shoe mobile

shoes are basically a mobility aid for abled people, isn’t it?

like you all would struggle to walk outside without em, it’d be painful and really inconvenient… but some you all could in theory do it too?

but it’s just so messy and painful that you don’t.. so your mobility is affected by whether or not you wear shoes..

and tbh, i wish we all would just look at other stuff the same way too.. like, many CAN do so and so.. it’d just be slow, painful, and inconvenient..

and with disabled people you don’t get asked “why are you unnecessarily straining your body?” but an abled person would get told “be careful, you might step on something sharp”.

you all’s easily pierced skin, is basically like my fragile joints and bones.. they can easily get hurt and leave you in pain… but you all feel more justified in defending that than you feel i should be justified, and it’s literally only difference is that abled is the norm, so therefore shoes are too.

like we can easily imagine a world where some humans are like hobbits in lotr, with really rough feet where they don’t need shoes.. and to them, our fragile little feet that can’t bear walking over gravel, would be viewed as a disability, wouldn’t it?

I hate having to use my opposite hand to walk with my cane sometimes (if the hand I normally use is full or injured).

I feel so clunky and clumsy and I end up thinking:

“Oh god, people are watching how bad I am this. Look at her, she can’t even use the cane right!”

It makes me SUPER aware of my steps too, like:

 “LEFT FOOT…..okay now, RIGHT FOOT”. 

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Starting out with the intention of becoming reacquainted with my self-portraiteur and accidentally ending up taking outfit photos; which I have rarely ever done.

Getting to know my body as it is now… More disabled and much smaller than before, I feel like a stranger some days. Simultaneously learning to shed shame and embarrassment of doing things that make people stare. Even when I appeared fully able-bodied I struggled with this. Far too much scrutiny on the individual, at the same time, much of it is self inflicted.

Addy/sheps doodle bc I’m bored and got nothing to do besides waiting

Had to do it In pastel colors because the Internet went out and I didn’t had the ref sheets so instead of fucking up and guessing the colors wrong I improvised
(And yes I’m still drawing shit with a tablet)

Dangan Thieves AU: Mikan Tsumiki

YO *Fits head through a hole on the door*

Ever since the second fan made submission to the AU belonging to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl I’ve been thinking about Mikan

So here, take itttt


Mikan Tsumiki, the ultimate nurse from Hope Peak’s Academy, she sees her existence as a nuisance to others and will do anything for people to like her, but can we trust her after being under brainwash for a while?

Arcana: The lovers ~“My beloved forgave my existence and I gave her my heart, but she didn’t want it, nor gave me hers” Those were her words after breaking free from brainwash, we need to make her see she is just as worth as anybody else

Codename: Heartbeat

Outfit: She uses her hair tied on a low and messy ponytail with a monochrome broken hairtie and a nurse hat with a cross and the same heart, she also uses a lab coat that resembles the one from her remnant of despair counterpart but it opens up at the waist and extends to her ankles, the buttons are Crosses and she wears a tight purple skirt under, she also has a medical mask and her usual bandages alongside high socks that have cross patterns on the sides and nurse shoes (Thanks mobile for not letting me add pics)

Mask: A regular mask that is shaped like two horizontal hearts, a black one and a white one with a break between them

Persona: Aceso, the Greek deity of the healing process

Skillset: strong healing and buffs, her very last ability grants her finding an enemie’s weakness but stuns her until her next turn, good gun damage that stacks weaknesses on enemies if they’ve been found yet but weak against curse and charm

Initial weapons:
Melee: A medical bonesaw
Ranged: An SMG that uses syringes as ammo

All-Out attack card: It’d be fairly similar to the one she had at sdr2’s intro theme with the words “I’m sorry” written on cursive (Haha all doctors write badly whatever)

Persona awakening scene

After being an obstacle for an entire dungeon, the gang finally makes her see what true love and friendship really is

Mikan: My beloved forgave my existence and I gave her my heart, but she didn’t want it… Nor she have me hers in return… She didn’t care about me… I-I… *Breaks down crying until the Persona Heartbeat™ happens*

