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Tae as your bf;
  • okay but first of all
  • he’d be the cutest boyfriend ever like
  • so caring and lovely and touchy
  • yes touchy
  • pda would be a must as much as skinship in general
  • he won’t care who’s around, if he wants to kiss you, hold you; hug you
  • he would most definitely
  • expensive boi means expensive gifts
  • even tho you would basically beg him to stop buying you stuff
  • he would never listen to you and would spoil you
  • gucci matching shoes/jewels how cute
  • I think his fave skinship would be hand holding or back hugs
  • because he would love the way your hand fits in his
  • he would also love toying with your hand like 
  • “omg your hand is so small ! that’s so cute!”
  • or so horny whoops
  • okay but just imagine waking up next to him
  • the first thing you’d see is his beautiful sleepy smile
  • “good morning beautiful” 
  • with that raspy morning voiceeeeeeee
  • he would love restaurants dates
  • just because he would be able to feed you
  • ALSO
  • sometimes he would randomly stare at you and just smile
  • thinking about how lucky he is to have you
  • when he would feel comfortable enough with you
  • and that you would have been together for a long time
  • he’d have THE talk with you
  • “Baby you know that I want 4 kids ?”
  • and then you’d both just imagine your future together 
  • in a huge house with a lot of kids and a dog 
  • rough
  • with lots of grunts and biting and panting
  • probably a bit of dirty talk
  • he’d always be up to take you here and there and try new things
  • he would always turn into the most caring human being once you’re done
  • like cleaning you up
  • kissing you gently
  • bringing you food if you were hungry
  • or just hugging you to sleep
  • he’d love seeing you wearing his Tshirt/shirt, that are way too big for you
  • he’d talk about you a lot to the members
  • he would also love to send you cute pics of him like
  • extra close ups and DERPS
  • whenever he’d have to cancel the plans he had with you because of work
  • he would always make sure to buy you flowers and write you a cute note explaining everything and how he would make it up to you
  • srsly Taehyung would be such a sweetheart and a gentleman
  • and he would do anything to make you smile and happy all the time

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Zelda's Log: Love, Present Tense (NSFW)

Yesterday was the birthday of my dear friend @haunted-realm . I wrote this for her, and she allowed me to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as her.

This is after the prologue I posted before.

‘Sleep with me, please’.

Zelda’s words made him pale as if some unknown foe had drained his life force away from him.

‘What are you thinking?’, Zelda asked, starting to blush, ‘I just don’t want to sleep alone’.

‘No- nothing!’, he exclaimed - something pretty unusual for him - stepping backwards, as if preparing to be scolded by her. ‘I’ll let you get changed. I’m doing the same, then we can discuss the arrangements’.

He walked down the stairs, stiff as a stick, not even trying to look at her.

Zelda used this to quickly discard her old white dress - that needed serious mending - along with her jewels and shoes, and put on the simple embroidered cotton nightie Link had left on the desk chair for her.

‘Link, I’m ready’, she said, leaning on the railing of the mezzanine, ‘co…’

Her eyes settled on his naked back.

That scar. She remembered it very well. The very thought of it gave her a pang in her heart.

‘…me up’.

He jolted, turning to her, and pulling the shirt of his pajamas down his back. His expression was as if she had really upset him.

‘I’m sorry’, she apologized, rushing down the stairs to meet him, ‘I didn’t mean to’.

He nodded, accepting her apology, but downcast nonetheless.

They got in the small bed, Zelda on the side facing the wall, Link on the outer face, their backs almost touching. They remained in silence, not even trying to fall asleep trying to forget the uncomfortable moment.

The moonlight sieved through the window, covering all in a soft bluish light.

‘I am not proud of that scar’, he started, ‘It reminds me I should have protected you, and I failed you’.

‘We both failed’, she emphasized, turning to him, embracing him, ‘But we overcame. You should take your own advice, you know? Stop feeling guilty, be less hard on yourself’.

He nodded, and hummed affirmatively.

‘Don’t forget I care about you’ - she patted his head - ‘You can trust me’.

‘I know you do’, he answered her, turning to face her. ‘I… heard the bard’s song…about what happened a hundred years ago’.

'What does it say?’, Zelda asked, not knowing well what he meant.

‘it says you…’ - he hesitated - ‘loved me’.

Zelda huffed, looking away.

