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Not An Athlete (4/?) *Lance Tucker x Reader*

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Summary: You’re forced by your Athlete parents into taking a summer job, which becomes your full-time job as you balance university. Only the asshole you work for and help realises how much you do for him. He don’t like that, he don’t like you. Welcome to the world of Athletes, Lance Tucker is your tour guide. (I suck at summaries.)

Warnings: Explicit content, later on. Swearing, body shaming/ degrading language from Tucker. Asshole Tucker (I’m talking straight up rude.)

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Lance cast his eyes to you, you’re sipping a glass of water, buying yourself some time to think before answering his mother’s question. You were a fool to think this would go smoothly, neither of you had even discussed how you’d both met or the ins and outs of this fake relationship. You could feel all eyes on you, Lance chuckled nervously and tried to think of some, easy, believable story about how he met you.

“We met a few months back,” you piped up from beside him, a happy smile gracing your face. “Mutual friends of ours, he was training, when we were properly introduced to one another. I’m not too big on sports but I had heard of Lance Tucker,” you shrugged. “I didn’t think anything of our exchange, till he texts me, got my number from a friend. Now here we are,” you chuckled as his mother laughed. “We’re still getting to know another, it’s still a little new for me.”

Erin nodded, holding a glass of white wine. “I’m just happy my boy found a nice girl, all those female gymnasts can be so… bitchy nowadays.” You nodded in agreement if only she knew how her son really is. “Wonderful, don’t you think, Harry?” Erin shot to Lance’s father, who was busy narrowing his eyes at you before glaring at his ex-wife.

“So, you aren’t an athlete?” Harry deflects, looking at you once more. You nod mutely, seeing no reason to bring up who your parents are to him. “What do you do then?”

“I go to University,” he nods slowly. “I’m studying English language and literature.” You smile as Erin makes a noise of surprise, Harry continues to stare down his nose at you before looking at Lance briefly. “After being with Lance I’ve learnt a lot about Gymnastics, I know he has to keep a strict diet and he spends so, so many hours training and putting extraordinary amount of effort into his work. I may not be an athlete but I have so much respect for all of them.” That little speech surprises just about everyone around the table, then you feel Lance slip an arm around your shoulders.

You glance at him as he grins, “My biggest fan right here.” You chuckled with raised eyebrows, that seems to get Lance’s dad off of your back. “How have you guys been? Enough talk of us,” Lance mostly aims his question to his mother as he sips some water.

“Well, the magazine is doing really well,” you raise an eyebrow at Lance’s mother, you didn’t know she was in the media business. “I run the magazine, Hot Shot, it’s how I met Harry.” You raised your eyebrows, you had no idea that Lance’s mother was Chief Editor of Hot Shot, only the biggest Sports Magazine since the 70’s. “Anyway, I’ve been wanting to ask, Lance, I think, after this win in the Olympics we should do a featurette. Especially, since it would be almost twenty-seven years after your father first was featured.” Lance chuckled and you grinned, despite everything you’ve been through with Lance, that was an amazing opportunity.

“You should do it,” Lance frowns looking at you. “I’ve been reading that magazine since… I was interested in journalism, my dad loves it too.” Lance’s mother chuckled and nodded, you quickly closed your mouth before you could embarrass yourself further.

“Just think about it, okay?” Lance nodded.

Lunch was full of mostly conversation about Lance’s father’s celebration here. Also, him questioning how hard Lance has been working for the next Olympics. The more you were around Harry Tucker, the more you pitied Lance. You thought you had it bad with your parents but you had it easy compared to this. It didn’t excuse his behaviour but it explained it.

“Are you staying for the celebration tonight?” Erin asked with a bright grin, standing up to hug you, you chuckle and hug her shaking your head. “Oh, honey, you should. Did Lance even extend an invitation?” She gave a displeased look to her son, who rolls his eyes. “Well, I’m extending a hand, you should come. Lord knows Lancelot will need some company.” You chuckled.

Lance sighs. “Mum, she has a life other than me.” He tries to get you out, hugging his mother who rolled her eyes at him this time.

“If she isn’t there I’ll be upset,” She teases before walking off and giving a final wave and going off with two of her assistants that you didn’t even know where sitting on a table near you. “It’s gold themed,” she yells walking to a car.

You watched as Lance awkwardly hugged Sabrina and received a handshake from his dad, you cringed at how tense Lance looked.  Once both his parents had gone he visibly relaxed and led you back to the elevator, sighing as he leant against the mirrored wall and running a hand through his hair. You remained silent through the elevator ride and to his room, where he instantly slouched on the sofa and turned the TV on.

“Well…” Lance looked at you with raised eyebrows, “That went rather well if I do say so myself. I think I was a great fake girlfriend.” You tried to lighten the mood but he didn’t laugh. “So, you parents are shit, by the way.” He bitterly laughed and nodded at that. “Has it always been like that? Always been so awkward and tense I mean.”

He doesn’t answer for a few seconds. “No. We were a family once, well a much of a family can be with an Olympic Athlete and a Magazine chief editor as parents. People don’t understand it, it’s all I’ve known though. My dad was strict, even when I was young and competing in school Gymnast competitions; I wasn’t allowed to talk to girls or have a life outside of training. My mum was busy running a multi-billion magazine, that’s my life but I had everything still- I am grateful.” The last sentence seemed rehearsed but you nodded slowly he sighed. “When I hit sixteen I fired my own dad as my coach - he fucking hated that- and then at eighteen he was caught out and my mother filed for a divorce the day after.” He added his signature smile at the end when looking at you.

He shrugged and looked back the television. “And that’s why I am the way I am because my dad was fucking around and my mum didn’t give a shit if she was around or not.” You remained silent, “Wanna know what’s fucking twisted? My mum has to run her business with him because she didn’t sign a prenup, so he got half of everything from her. Then after all that bullshit, after everything, he refuses to let her buy his share. He’s fucking her in the ass and she’s letting him, and my mum still turns up to these events for me… and for her, I have to pretend I like the cunt but I want to punch him in the dick.”

You didn’t mean to but you laughed, clasping a hand over your mouth but Lance is laughing too, actually laughing with you. Both your laughter dies out and the TV fills the silence. You look over at Lance and give a little sigh, knowing this would be a bad idea but after seeing and hearing all of this, you felt like you should do this. You were always too compassionate and nice for your own good, plus after today you felt like this would be a start of some kind of friendship with Tucker.

