shoe harness


Shadow booty on fleek, fresh haircut, and I am feeling simply GORGEOUS, darlings. Skirt is from Forever 21, creepers from TUK. Shirt was gifted to me by @thebeardedladyy and I turned it into a tank top myself, and my harness is from The Gothic Stuff (LOL) online.

Shadow and Sonic are both equally fast naturally; however, their methods are different due to having to get past the issue high speed friction imposes. Sonic’s shoes were created by his Uncle Chuck made with a very high friction rubber material. Meanwhile, Professor Gerald developed Shadow’s shoes differently; harnessing the magnetic energy created from keeping his jet-shoes statically to the ground. Shadow can run normally too, without the jets, but has less friction.

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she's strong and silent with confidence in her stride and a thunder in her voice when she finally want to be heard. shoes click against a har floor and your heart pitter-patters as you hear her coming. a woman with beautiful hair, a long pony-tail. a woman who is sporty and wild but tame when you need her to be. a woman who neighs. she's a horse. you're going to fall in love with a horse.

“Zoophilia sounds like the way to go, partner!”