Aceso: Poor innocent child, you were tricked with the heart into obeying a force of evil, now you are left behind, broken, wounded, but it’s not your fault, you should know the very act of existing should be cherished

Mikan: I-I’m not a burden… True friends w-will like me for who I am and not f-for what I can do…

Aceso: Just like many others, you need to learn and you need to heal, I will assist you along the way, I am thou, thou art I, the contact is sealed for the sake of helping yourself and helping others, at the end of the path, you and the ill will be healed entirely

Mikan: I don’t need forgiveness for what is not my fault, the past broke us all in pieces and we need to learn, heal and be better for the future, p-please help me Aceso!



“A-Are you alright? It wasn’t very tough but still…”

“We need to take some care after all of that, we should go to the safe room”

“I-I think I’m getting better at this…!” (Level up)

“I can be very useful n-now!” (Skill up)

“I wonder what’s in the chest… Make sure to use protection opening it!”

“I’m worried… W-We’ve been here for a long time n-now”

“A-Ace, I t-think we need a break so I can check up on everyone”

“P-Please let’s think about this first! It seems very dangerous”

ENDURE: I-It’s fine, I’ve had it worse than this…

PROTECT: S-See? I can be very useful as a shield!

BATON PASS: Yes! I-I’ll do anything you want me to do

LOW HEALTH: I’m sorry! Please forgive me!

GETTING HEALED: Th-This is embarrassing hehe

PHYSICAL ATTACKS: Sorry, we’ll have to amputate

HEALING SOMEONE: There you go! / I’ll patch you up! / Lots of shots!

PERSONA: I need you Aceso! … I-If it’s not trouble for you…

FOLLOW UP: I’ll provide medical assistance!

COVER FIRE: P-Please be more careful

GIVING BUFFS: Let m-me help with this

ATTACKING: D-Don’t be angry, just leave us alone…

ATTACK MISSES: *hic* I can’t even d-do one *hic* thing right, I’m *hic* sorryy…

COULDN’T FINISH OFF ENEMY: A-AHH! I tripped over I’m sorry…

FAINTING: The… Despair…

GETTING RESURRECTED: T-Thank you! It was dark and cold like space…

Burn: AH…! I’m burning just like my heart used to

Cold: I-I hope I don’t catch a c-cold or frostbite *achoo*

Shock and Paralyze: P-Please forgive me for not moving! / Th-This brings unpleasant memories…

Confusion: HUH? huh, huh, huh, huh, huuuuuuuhhhh…?

Rage: Forgive me already! If you don’t I’ll cut you open and make you watch!

Despair: M-My beloved… I miss my beloved so much…

Dizzy: Ngh… My ears’ balance fluid…

Brainwash: ah… hahaha… ahahaha…

Forget: … W-What?

Hunger: T-This is bad, I need nutrients to burn into energy…

Sleep: zzz… Ngh don’t move… Zzz

Silence: …

Mouse: …


Mementos chats

“This might sound presumptuous but you’re getting better at driving… Slowly”

“Mm… Sometimes seeing my bonesaw reminds me of bad times…”

“This place looks very dark and scary… Well at least I’ve been in worse”

“Weaknesses are a little complicated… But she taught me how important it is to find them and exploit them…”

Hajime: Say Mikan, what do you like the most about being a Dangan Thief?“
Mikan: … Being with all of you

Chiaki: I like your weapons Heartbeat! Are they referencing Mister Ludwig and Miss Valentine?
Mikan: W-Who…? Umm… I-I mean yes! I-I’m referencing a-anything you like Bonnie!

Fuyuhiko: Yo, Mikan, how sick do you have to be to kill someone so painfully? I mean, stabbed endlessly by small syringes is some next level shit
Mikan: I-I learned that on top of being painful when mishandled, many fear syringes and sometimes it’s good to exploit fear and pain to your advantage…

Mikan: I-I’m so sorry for what I did before joining y-you… I-I’m surprised you *hic* even trust m-mee… *hic*
Chiaki: No matter what you or anyone does Mikan, we’ll always believe in each other, especially me

~Bonus dialogue, choosing a codename

Hajime: So, what should we call Mikan? She needs a codename to be a Dangan Thief

Mikan: ummm, I still can’t b-believe you’re taking me in…

Nagito: How about nurse? It’s her talent from Hope’s Peak after all

Hajime: No, it’s too literal

Chiaki: How about psycho nurse?