'I have to make an amendment to that’, she smiled, 'it should be I love you, present tense…’ - she paused- ‘It’s alright if you don’t feel the same way’.

Link remained in silence, not realizing the redness on his face.

'I still can’t recall all of my memories, so I don’t know if I had feelings for you before, but’ - he held her hand - 'I do know one thing: I am in love with the girl from my memories, present tense’.

Zelda’s fingertips loosened from his grip to caress his cheek. In exchange, he held her palm and kissed it.

Their bodies melted into an embrace not only of affection, but also of comfort and solace. As their foreheads touched, their noses rubbed, making them smile.

Zelda initiated the kiss, soft and tender, to Link’s surprise. He reciprocated, more timidly.

Their kissing slowly escalated from chaste to open-mouthed kisses, mixed with nervous giggles, excited shivers and tighter embraces.

Hands started wandering away from comfort zones, stopping right before falling into improper grounds.

‘Can I…?’, they asked each other simultaneously, nodding to answer their common doubt.

They started getting acquainted with each other’s bodies, recognizing their differences and rejoicing in them.

Softness. Curves. Slopes. Roughness.Hardness. Tautness.

'Stop’. His voice called a halt, panting nervously. He sat on his side of the bed.

‘Why?’, Zelda asked, doing the same, 'it felt really good’.

'Because’ - Link paused to choose his words carefully - 'it makes me want to do things to you I am not sure you want’.

'Like letting you take me and make me yours?’, she asked, blushing at the words, ‘I’ve been pretty much wanting that since you saved me from the Yiga’.

'Oh, wow’, was his very eloquent answer.

'Let us do it, then’, she chuckled, taking off her nightie, and kissing him full on the lips.

He was perplexed at what was in front of him. 'You truly are a goddess incarnate’, he muttered.

She just smiled, and helped him undress, until both ended naked. They caressed each other in silence, shivering of sheer thrill, memorizing their bodies, kissing each other until their arousal was too much to bear.

He laid her down, spreading her legs enough to position himself.

‘Go ahead’, she instructed him with a smile.

He penetrated her body as slowly and gently as possible, but even that way she whimpered a little.

'Are you..?’, he almost whispered.

'I’m fine’, she panted, 'it hurts a little, but it feels good’.

Thrusts were slow, going in crescendo as both felt more comfortable and started enjoying themselves.

Her folds were warm, moist, and inviting; her body felt so good, so right. Every second inside her he felt closer to fade into her.

Her sweaty skin against his.

Her sweet whispers and soft moans in his ear.

Her thighs strongly wrapped around his hips.

Zelda then, unexpectedly, started panting and moaning wildly, her release taking over her, in a burst of pleasure that dragged Link along her, leaving him shivering from the same sensations as her.

'That…’ - he panted, with a hoarse voice - 'was incredible’.

She nodded, kissing him on the cheek, cuddling against him for a moment, to recover her breath.

'I call dibs on the big spoon’, she said, containing a yawn, and incorporating to grab the blankets to cover both of them.

'And I’m good with that’, he accommodated himself, turning on his side.

She wrapped her left arm around his torso, and he laced his fingers with hers. He mumbled a goodnight to her beloved, and swiftly fell asleep.

Before drifting away in slumber, she realized the scar on his back was inches away from her face.

She kissed it quickly before closing her eyes, and snuggled closer to the one she loves.

Dr. Frederick Chilton / All His.

OK; I dunno where this came from, but, *blows horn* Chilton Fluff ahead~

Originally posted by samofwinter

I tag @mrschiltoncat in nearly everything Chilton-y so, here darlin’. <3

The lock slipped, the door opened, and Frederick eagerly looked up from the book he had been adding annotations to. He’d been waiting; for the signal of your arrival. You slid in easily, offered a meek smirk upon noticing him on the sofa- where he almost always was after your long evenings at the firm.

An apology, one he’s heard so very often before: “Sorry I’m late, darling.” While surreptitiously slipping out of your heels, you used the nearby table to balance yourself, nearly tumbled over your own toes in your hurry to go flat-footed.

All he could do was smile, as he watched you loose those few extra inches of height you took with you to the office. “It’s never a problem,” he offered, sincerely, but of course he was sincere. No matter how many nights he had to wait for you to make it home- he’d assure you he didn’t mind.

No, not one bit. Having you home was worth every moment apart.

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