“I’ll go to that celebration.” He snaps his head in your direction with a frown, you give a little shrug. “After hearing the sob story I feel bad having to picture you sat at the bar on your own, so I’ll go for the free drinks.” He nods slowly, “besides it’s not like I’m in Vegas every day.”


“Why are we doing this?” You asked with a huff as Lance led you through the Vegas streets, he chuckled and placed his hands in his jean pockets. “Can’t I just wear one of the dresses you got sent to the room from earlier? They seemed fine.”

Lance scoffed at you. “It’s gold themed, people are gonna be wearing gold or something to that aesthetic.” You sighed gently, trying to keep up with his strides. “Fucking gold, he’s so pretentious.”

“Don’t you have a Gold tattoo?” He looked down at you still somehow managing to navigate through the busy crowds. “Like…uh… the ribbon of it.” You stumbled and he smirked causing you to roll your eyes but he doesn’t answer your question; you’ve seen glimpses of the tattoo but have heard more from locker room talk.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you into a shopping mall, it looked luxury and hardly a place you’d ever find yourself. You frowned as he steered you towards Chanel, you looked at him as he looked determined and unfazed by the fact this would be the first time, ever, you’d be stepping into an actual Chanel store. As soon as you walked in you were hit with a sweet smell, it was pungent but… nice, almost.

“Mr Tucker,” An older looking woman smiled, a blonde bob cut and red lipstick, they both kissed each other’s cheek. “What can I do for you today?” She hadn’t even acknowledged you. You glance around the store beautiful clothes, bags and shoes graced the shelves and racks. This was extremely far from your Forever 21 shopping experience.

Lance wraps an arm around your shoulders attracting your attention. “Marie, this is Y/N, and she needs a dress for my dad’s celebration party tonight. It has to be gold or with something gold,” Marie glances you over and nods. “Can I leave her in your capable hands to find something? You’ve always made my mother look the best even during her worst.” Marie gave a bright smile.

“Well, it will be a challenge but nothing me and my girls can’t handle.” She turned and called to her employees as Lance grinned and looked at you.

After Lance gave you a quick bye, saying he’d collect you in a few hour, you were left in a rather expensive store. You stood awkwardly in the middle of the store as four women looked at you, muttering to one another before scurrying off and flicking through the clothing racks. Marie stepped up to you, asking shoe size and various other clothing related questions.

“Lance has never brought a girl here,” Marie states as you sit trying on various heels. “I’m a friend of his mother’s, whenever she needs a pickup, he buys her something from here; she’s a sucker for Chanel.” You look up as Marie stands with her arms crossed, “How’d you meet him?”

You didn’t see any reason to lie to Marie, she already has you sussed out. “I-uh- work for Lance. I’m his personal assistant when he trains; it’s a long story.” Maire raised an eyebrow, you sighed with a chuckle. “Well, he drunkenly texts me and his dad thought I was a hooker, then it escalated to girlfriend and now I have to pretend to be his girlfriend for the weekend.” She laughed and that made you chuckle, “it’s been… crazy.” You sighed.

After trying on many, many, so many dressed you finally found one that you liked and actually looked nice; not that the other didn’t. You smiled at yourself in the mirror, it was long and sparkly, gold - more champagne than gold but it worked. You felt luxurious in the dress, you knew it was expensive, probably cost more than anything you own. If your parents knew what you were doing they’d freak out, this is some Pretty Woman shit; except you aren’t an escort and Lance isn’t Richard Gere.

When Lance, finally, comes back for you- you were thinking he had forgotten about you- he looks at the dress bag you’re holding. He takes the bag from you, bidding a bye to Marie who also hugs you too and you head back to the hotel.

“My mum wants you to get ready with her,” you stare wide-eyed at Lance. “She wants to get to know you or some bullshit, it’s only two hours.” He sighs with annoyance like he was surprised that you were shocked by this.

“What am I meant to say?” You looked at Lance to his mother’s hotel room door. “What if she asks about my family? Or us? Lance, I shouldn’t do this, I’m not very good at lying!” He rolled his eyes sassily and knocked the door, ignoring your worried eyes.

He looks down at you, “Just wing it. Okay?” The door flies open and it’s one of  Erin’s assistants, they smile and pull you in, Lance quickly stepping in before the door closes. The suite is full of people, amongst them is Erin, robe on and on the phone. She looks over at you and Lance, quickly saying goodbye to whoever was on the other end to greet you both.

“Lance, your father wants to speak with you.” Erin smiles pulling you into a hug, you accept with a fond smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your girl. She’s getting the full Tucker treatment,” he rolls his eyes and turns. “You’re not gonna kiss her goodbye?” You freeze and look at Lance, who turns and chuckles at his mother.

“No, I like to make her wait.” He drops a wink at you before leaving out the door, blowing a kiss before it shuts fully.

You turn back to Erin who is chuckling lightly at her son, she takes the dress bag from you and hands it to one of her people and sits down on the sofa’s, patting the spot beside her with a welcoming grin. You tentatively sit down, an awkward smile settling on your face as another assistant sets down two glasses of champagne.

“I know,” Erin says as she sips from the crystal glass flute and your eyes widen. “I know what Lance is like, he’s turned into a womaniser and very cock-sure.” You release a puff air and nod with a frown. “He thinks I don’t know, the persona he fakes when competing but I have eyes and ears everywhere.” She looks at you with a sly smile and you chuckle. “It made me worried that he wouldn’t find someone, that he wouldn’t be able to connect with anyone and have something special but then he introduced me to you, and I’ve got to say… my boy is hitting above the mark.” You laughed loudly at that, putting your glass on the table and trying to compose yourself. “He is, Y/N. You’re smart, pretty and I can tell, a lot like me. Independent and career driven, Tucker men don’t like competition and us independent women don’t like being told what to do. You make Lance think; you keep him on his toes and he likes that.”

As you let her word sink in, she stands up and starts to instruct different people on what they’re doing. Most of the people in the room are hair and makeup, people who are hired to make you look beautiful. Something you hadn’t experienced, ever. You never had anyone do your hair or makeup before, it was odd but nice at the same time.

