shoe saver

After over a year of finding random pieces at garage sales and thrift stores, I ALMOST have a complete Nefera!


My Cole cosplay :D 

Pics were taken by Kat McCabe photography at UBCon :D But I also just wore him to Pax East :D

I’m so dang proud of this thing- from the helmet to the pants to the shirt *,*

From top to bottom:

The hat was a joint effort between myself, my sister and my father. My sister created a copper wire frame for the helmet and did the initial layer of worbla on it. My father spackled over that and sanded it about 10000 times, and did the paint job. I did the brim and twiddly bits on the hat. The brim is 2 pieces of upholstery pleather glued together with fabric glue after being drowned in probably ineffective fabric stiffener, with the edges painted brown. Twiddly bits are worbla, buttons I found on etsy and leather strips.

The Shirt was all me. Found the perfect fabric at savers one day, and bought it. Entirely handsewn, took me forever

The Shoulder pad is also all me, it’s hand quilted pleather with gray cord sewn down along the quilting bits and gray leather glued down around the edges. I hand sewed in some entirely aesthetic lines in tan all around it. It’s held on with velcro and frankly was the most annoying part of this outfit.

Belts: over ones found on ebay/savers, I hand quilted pleather and it likes to cook my belly.

Gloves hand sewn by me, using a slightly different green fabric than the green for the shirt that I had lying around. It is actually more time consuming ot make shitty hobo gloves than it is to make nice gloves. go figure.

Pants are made by me out of stretch dance pleather based on a mini-tutorial by the keepers thief cosplay. Each leg has about 90 strips of pleather criss crossing down, i still have to do the side strappies.

and obviously I bought my shoes at savers. lol.

Im gonna be making the daggers over the summer :)

literal-ghost  asked:

I worked for a Savers/Unique thrift store for about a month (in shoes) and some of the shit people would donate was wild. Sometimes you would get like-new designer shoes and crazy cowboy boots, other times you would get some overstock of like 30 pairs of weird costume shoes, other times still you would get shoes that had holes in them and the soles worn out and it smelled like someone's dog pissed on them.

I love the variety of shoes at my local Savers.  There’s always oddly specific bedroom shoes, custom keds, and weird boots that someone probably wore once and threw out.