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Starting out with the intention of becoming reacquainted with my self-portraiteur and accidentally ending up taking outfit photos; which I have rarely ever done.

Getting to know my body as it is now… More disabled and much smaller than before, I feel like a stranger some days. Simultaneously learning to shed shame and embarrassment of doing things that make people stare. Even when I appeared fully able-bodied I struggled with this. Far too much scrutiny on the individual, at the same time, much of it is self inflicted.

The Tiniest Sherlocks: Bacteria on Shoes Could Help Forensic Teams Catch Suspects

by Stefano Vanin, The Conversation

Prospective criminals should take note: bacteria are everywhere. A small pilot study has shown that the germs on personal belongings such as shoes and mobile phones are actually a useful way of tracing a person’s whereabouts – something that may prove useful in forensic investigations.

Microorganisms like bacteria are small, diverse and often specific to certain environments, organisms or individuals. This is also what makes them excellent as a forensic tool. In fact, like DNA and fingerprints, a suspect can unknowingly leave microbes behind on a crime scene or victim, providing useful information about the identity or origin of the suspect for forensic scientists. One day, such microbial signatures of individuals may prove as important as DNA or fingerprints, although a lot more research is needed to get there.

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unrefugees @diannaagron - “This is the main shopping street in Zaatari refugee camp – the Champs Elysees! All the shops here are run by Syrian refugees themselves. In total, throughout the camp there are actually over 3,000 shops. It’s an incredible number and I was so impressed by the huge variety of goods and services on offer and how representative this was of the amazing entrepreneurial spirit of the Syrians. There are bakeries, and backlava shops, wedding dresses for hire, grocery stores, bicycle repair shops, falafel stores, shoe shops, clothes shops, mobile phone shops. The street is bustling – a real hive of activity. It could not be further from what I imagined a refugee camp to look like”
Photo: UNHCR/ @jordi.matas Text: @diannaagron ——————————————
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