Sat in front of the mirror as a man called, Ryan, doing your hair. Brushing through it, giving small ideas on how he wants to style your hair for the evening, all of which you loved and agreed with; allowing him to do his job, your full faith in his hands. Erin chatted away, talking about her job and occasionally asking you questions; you managed to avoid talking about your parents.

Conversation twisted onto stories about Lance as a kid, despite the fact Lance told you that Erin wasn’t around she had a few tales about his embarrassing moments. A lot of them made you chuckle, like when she found him wearing her lipstick and dress.

“He was a good kid, very bright and full of potential.” Erin smiled, her hair being done as she looked at you through the mirror. “He was extremely close to his grandparents, he would spend all day and every day with them,” Erin wore a fond smile. “When his grandpa died, we put my mother in a retirement home and he hasn’t visited her, I think he’s too scared to.” She gave a gentle sigh, “that boy, despite his attitude wears his heart on his sleeve. What has he been like with you? Treating you well, I hope?”

You wanted to tell the truth to Erin, she seemed genuine and lovely. “Good. Really good, I was apprehensive at first, like all new relationships. I know of his… reputation but I wasn’t going to let that cloud my judgement on Lance. Meeting you though, hearing all this stuff about him, I don’t know, it’s giving me a bigger outlook on him.” Erin smiled and nodded. “He has made my life rather difficult but that’s just Lance!”

You both finished getting ready, you telling Erin about your time at university and your degree. It was easy talking to Erin, she made you feel bad for lying to her, for pretending that you loved Lance and that he’s nice to you. You pulled on your dress one of the assistants helping zip the back of it, eyes wide and a grin as they look at you through the mirror, you blushed a little and smiled back.

Staring at yourself in the mirror it was like someone else staring at you. Your hair was styled and swept back out of your eyes. Your makeup was immaculate, beautiful and made your face glow, your lips stained a light nude. The dress made you feel like a million bucks, it clung to you in all the right places and made you look elegant. It was so different to how you’d dress but it was a good different; you felt pretty, prettier than you have ever felt.

“You look like a goddess,” Erin breathed. You blushed even more, allowing Erin to take your hand and spin you around, looking at you from all angles. “Lance is one lucky man.” You rolled your eyes playfully, finally looking at Erin who wasn’t wearing a dress or gold. “I’m not married to the man, I don’t need to abide by his stupid rules anymore.” You raised your eyebrows and chuckled. She wore a deep red dress, a thin belt around the middle and a red blazer over the top. Her hair styled to perfection and her lips stained red too, she looked glamorous and beautiful; this is where Lance gets his looks from.

You walked down to the elevator and party linked arms with Erin. The room they rented was huge, bar and chandelier, tables and beautiful gold decorations. Everyone was dressed beautifully, models and other athletes alike were mingling. You’ve never felt more out of place than in this room.

“You’re gonna do fine, honey,” Erin whispered, you glanced at her and she grinned. “It’s all about faking your worth around here. Bullshitting that you’re important and that you’re God’s gift. Lance, is very good at it now, too well.” You slowly nod as Erin leads you further into the crowd, smiling and greeting people. “I fucking hate all of these people!” She sighed, grabbing two crystal flutes of champagne. “Lance, over here, sweetie.” Your back was facing where you assumed Lance was, sipping the champagne to find some liquid courage.

“Jesus, fucking, Christ.” Is all you hear before turning your head and seeing Lance just staring at you.

(Well, this is longer than I thought it would be. I’d apologise but you guys love longer parts, I know you do! Excuse any mistakes, I’m still mid editing this long part! - Rosalie)

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Helping Hand (Part 2)

(Namjoon’s embarrassing encounter with you ends up making for an exciting first date.)

Warning: Masturbation, exhibitionism

It was 3:15pm.  Namjoon had left your apartment about 10 minutes earlier.  

An hour ago, you had never even considered dating Namjoon.  But right now you were prancing about your apartment like a giddy school girl.  You had been on plenty of dates before, but it had been a long time since you were this excited.  When he told you he liked you, it felt like the first time you had received a boy’s confession – back when you were shocked to find out that any boy liked you, let alone one as cool as Namjoon.

You skipped to your bedroom to start thinking about what you would wear tonight.  You had less than four hours to make yourself beautiful, might as well use every minute.  As you scoured your closet to find just the right look, you heard a phone ringing in the living room.  You looked at your bedside table to see your own phone sitting there silently.

You followed the sound to find Namjoon’s phone, half hidden behind a sofa cushion.  You noticed a missed call from someone called Boss-nim.  Figuring it could be an important work call, you headed over to return the phone to as quickly as possible.  As you approached, you saw Jin coming out of the apartment and closing the door quickly behind him.  You called out to get Jin’s attention.

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Taking Chances [part 6]

[part 1]  [part 2]  [part 3]  [part 4]  [part 5]

Warning: smut

Wordcount: 2147

***sorry it took me so long to update but work was crazy busy this week and I had to do stuff for university before my summer break is over. I really hope you enjoy this part :))


You were waiting outside the dorms for Jungkook to come and get you, hoping that no one would see you. The street seemed empty but you could never be too sure. Your thumb was mindlessly tapping on the screen of your phone, scrolling through Instagram, when the door opened and the boy you had been waiting for smiled at you. “Hey.” You quickly followed him to the elevator. “You sure the boys won’t notice?” He nodded. “Yeah, Yoongi and Namjoon are still in the studio and the others are in their rooms. I got us drinks and snacks, so we don’t even have to leave my room.” Your eyes widened. “What are you planning on doing to me?” He scratched the back of his head. “Well, you know… but not all night. I just thought we should avoid running into one of them.” You patted him on the head. “Sometimes you are not that dumb.” He wanted to protest but the elevator doors opened. The two of you stepped out into the hallway and Jungkook lifted his index finger to his lips, gesturing you to be quiet. He opened the door, checking if one of the boys had left their rooms. “Clear.” He whispered and he quietly closed the door behind you, so you two could take your shoes off in the entryway. “Jungkook? Is that you?” Jin came from the kitchen and the younger one pushed you out of sight, against one of the shoe shelves.

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I had a SU-related dream last night. I don’t remember all of it but it was set thousands of years ago on Homeworld. Gems had to buy shoes and what shoes they could buy depending on what kind of Gem they were. Basically, there were different shelves of different ranks and if you were a higher rank Gem, you had access to all the lower ranked shoe shelves too. Pearls only had one shelf and it wasn’t even on display because it was considered a waste of space (who would choose to buy those shoes?) so they had to specifically ask to see that shelf.

