shoe obsessed

Draco with a shoe obsession headcanon

Okay but lowkey doesn’t Draco strike you as the kind of guy to have the most fashionable shoes of the century? And not just a couple of high class expensive pairs that he busted money on. He’s got tons. And no one at school reeeallyy saw them because their robes always went to their feet, and seeing the tips of his shoes probably didn’t cause much attention.

But when he went plain and regular and showing off those different kinds of shoes, people just kinda went daaamn

Think about it, his school trunk was FILLED to the brim with pairs, and of course he had his own shrunken pocket armoire for his designer clothes don’t worry, but a TRUNK packed with shoes. So much so that he probably stored some under his bed as well.

He’s got everything, oxfords, brogues, calves, even sneakers that are ‘In’ in the muggle world. Brands that half of the people in the world would have to sell their house to afford, shit like that, in every colour that’s reasonable. He’s got it all.

So imagine Draco just kind of sitting on the edge of his bed, shining his shoes after a day of use, or on his knees trying to organize them under his bed or in his trunk, or sending an order by owl for another pair and his roommates groaning when the owl and box come im because their room is COVERED in shoes that they’re not even allowed to touch.

Draco with a shoe obsession gives me life.

The License Job

Hardison and Parker don’t get married. Well, not in the usual sense of the word. Like everything they do, it is slightly illegal and highly unusual.

Hardison asked. He took her night repelling at the Eiffel Tower and popped the question (with a stolen ring of course, because he pays attention.) She said yes while trying to untangle Hardison from his ropes.

Parker had already watched Sophie planning her wedding and decided that it was like Sophie’s obsession with shoes; fine for other people but not something she could understand or wanted to do herself. Uninterested in planning a wedding of her own, Parker stole one. Well, technically it wasn’t a wedding. She stole a marriage license from a mark. From Hardison’s research before the job she knew the mark was getting a divorce anyway, so she figured he didn’t need it anyway.

She handed Hardison the data she retrieved from the office.

“You know how you asked me to marry you? Well, I got us a marriage license. That makes us married, right?” She handed him the license and he choked on his orange soda.

Hardison had Parker call Nate and Sophie. He was glad, if a little disoriented, to be so suddenly married but he definitely didn’t want to be the one to break it to Sophie that she wouldn't be able to help plan the wedding. He also hacked the county records to make it, well, legal wasn’t exactly the right word, but semi-official at least.

Nate and Sophie flew in for a very impromptu reception which consisted of just the five of them and a cake Eliot made.

From that point on they were married. Sure, it wasn’t technically legally binding, but neither of them held to the letter of the law anyway so that didn’t matter. And sure, their marriage license didn’t have their names on it, but neither did their driver’s licenses so neither of them were inclined to quibble over that particular detail.

For their honeymoon they planned and carried out a heist to steal themselves wedding rings.