brought his hand down and knotted it in your hair as he clamped down on it, pushing your head down on the bed.

With your ass in the air, you felt him kiss where he had hit you before rubbing his hand gently over the reddening mark.

“Are you ready, Princess?” He purred, almost innocent sounding but his intentions far from it.

“Yes” you groan softly. “Yes, daddy”

You didn’t have to see him to know he was smirking, you could almost feel it burning into your back.

He gripped his cock, biting his lip as his positioned himself at your entrance, wiping pre-cum along your lips and clit as he continued to tease you.

“Tae,” you beg. “Please.” Without another word, he pushed his thick cock into you. Moaning, you arched your back and he grunted, pushing in further. He tangled his hand in his hair more, pulling it back roughly as he thrusted into you over and over.

You could feel yourself coming close, a knotted feeling began to grow deep within the pit of your stomach and you knew you wouldn’t be able to last much longer. “Fuck Tae, harder!” A moan of satisfaction came almost instantly as he obeyed without question.

Slapping of skin against skin filled the room, moans and grunts happily accompanying it. His thrust became harder and deeper as he grunted in pleasure, his mouth parted as sweat formed on his forehead.

“Fuck baby I’m so close!” He moaned, pulling his hand away from your hair as he roughly gripped your sides. “Ahh God! You feel so fucking good!”

Engulfed in pleasure, you repeated his name over and over like a chorus as he pounded faster into your wet pussy. He snaked one of his hands down to your clit, the other gripping your side so tight you knew it’d leave bruises. With his strong hand, he rubbed your clit unmercifully, rubbing harder and harder until you were screaming his name, the moans sounding like sweet music to his ears.

He screwed his eyes shut tightly, fighting off the urge to cum as he bit his swollen lip hard, holding back a moan as he thrusted deeper, your tight pussy feeling so good around his thick cock.

The feeling in your stomach grew and you shut your eyes as your stomach tensed. “Tae– Fuck! I’m gonna ahh–” you moaned loudly as you came around his member, grabbing the sheets beside you - still a moaning wreck.

A grunt of pleasure came from Tae as your pussy clenched around him and he moaned feeling the warm, hot cum surround his shaft as he fucked you through your orgasm.

His breaths heavy as he moaned another loud, shameless moan. “Fuck, Y/N!” He moaned into your ear sending another bolt of pleasure up your spine. “Ahhh fuck! Y/N!” He moaned loud as he shot his load inside you and you felt your body gladly swallow up the warm cum.

After a few moments of catching each others breath, he slowly pulled out exhaling deeply and threw himself on the bed, laying beside you.

You turned over onto your back and relaxed into the covers, panting softly. You turned your head to face him as he brought your hand up gently to his cheek. His hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat and his eyes were closed as his breathing calmed and you know he was tired.

A small smile twisted its way upon your face once again.

'Maybe I should always come home earlier’

You smirked to yourself as you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Words of wisdom from my Grandmother

So my grandmother and I were going through her attic and came across her diary full of life lessons that she wrote in the 1950s. She steadfastly says that they are still applicable to this day and I agree! Here are some of my favourite lessons:

•If someone is mean to you at work or school, just tilt your head and ask, “Who are you?” It’ll catch them off guard and show just how little their opinion means to you.

•Do something nice for yourself every week. Buy a nice new skirt or take a bath.

•High heels are the most elegant piece of female clothing and should be kept nicely and delicately. But if a man is following you home, it’s quite alright to throw your shoe at his head.

•All people have the potential to be good.

•One person’s mistake does not give you the right to judge them. Life is full of mistakes and all of us have done something wrong that we personally would never want to be judged for. So be kind.

•Just because you are a woman does not mean that you are a lesser individual. Our lack of privilege that the average man has, merely gives us a chance to develop a thicker skin and a sharper mind.

•A success for one woman is a success for all women.

•Never say, “I can’t”. If you are doing that, you are setting yourself up for failure and underestimating yourself.

•Death is inevitable in life but that does not mean that we have to be gloomy! A positive heart leads to a longer lifespan.

•Dark nights always have bright mornings.

•There is nothing shameful about your mental health or happiness. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

•Your fate and future is never determined. Shape it for yourself. Do not let yourself be forced into a mould made by someone else.

•There is always, always, always hope.

{ stressed out // hamilsquad x reader }

{ For anyone who’s had a rough day or a busy week. my heart goes out to you. whether it’s school or friends or work that’s got you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath + don’t forget to be kind to yourself! hope you’re all doing okay! <3 }

You walked into the apartment you shared with your boys, tired and downcast. You shut the door quietly before kicking off your shoes, throwing your bag down, and letting out a heavy sigh.

“Hey, (Y/N)’s home!” You heard Hercules say. You swallowed, and held back tears when the boys all looked up from where they were in the kitchen, and smiled at you.

Why they looked at you as if you were the most wonderful person alive would forever confuse you.

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