Anyways, Pearl had to get new shoes with a stipend from her unspecified owner Gem and also pick up their lunch (I guess this shoe store was in, like, a Gem mall [Gemall] because the lunch was from a food court). She had to ask for the lowest rank shelf, which she was really embarrassed to do.

But another Gem, who was also unspecified but I’m going to assume was Rose, had an arrangement with Pearl to give her her old shoes. And what they would do is cut the soles off her old shoes and attach them to the new shoes Pearl got, because I guess that’s where the quality difference was (low ranking shoes had little support, I think). They would do this secretly, of course.

And then my alarm went off and I woke up

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Some woman let her bratty child run around our store and throw our shoes off the shelves,break our hangers,throw our clothes on the ground and stomp on them,I asked him why he was doing this and he said "I'm bored",I couldn't do anything cause I was on the register and store policy says we cant touch children,the woman didn't even tell her kid to clean it up and was mad that we couldn't stop him,ffs lady you could have left him home if he was gonna be bored and ruin our stuff

Empty Home (Youngjae)

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Type: Angst

Request: Can you do a scenario with B.A.P’s Youngjae when he thinks you’re cheating on him because your ex keeps texting you so he thinks something is going on between the two of you. Can it have a lot of angst? Thank you😬

“Just tell me why the hell he’s texting you?” Youngjae growls “I don’t know” you told him for the seventh time now. “Every time you say that I know you’re talking shit” he spoke as you rolled your eyes. “I asked you a simple question. Why can’t you give me a real answer?” he almost yells “I gave you a real answer asshole” you shout at him. “It’s not my fault you’re an untrusting dick head” you yell at him. “Yeah? I can’t trust a fucking slut” he yells back as he took a deep breath and the two of you glared at each other.

“You told me that you would never be that guy” you told him as you grab your bag “yeah you told me you deleted your exes numbers as well. Looks like we’re both liars. What you keep them just in case someone dumps you? You need someone to crawl to?” he told as you clenched your jaw. “I’m done with your shit Youngjae. You’re a idiot no matter how it plays out” you said heading to the door and slipped your shoes on. “All your shit. Get it out of my apartment. I’m done” you told him as he went wide eyed. “What?” he said you ripped the chain from your neck and threw it at him, your first year together he bought you an expensive neckalce and had yojr name carved into it and everything. “I’m not fighting for a relationship with a guy who can’t trust me enough to know I wouldn’t cheat on him” you finish slamming the door shut.


You came home hours later seeing that the apartment was locked and the lights were off. You unlocked the door and the hardest thing you had to deal with happened. The amount of things that Youngjae kept here made a difference. His jackets weren’t on your rack. The shoe shelves were nearly empty. Pictures were off the wall of the two of you and were shattered in the trash. Your hand went over your mouth as you walked down the hall more seeing all the little things he left in the hall were gone. It was just so empty.

Opening the door to your bedroom you saw the closet was wide and his clothing were ripped from the hangers and they were everywhere, he didn’t bother cleaning them up. The bed no longer had the bear he gave you for last your, the one that played his voice when you missed him enough to squeeze its paw. Your couple shirt was laying on your bed as a way to mock almost.

The bathroom was no better. He took his products shampoos and even his tooth brush. He didn’t seem to miss a thing. You stripped yourself down and climbed into the shower. Turning on the water you let it hit your face as you back in the cold wall and you fell to the floor. You sobbed into your knees. You spent 4 years with him and he didn’t go after you, didn’t trust you, and didn’t leave much of a trace of himself in your home. It felt like you actually wasted four whole years of your life with someone who never loved you.


Once you were done you stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel wrapping it around you before heading to the mirror to see how puffy your face had gotten. You looked at yourself closely before you noticed the ‘I love you baby’ on the glass in his handwriting. He liked to leave messages on the mirror for you so when you took a steamy shower you could see them. You let out a shaky breath before your hand hit the mirror and you feverishly wiped it from it. You let out a scream as you slacked the mirror ‘he was mocking you so much’ you told yourself as you saw how bad you looked and sighed deeply.


‘Youngjae announces his break up with girlfriend of 4 years’ ‘BAP’s Youngjae says bye bye to girlfriend after 4 years’ many articles and comments were attacking you now as his fans told you that you were never right for him and they thought he was only with you to make you feel better. Others said you were too ugly for him anyways, most of them were calling you names and very little cared about you in the end. You questioned what you should do with yourself now. You were hated and scared of what judgment would come once you stepped out of your apartment. But you couldn’t hide forever. Youngjae had to become your past and you had to be yourself alone again. 'You didn’t need him’ you promised knowing it was a lie but you had to tell yourself something. You needed to move forwards.


Youngjae laid on his bed in the dorm after not having the energy to move for days if felt as he played with the necklace he gave you. He felt so stupid for not trusting you, he was jealous and called you thing he didn’t mean. His eyes welled up as he opened the necklace up and looked at the picture of the two to you on your first date all those years ago. The little 'I’ll love you forever’ he had done meant so much more to him now as he closed it and clutched it close as he rolled into his side and let out a silent sob into his pillow.

He had so much planned for your 5 year that was only months away. He had the perfect ring picked, the perfect place, and the words he was going to say already done. But he no longer had a use for any of them now. He was alone and he didn’t know if he was going to be okay. He wasn’t used to being single anymore. He never wanted to be single again. He let out as much as he could onto his pillow as he let himself drift off into a almost dreamless sleep.

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NASCAR anon here with another prompt, if I may. I need Military!Kara So like Kara's in the army and has her bomb dog kyrpto, she goes MIA. Kyrpto is sent home to cat and Carter. Carter is like super attached to this dog, and then they want to try and take him away. Cat won't allow that. Cue like 2 months of of fighting with lawyers and one day kyrpto is acting super weird, non stop barking. She lets him out and the barking stops. She looks out and it's Kara, cuddling him. Fluffy reunions

Hi NASCAR anon! I hope this will please you, I am not quite happy with it but I can’t seem to find another way around it so …
(I apologize for any mistake in there, it’s raw and I will probably have to submit it to a beta if I have to post it on AO3)

Here, have some angst with a happy ending!