Fuyuhiko: Can we not? Look, she’s got that heart theme all over her costume and all of that so we should start there

Nagito: Heart, heartbreak?

Hajime: Again, too literal

Fuyuhiko: Maybe pulse?

Chiaki: Hey Mikan, is there a medical them for a heart disease that would make a good codename?

Mikan: W-Well, arrythmia is a term used to describe an irregularly fast heartbeat that could kill you a-and when you’re in love or in shock your heart starts going really fast too

Chiaki: No, it’s too complicated… I guess medical terms are too difficult

Hajime: *Clearly after solving a sdr2 minigame* How about heartbeat? It’s not too complicated and it fits your style and what happened to you

Mikan: A-Ah! Yes I like it, t-thank you very much Hajime!

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/slides into your inbox/ I think that fic you were talking about is Chasing the Trail by Ishte over on FFN! (and if it's not then you should check it out anyway cause it's hella rad)

Oh, no I was talking about Transient by Glass Shoe! (I’m on mobile so sorry I can’t link it!! ahsksksjej) I remember it being really good but I haven’t read it in years, still totes recommend it from what I remember. But thank you!!!! I’ll definitely check that fic out!! I’m always on the lookout for new fics to read. Seriously, someone needs to stop me

(oh lord don’t eat this)

wicked au. because….I honestly…don’t know. I’m pretty sure there was a great reason when I first sketched it out…

(no but can we talk about phone guy in the pink dress)


–This is beautiful


It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was Richard’s retirement party. Everything was supposed to go smooth and yet she found herself sitting on the cold floor in some stupid supply closet. With a sigh she started to analyze everything from the moment she entered the hospital.

She promised to meet her family at the party as she promised Richard who was a grandfather to her she would dance for him. With the costume in her hand she went to locker room to change from her casual clothes. After few minutes she was ready, knee length black tulle skirt with black shirt and red pointe shoes with her mobile in hand she went through familiar corridors until she was pulled into the supply closet. At first she thought it was one of her sisters making a joke on her but when she saw a face of nurse and words silver code leaving her lips before she left a teenager alone. Scarlett closed the door and tried to reach her family, thankfully both of her sisters were ok and hoped her parents were as well. 

After sometime she decided to move somewhere else as being alone in small room only intensified the fear. Quietly she opened the door and listened for any kind of sound before deciding to move on. Walking calmly and quietly she hoped at nurse desk she would find some charger or power bank as her phone was slowly dying and she wanted to stay in touch with her family. Thankfully she found a charger in one of the drawers at nurse station. With the thropy she started to move only to bumped into someone.

Scarlett closed her eyes, breath got caught in her chest afraid she met the stranger with the gun but when she didn’t hear anything she slowly open eyes to see somehow familiar face of the Torres-Robbins girl. “Emily?” she whispered surprised to see the girl who she recognized from years ago. 

The Tiniest Sherlocks: Bacteria on Shoes Could Help Forensic Teams Catch Suspects

by Stefano Vanin, The Conversation

Prospective criminals should take note: bacteria are everywhere. A small pilot study has shown that the germs on personal belongings such as shoes and mobile phones are actually a useful way of tracing a person’s whereabouts – something that may prove useful in forensic investigations.

Microorganisms like bacteria are small, diverse and often specific to certain environments, organisms or individuals. This is also what makes them excellent as a forensic tool. In fact, like DNA and fingerprints, a suspect can unknowingly leave microbes behind on a crime scene or victim, providing useful information about the identity or origin of the suspect for forensic scientists. One day, such microbial signatures of individuals may prove as important as DNA or fingerprints, although a lot more research is needed to get there.

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