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Blanket Forts // 1403 words
Isak seeks a cure for his Sunday boredom, and Even has just the thing: Blanket Forts
♡Written in collaboration with the lovely @noora-amalies

Isak sits, laptop on his bed, leaning forward. His room is cold, he notices, and he’s growing more and more bored by the minute. Sundays were quite slow lately, but Isak felt he had been bothering Even a lot and didn’t care to bore him with his own boredom. He still wondered what Even was doing and decided whatever it was must be more fun than scrolling Facebook for hours on end like he had been doing. The day seemed to trudge along slowly. Isak could hear Eskild coming and going and even envied Eskild a bit. The boredom began to eat away at his brain, and finally, he caved. 
“Are you bored? Eskild left, you should come over.” Send. The text seemed to hang in the cyberspace of time before finally sending. Isak, tossing his phone aside, sighed and rubbed his eyes. What time was it?
Isak stared down at his phone. Even must have been bored too, Isak thought as he swiped the phone from his bed. 
“Open your door!” Isak looked at the phone, puzzled, squinting cluelessly before standing to go to the door. Surely enough, as he opened the door, Even stood, to Isak’s surprise, with a mound of blankets in his hands. 
“Halla.” Even said pushing himself forward. What the hell? Isak followed Even’s movements with his gaze as Even stomped inside clumsily dropping the blankets at Isak’s door. 
“Are you just going to stand there?” Even said raising his eyebrows.
Isak eyes the blankets with a questioning look in his eyes and Even lifts his eyebrows in response. 
“What are the blankets for?” Isak asks curiously watching Even’s expression brighten as a smile that crinkles his eyes spreads across his face.
“We’re making forts!” Even says enthusiastically as he looks around for a perfect spot to begin stopping only when he sees that Isak is still looking at him by the door with the same confused look in his eyes.
“With blankets? Is that even a thing, Even?”
Even laughs and walks over to Isak to ruffle his hair, “Yes, as a matter of fact it is!”, he says he he looks down to see Isak narrowing his eyes and laughs once more.
“How will it even work? The blankets will fall and it’ll be ruined in like two seconds.”
“Nonsense! That’s what other objects are for!”
Even then hurriedly grabs a lamp, shoes, an empty plate, a glass of water and several pillows afterward he goes to work. Isak slowly walks towards him with his head cocked slightly to one side as he watches Even work.
“So, what do I do?” Isak asks as he reaches to grab the empty plate. Even shakes his head.
“You will lay underneath as I build but first you need to grab more pillows” Even says and points to Isak’s bedroom. Isak rolls his eyes in the most loving way possible. Isak quickly heads to his room and grabs his two pillows that have become a shared possesion between the two of them then heads to Eskild’s to grab another two pillows that were discarded onto the floor followed by Linn’s room which had too many pillows to count. Arms full, Isak heads back to Even trying to be as careful as he can to not run into any walls seeing that the pillows were blocking his vision.

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a short film by a colleague and friend Tomasz Fabianski 

I think of how very mature you were; what devotion and–forgive me if I say it now–selflessness you brought to our love, how graciously you used to walk into my life which offered you nothing but a single room without plumbing, evenings with cold tea, a few wilting flowers, a dog that was always playfully gnawing at your shoes, and a paraffin lamp.

I think about these things and smile condescendingly when people speak to me of morality, of law, of tradition, of obligation…Or when they discard all tenderness and sentiment and, shaking their fists, proclaim this the age of toughness. I smile and I think that one human being must always be discovering another–through love. And that this is the most important thing on earth, and the most lasting.

—  Tadeusz Boriwski, Auschwitz, Our Home (A Letter)
What’s this? MORE FAHC Headcannons you didn’t want or need?!

I’m on a roll, gotta make up for lost time I suppose

Yenno we don’t know enough about Geoff’s old gang, let’s fix that

- Let’s talk about Gus

- Intelligent, resilient, good with money, he is the keeper of everything The Rooster’s bring in

- Is absolute garbage in a fight, he won an arm wrestling match against Gavin like one time and hasn’t shut up about it since

- It’s been seven years Gus let it go

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Cute Things That The Signs Do, As Demonstrated by My Friends
  • Aries: repeats the same thing over again until it's part of their personality and becomes endearing actually ?? "it's lit" "you're lit" "this game is lit" "my new shoes are lit" "that lamp is lit"
  • Taurus: big belly laughs!!
  • Gemini: h u g e h a n d g e s t u r e s !!
  • Cancer: endless support and hugs omfg
  • Leo: the best stories e v e r and they just talk and talk with passion
  • Virgo: *inhales* *exhales rapidly* "WELL"
  • Libra: that walk where they swing their hips slightly and it's so pretty and it makes them 10 times more attractive what
  • Scorpio: big smiles !! despite the stereotypes
  • Sagittarius: wild hair flipping (but their hair is always wild)
  • Capricorn: funky matched clothes patterns when they're tired (which is always??) but they make it roCK
  • Aquarius: m e m e s to solve problems
  • Pisces: repeats what you say but jokingly "you're disgusting" "no, you're disgusting!!" *winks and blows kiss*
Chained To Master (Pt. 1)

Pairings: Hongbin/OC, N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hyuk / OC

Warnings: (Holy sh*t a lot of warnings) Smut, Bondage, Blood, Character death, Violence, just don’t read it when you can’t handle this kind of stuff haha

Summary: Hongbin is in a difficult situation in his life but is willing to give it to strangers in return for everything he wants. 

A/N: So VIXX’s Chained up definitely did things to me… also first time uploading a story with smut so let’s see how this one ends…

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