“Mom, come on, we need to get going now!”

Carter Grant, already dressed up and closing his fancy winter coat up to his chin, is frowning at his mother and there is a disapproving scowl etched upon his childish features.

His mother, clad in a pair of casual but designer denim jeans and a floating, dark grey cashmere sweater, simply smiles sweetly at him before focusing back on her fashion dilemma. She’s standing in front of a closet, inside of which there are shelves and shelves full of shoes on display.

“Can’t you just like, grab one pair and then we can go?” Carter asks, already sounding defeated because he knows, better than anyone else, that Cat Grant will never do just that. The glare his mother throws at him from above her shoulder only confirms it.

“We are going to be late.” He sighs and then lets himself fall backward on the queen-sized mattress of his mother’s bed.

“Stop sighing and whining around, Sweetheart. We are not going to be late, we still have plenty of time. Her plane doesn’t land for another three hours and we do not need to wait in a crowded airport in the meantime.” His mother retorts with another meaningful glare but he sees sparkles of gold flicker in her green eyes, a tell-tale of impatience and anticipation.

“Fine. Fine.” He relents, trying his best not to sigh. He takes off his winter coat and then approaches the shoes closet, coming to a stop next to his mother.

He smiles at the memories flooding his mind when he considers the many, many shelves of shoes. He can practically name the creator and the collection for each single pair, with an approximate date of creation or first exhibition.

“Need a hand mom?” He asks with a smile and she simply nods.

He notices she’s smiling too.

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I was tagged by @xtyrantsandtrippinx  to answer all the questions and tag 15 people.

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
- money 
- sunglasses
- spongebob plasters 
- hair brush
- gum

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
- my wall of shoes
- shelves full of harry potter and game of thrones merch
- my collection of vinyls
- my bass and all its equipment
- a small shopping trolley with a frog in (on my shelf) 

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
- see the pyramids
- visit new york at christmas with my sister
- go on a spontaneous road-trip with my friends
- achieve good enough grades to get me where i want to go in life
- meet j.k rowling and tell her how much of a positive impact she has had on my life

5 things that make me happy:
- music 
- family
- friends
- harry potter
- dogs

5 things I’m currently into:
- watching documentaries about murders
- the middle
- gardening
- sleeping into the afternoon
- making lists

5 things on my to do list:
- buy some new stationery for college
- organise one of my shelving units in my room 
- re-watch american horror story by september
- hang out with my friends before the holiday is over
- paint my nails

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Maybe I’m a bad mom, but my kids do serious chores.

My 13yo is in charge of the kitchen.  He does all the dishes, and surface wipe downs.  If a dish gets put away dirty, it get pulled back out, handed to him and he rewashes it.  Our (rented) house comes with a dishwasher but it’s crappy so we use it for storage.  So he hand washes everything.  He does dishes every day.  It’s his only chore aside from his room, but it’s a bog one.  Now, when things get crazy in there he does get help.  We’re not cruel.  But the basics of keeping up on dishes are his job.  Some day when he’s married he’ll be able to help out in the kitchen.  He’s also being taught how to cook.  Simple things he’s mastered and can prepare on his own.  But he’s also involved in not so simple things.  He’s helped with every step of a full Thanksgiving dinner.  It’ll be awhile before he has to prepare that meal on his own.  But someday when he’s married, or making a home with someone he loves, if he wants to host a huge meal like that, he’ll know the steps and can assist his partner.  Then in a twist of fate.  I’ll clean up his kitchen for him.

My 9yo does laundry.  This use to be the 13 yo’s job until the 9yo got big enough and the 13yo took over the kitchen.  Now, we are a family of 5 and our clothes all get put in the same dirty clothes hampers. (we utilize three of them but they still all get mixed up).  So technically he does my laundry too.  But kid gets a lot of help.  I don’t expect a 9yo to keep up on laundry for 5.  Hell, I can’t keep up on laundry for 5.  It’s a lot of laundry.  He does it mostly during the day on the weekends, and I do it at nights when I’m up on tumblr all night or doing my school work.  By our powers combined, laundry gets done.  But he’s been taught how to sort, how to start a load, how much soap to add, what buttons to push, etc.  Then he switches it all out and he folds it coming out of the drier.  He’s not the best at folding adult sized clothes.  His wing span is too small.  But I don’t really fault him for that.  I do try to teach him tricks.  I also try to catch my and my husband’s clothes in the loads I do so he’s mostly doing kids clothes.  But by golly, the 9yo does laundry and when he’s making a home with someone, he’ll be able to help them with laundry too.

My 5yo doesn’t have a chore yet beyond her own room.  When she gets a few years older, she’ll help with laundry.  Then when she can adequately reach the sink, she’ll help with dishes.  She’ll split her time between the two.  Not doing half of either, just lightening the load of both.  My 9yo was doing dishes for awhile and he enjoyed it, but he has really delicate skin and the constant dish water was destroying his hands.  So he’s perma off dish duty.  When he’s grown he’ll know how and will fit the gloves better and can help if his mate wants him too.  That’s between them.  Anyway my 5yo will be just as loaded with chores as he brothers.  Dishes/kitchen and laundry being the big two.  Between the 3 of them, it should be no huge ordeal.  The husband and I of course stepping in when there reasonably needs to be adult help.

Bathrooms?  Basic picking up after themselves is shared.  Right now the scrubbing of the kid’s toilet and sink is done by the 13yo when needed.  Chemicals and all, the other two are too young.  Husband and I put the muscle into the shower.  As the 13yo gets older, he can help with that.  Then the 9yo.  Then the 5yo.  That’s their bathroom.  Husband and I have out own.  It isn’t unreasonable to expect them to keep their bathroom clean.

Bedrooms?  We are lucky and have a large enough rented house that they each have their own room and they are expected to keep their own space clean.  They make the mess, they clean it up.  The 5yo does get overwhelmed at times and she get direction and sometimes a full on parent run overhaul.

Living room?  Eh, we all keep this space neat.  As I pass something, I’ll pick it up.  Once a day the 9yo is suppose to straighten it.  The husband vacuums it daily.  The 5yo has not yet discovered modesty and changes in the middle of the living room so a couple times a day I have to get after her to pick up her clothes and put them in the dirty hamper.  Any dirty hamper.  Pick one.  We have three.

All three kids as they grow and in stages are being taught to pick up after themselves.  That everything we own has a home and when things are kept in their home the house is less cluttered and easier to live in.  Can openers live in the drawer, not on the counter.  Shoes on the shelves by the door.  

All three kids in stages and at ages are being taught the major chores so that when they are part of a household they created, they are a functioning adult and their significant other is thankful for the help.  No mate of my child’s is going to have to do all the household chores.

Maybe I’m abusive.  Maybe I just want what’s best for my kids.

Also, they have plenty of time to play.

The drier going off gets ignored when we’re in the middle of a cuddle puddle. 

But the Wii can also get paused for 5 minutes to fold a load really quick.

Seismitoad Family Headcanons

(For @fangirltrash​! Apologies for the long wait!)

  • Trainers who allow their seismitoads to roam the house rarely invest in actual drinking glasses, and those who do keep them safely secured when they’re not in use. An irritable or overjoyed seismitoad may express its emotions by sending tremors through the earth and inadvertently (or purposefully, as the case may be) shattering some fragile objects. Plastic is safer. 
  • Palpitoad saliva used to be a key ingredient in many ancient glue mixtures. Even today, trainers that own palpitoads may sometimes tempt them to lick broken shelves or shoe soles to temporarily fix them.  
  • Tympoles were once used by old, riverside communities as part of an alarm system. These communities, understanding how the pokémon emitted sound waves at the sight of danger, would put metal forks outside their houses which were capable of resounding a tympole’s cries, reverberating them at a level the human ear could detect. This system would alert the communities as to any signs of unrest near the river.
  • Palpitoads and seismitoads gain speed when swimming by invoking tremors in the water around them, making it sway and rock and propel them forward. Without their ability to create vibrations, they would be as sluggish underwater as they are on land. 
  • Although seismitoads are supposed to be fed on insects, they have remarkable appetites and will eat almost anything. They have been known to snaffle burgers, swallow apples whole, and eat entire sacks of raw potatoes that they find long-abandoned at the backs of cupboards.
  • The tympole line does not croak. For the most part, they interact completely silently.
  • By gripping a person’s arm and sending vibrations through it, seismitoads are easily capable of breaking bones. Their superior abilities in shattering debris make them common to rescue teams, particularly those dedicated to the recovery of earthquake victims, trapped cavers, people affected by avalanches, etc. - anything that involves vast piles of scree.  

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This AU is called Everyday Hero

  • Izuku was determined to be a hero. 
  • Naturally, he was crushed when the doctor told him he would never develop one. 
  • Quirkless. Quirkless. Quirkless. How could he be a hero if he was Quirkless?
  • “Oh, why are you crying?” 
  • Izuku looked up to see a concerned police officer looking at him. He wobbled, tears ready to come out in streams once more.
  • “Are you lost? Can I help you find your parent?” the officer asked. 
  • “I’m Quirkless,” Izuku managed to hiccup out. “I can’t be a hero!” 
  • “I’m Quirkless too,” the police offer said gently. “In fact, that makes you special.” 
  • The tears stopped. “Really?” Izuku asked. 
  • The police officer nodded. “Yes, only Quirkless people can join the Police Force for example. So maybe you won’t be able to be a Pro-Hero, but you can still be someone who protects the public. You don’t need a Quirk to help someone, whether it’s escorting an obaasan across the street, or helping a child. I don’t need a Quirk to help you, do I?” 
  • With that, Izuku’s entire worldview shifted. “Who are you, mister?” 
  • The police officer smiled. “I’m Tsukauchi Naomasa and you?” 
  • “Midoriya Izuku! Nice to meet you Tsukauchi-san.” 
  • Izuku would take Tsukauchi’s words to heart. He didn’t need a Quirk to help people. There were plenty of little things he could. If it meant helping people carrying their groceries to their homes, helping someone picked up their fallen items, whatever favor that requested, Izuku was there.
  • He swiftly grew a reputation as a reliable person in the neighborhood, someone who was always willing to lend a helping hand. 
  • Unknown to him, he also gain a protection squad lead by his mother and a certain police officer who makes sure no one unsavory abuses Izuku’s helpful nature. By the time Izuku is ready for high school, the entire neighborhood adores him. 
  • Due to the wide variety of different tasks Izuku helped out with, he absorbed a wide selection of skills and information. How many people do you know who know how to train a dog, fix a washer machine, navigate law books, build a cement wall, budget any entire week’s worth of food off the top of his head, sew, cook, repair leather shoes, makeup, restock shelves, random bits of medical advice, and more? 
  • Izuku loved helping people out because he learned so many new things.
  • Sewing was learn because of the crying girl who had her favorite stuff animal pulled apart by an older boy.
  • Medical advice was learn at the local pharmacy, from skin care to stomachaches, both the actual medical pills given to the home remedies. He learned that certain meds don’t work on certain people based on their Quirk. He also learned proper first aid there.
  • He learned to fix Moshita-san washing machine because she couldn’t afford a new one.  
  • The cement wall was because Sakurano-san’s one was falling apart. Sakurano-san own particular Quirk made it difficult to rebuild it by himself.
  • Makeup, acting, set building were because the local theater production was short on hands, then out of an actor and understudy due to an illness. He may have also learned how to build a firethrower in day because both the actor and understudy had fire Quirks needed for the play. 
  • Izuku’s dream, however, is to be a police officer just like Tsukauchi-san. 
Rich Games pt. 21

Summary: School has never been anything but a time waste and game for rich boy, Yoongi.
Members: Yoongi x Reader (Appearances by EXO and BTS Members)
Type: Student! AU/ Drama/ Angst/ little Fluff
Length: 7,240 Words

Thank you guys for making the past 7 months of this blog so much fun. I really hope you guys like this chapter. There should only be about one or two more chapters in Suga’s POV and then it will be back to the normal story line <3

-Admin Kat

Pt. 1, Pt.2,  Pt. 3,   Pt. 4,  Pt. 5,   Pt.6,  Pt. 7,  Pt. 8,  Pt. 9,  Pt. 10,  Pt. 11,Pt. 12, Pt. 13,  Pt. 14,  Pt. 15,  Pt. 16,  Pt.17, Pt. 18, Pt. 19, Pt. 20,Pt. 21, Pt. 22, Pt. 23, Pt. 24, Pt. 25, Pt. 26

“Yoongi!” Kristy’s high pitched voice sent shivers down Yoongi’s back. She was the last person who he wanted to deal with. Especially so early in the morning. He had a tough enough weekend. Not only did he have to deal with his overbearing mother, but also with music block, and for some reason, he just wasn’t able to get you out of his mind. Ever since the party, he was feeling guilty for having got you into the whole mess with Suho. Although it wasn’t his fault that Suho had told his friends he slept with you, and it was best that you learned about it eventually. But if it wasn’t for the plan to get Suho to break up a fight, you most likely wouldn’t have heard about it, wouldn’t have been hurt, and wouldn’t have turned to alcohol. He could only imagine how bad you felt the next morning.

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Hollow - Part Three

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Finale

Word Count: 2,429

Summary: He was always busy, leaving you feeling hollow.

Jimin nervously toyed around with his phone, flipping it over and over in his hands. It had been almost an hour since he sent you the text and yet you still hadn’t messaged him whether you were done with work or not. He unlocked his phone, staring at the message you had sent to him a while ago.

You: Fine, I’ll meet up with you once I’m done work.

Jimin let out a groan, his body dropping back onto his bed. To say he was frustrated was an understatement. JYP Entertainment still hadn’t released a statement on how credible the articles and rumors of you dating Jinyoung were. He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t have said anything as this would cause the fans to misunderstand. Unless you really were dating him.

All types of questions floated around in Jimin’s mind. Did you forget about him- opting to go out on another date with Jinyoung instead? Had you passed out somewhere due to overworking? Where were you?

Jimin let out a sigh- waiting here wasn’t going to help him at all. He quickly pulled on his face mask along with a hat to cover up his face. Jimin knew you didn’t like people barging into your home unannounced, always demanding at least a two hours notice, but he was desperate. The thought that you may have moved on was eating away at him and he needed to meet up as soon as possible.

“Jin hyung! I’m going out for a while,” Jimin shouted, hearing a faint agreement from Jin before slipping on his shoes. There was no way he would let you go so easily.

The boys all let out a collective groan once the music stopped, dropping to the floor. You chuckled at their behavior- Jackson faking his death, shooting you a death glare. 

“Good job! You guys have done well enough to earn a ticket out of my studio. Remember to keep hydrated!” you reminded them, nudging some of them as they exited the room. Jinyoung hesitated at the door, analyzing you.

“You okay? You seemed kind of off after the break,” Jinyoung mumbled, reaching forward to tuck in some loose strands behind your ear. You sighed, debating whether you should tell Jinyoung about it or not. It wasn’t like you two were dating, but there was definitely something brewing between the two of you.

“It’s nothing much, I just have an important meeting to get to. I’ll talk to you later?” you smiled, trying to hide how distressed you were. You definitely were not emotionally ready to go meet up with Jimin. Jinyoung seemed to understand, offering to at least drive you home. Jinyoung helped pick up your things, even insisting that he carry them for you.

You had noticed that, ever since the first date, he had personally requested to drive a separate car to drive you home after each lesson. “Oh yeah, how come your company didn’t get mad at you about those articles? It looked pretty bad to me.”

“They were a little pissed, but I managed to get it under control,” Jinyoung replied vaguely, making you groan. He wasn’t ready to reveal that he had to beg the company not to respond yet- wanting to win you over first. “It doesn’t matter that much, just get in the car already.”

Once the car came to a stop outside of your apartment, you gave Jinyoung a hug before leaving. You suddenly recalled Jimin’s text, completely forgetting to text him back. You groaned, tapping away at your phone.

You: Sorry, just finished work. Where do you want to meet up?

You prayed that it would take him a while to reply, giving you an excuse to take up more time than necessary until meeting him. Fishing your keys out of your bag, you unlocked the door and slipped off your shoes. 

That’s when you noticed something was wrong.

Beside your shelve of shoes was Jimin’s sneakers- a pair you had gotten him for his last birthday.

“Jimin?” you yelled, silently cursing yourself for forgetting that he had a spare key to your apartment. Footsteps started from upstairs and you crossed your arms, waiting for him to appear. You expected Jimin to come from upstairs with a sheepish grin on his face, ready to apologize for coming unannounced. Instead, you were shocked to see his face mirroring your angered expression.

“Why were you with him?” Jimin growled as he advanced towards you. You scoffed at his behavior. This is how he was going to greet you after his tour?

“Last time I checked, I didn’t have to report anything to you,” you snarled in return, watching the pain flash across Jimin’s face. Guilt bubbled up within you but you were too angry to be stopped.

“You’re quick to move on, aren’t you? I saw the articles, I just didn’t think it was true.” A mix of emotions filled you. Jimin was jealous because of Jinyoung’s presence and yet never made time for you.

“That’s just rich coming from you, Jimin. Do you know how many times articles about you and another girl would be released? You never even tried to clear up the misunderstanding with me- when I was your girlfriend- and you expect me to do it for you? We’re not together anymore,” you hissed, tears clouding your vision.

“I thought you would have trust in me! You obviously didn’t trust me if you were so easily swayed by a few articles done by people looking for money!” Once the words left his lips, a wave of realization crashed down on him. It was too late to take back those words.

“How can I have trust in someone who doesn’t give me anything to trust in? How do you trust someone who never tells you what’s going on? You never gave me anything to believe in! I was the one who had to smile through the promises you forgot!” You could feel your face heating up as you finished with, “You can’t trust someone who doesn’t show their love for you.”

Silence filled the room. Jimin looked stunned, mouth hanging helplessly open. He hadn’t wanted this to happen. He had came in hopes of patching things up, but everything flew out the window once he saw who had driven you home.
The thought of you with another guy killed him and he couldn’t contain the anger towards you for leaving him behind so easily. But watching you now, pain so raw and tears streaming down your face, he was sure this killed him more.

‘Maybe it’s best I just leave her alone…’ Jimin wondered, angry at himself for letting it get this far. ‘If only I had just loved her the way she deserved… This would never have happened.’

“You’re right, I don’t know what I was expecting coming here. I’m sorry, I’ll leave you alone.” Jimin made his way past you, gathering all of his things to leave. He stopped at the door, sparing you a glance. “Good bye, Y/N.”

The door slammed shut and you crumpled to the ground. Why did he have this effect on you? Why did he always leave this hollow feeling?

Jinyoung glanced over at you for the millionth time. You were spaced out, slouched against the mirror- not even noticing the small slip up he had made. You always cracked down on mistakes, no matter how small, to prepare the group for their performances.

The song came to an end, and you still hadn’t spoken a word. Mark moved over to Jinyoung, eyes shifting from Y/N to Jinyoung.

“Hey man, did something happen? Y/N doesn’t look so good,” Mark muttered, the rest of GOT7 crowding in.

“I don’t know, she seemed a little off yesterday, but not this bad. I’ll try talking to her.” The rest of the members backed off, giving Jinyoung and Y/N some privacy.

“Y/N, you okay? The song ended already,” Jinyoung chuckled nervously, taking a seat beside you. You jolted out of your trance, finally noticing what was going on.

“Oh shoot, sorry guys. Uh, I guess you’re done for today,” you mumbled, turning to Jinyoung. “I’m fine, just a little tired.” The other members awkwardly looked at each other, deciding that it was better to leave. They all exited, leaving just Jinyoung and you.

“Come on, Y/N. If you’re fine, let’s go out,” Jinyoung smiled, lightly nudging you. He hated seeing you so broken and worn down. You never let anything get to you, always brushing off the negativity. And yet here you were, completely broken and empty.

“I don’t know, Jinyoung. I’m not feeling too well,” you complained. The last thing you wanted was to drag Jinyoung’s mood down. He shook his head at you.

“Don’t worry, let me help you feel better. Just let me take you out, I swear it’ll make you feel better.” Jinyoung got up, helping you to your feet too. You sighed- what you wanted most was to stay at home, blocking out the rest of the world. “Just trust me, okay?”

“Fine, I trust you.”

Of all the things you expected Jinyoung to do, you didn’t picture your date taking place at a cafe. Jinyoung always brought you to such interesting places that you’ve never even seen that you assumed this date would also be as spectacular.

“Uh Jinyoung, are you sure this is the right place?” you asked, evaluating the cafe. It didn’t look too special- all the drinks seemed to be normal, the atmosphere the same as others. There was no special spark to the place. The whole place was dead, just Jinyoung and you there.

“Of course, didn’t I tell you to trust me?” he teased, earning some grumbles from you. Not that you minded the choice of location- you preferred casual places anyways.

Jinyoung waved over one of the servers, whispering something to her. You silently eyed how close he was to her and how her cheeks were tinted pink. Anyone would blush at the sight of Jinyoung. He was handsome and young, paired with a killer smile.

The server left to retrieve something and Jinyoung seemed to notice your tense expression. His eyebrows scrunched together in concern, but the smirk playing on his lips told you otherwise. He was totally playing around with you. You scowled at him in return, letting your attention rest on the window instead.

Finally the server returned, a different menu in hand than the others you saw at the tables. After casting a lingering gaze towards Jinyoung, the server left and Jinyoung leaned forward. “Take a look at the menu, I guarantee you’ll like the selections.” You rolled your eyes, picking up the menu anyways. You expected the same selection as the other menus but this one was completely different.

“’Ruff Day’? What kind of drink is that?” you laughed, cracking the first smile Jinyoung had seen all day. He chuckled along with you, daring you to order it. Thinking that it’d just be a latte with dog foam art on top, you definitely were shocked when your order came out.

A white Pomeranian dog came racing out of another room, straight towards you. One of the servers trailed behind the dog, setting down the drink you had assumed was coming out. Jinyoung couldn’t help but laugh at your shell-shocked expression.

“You know you can play with him right?” Jinyoung pointed out, watching as you practically leaped out of your seat to play with the dog. He just sat back and enjoyed witnessing you trying to win over the dog. It didn’t take long before you pulled him into playing with the dog and you both tried to gain the dog’s favor.

You two must have spent hours in the cafe- leaving once the sun started its descent. Both of you had been giggling while recalling moments in the cafe during the ride home- letting you momentarily forget about Jimin.

“You were right,” you confessed, Jinyoung giving you a confused stare. “I do feel a lot better, thanks Jinyoung.” He grinned at you, reaching over to pinch your cheek.

“Aw, Y/N is actually praising me,” he cooed, earning a heated glare from you.

The car pulled up to your apartment, and Jinyoung stopped you before you could leave. “Actually, I need to tell you something,” Jinyoung mumbled, cheeks heating up. You quirked an eyebrow, but nodded your head for him to continue.

“I know this seems kind of sudden, but after spending all this time with you, I know that what I’m feeling isn’t some sudden feeling that will fade. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt it for a long time, just never acknowledging it in fear of rejection,” Jinyoung started, feeling nervous under your piercing gaze. “What I’m trying to say is that I want those rumors to become a reality. I like you, Y/N.”

Your heart skipped a beat at his confession and you were sure your cheeks were a blazing red. You couldn’t honestly say that you weren’t expecting something like this, but you always second-guessed yourself. Jinyoung was way out of your league, so why did he even want to date you?

“Uh…” you trailed off, trying to think of something to reply with. You wanted to say ‘yes’, but your heart still held onto Jimin. You didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good relationship because you couldn’t let go of Jimin.

“You don’t have to answer now- I know it’s sudden. Just consider me as an option, okay?” Jinyoung finished meekly, suddenly becoming shy. You smiled at him, before leaning over and pecking him on the cheek.

“Just give me a little time and I’ll give you my answer. Good night, Jinyoung.” You quickly got out of the car, not stopping to watch his reaction. It was the first time that you initiated a kiss, even though it was only on the cheek.

With your door firmly closed, you realized the upcoming decision you would have to make. You had to choose between Jimin and Jinyoung. The smart decision would be Jinyoung- he was caring, attentive and thoughtful. You had no doubt he would be sure to make time for you constantly. But Jimin was someone you had loved for over three years. He would not be easy to forget at all and you knew that somewhere in your heart you still loved him.

You groaned in frustration, leaning against the door. Two boys that held a special part in your heart, but only one could remain.

‘What do I do now?’

NYE is drawing near, signaling the end of holiday revelry and the beginning of reflection of things we’d like to improve in 2015. Organization is often high on that list. 

Check out this simple DIY project that can be customized as storage for so much more than shoes. Add a coat of stain or a pop of fun paint and this can be a worthy addition to your New Years project list.

Get the instructions.