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Okay I have to go to work now, but that episode is slowly taking hold of me. I cannot believe how #married they are. Everything about them! Everything! All the little arguments, Ellie getting him to say sorry, the way the work so seamlessly together, Ellie turning up dramatically on his doorstep, Ellie liking his shitty tea, the way they communicate with one look, their fuckening matching shoes and clothes. I guarantee very soon that either someone will mistake them for a couple and they’ll do the awkward “oh no we’re not together,” or someone will roll their eyes at their shenanigans and say “get a room” leading to indignant protests and rampant blushing. I can’t take this. 

“Please allow yourself to grow, start anew. Why are you holding yourself back, my love? Is this not what you wanted? A new start, a new beginning? The world is in your court, and you can open any door you choose. All you need to do is take that first step. Every journey starts off with one foot forward. Please, find yourself, and make that leap. Do something good for yourself this time. Don’t spend another 11:11 wish on me, but on yourself. You do not benefit from my growth, but my goodness do I crave to see you rise against all your demons. Stop hiding. Stop lying. Grow. Do something for yourself.

I know it may be scary, I have been in your shoes before. I guarantee you it gets easier as time goes. With the world in your palm, do not rest it on your shoulders. Do not allow this world to weigh you down. This is why it is so important to move forward and take control. Please, do that for me. Do that for yourself.

Please, just focus on yourself, and do not wait for anyone to catch up. Find your cause and commit to it. Do that for me, commit and succeed.

You can do this. ”

Title: New Moon in Taurus
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Deck Used: Shadowscape Tarot
Book Shown: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

Cuentos populares vocabulario #4

cuentos populares españoles - Spanische Volksmärchen - Spanish folklore

el herrero - der Schmied (die Schmiede) - blacksmith

el carbón - die Kohle - coal

el hierro - das Eisen - iron

el martillo - der Hammer (die Hämmer) - hammer

la herradura - das Hufeisen - horse shoe

concedido - gewährt - guaranteed/allowed

el demonio - der Teufel - devil

la hormiga - die Ameise - ant

el matrimonio - das Ehepaar - married couple

el pavo - die Pute - turkey

la gallina - die Henne - hen

el paseao - der Spaziergang - walk

el embustero - Betrüger - imposter

de los cuentos: el herrero y el diabolo / las tres gracias por dios

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my fave headcanon is that Deku wants to be big and mighty like All Might so he bought shoes wayyy too big for himself because he thought he would just grow into them but never quite did.

I had to write a story for this.

Inko browsed the aisle of shoes. Izuku, the little energetic four year old, bounced up and down looking at all the shoes. He was growing out of the ones he was currently wearing. The scuffed up soles and worn laces were a tell tell sign that it was time for a new pair. Izuku pointed excitedly at a pair. “I want those, mom!”

Inko looked at the bright red sneakers. She wondered what made him want such bright shoes. Izuku looked hopeful as Inko scanned the boxes for his size. Inko sighed. “I’m sorry Izuku it looks like they don’t have your size. They’re all too big for you.”

The boy’s lower lip trembled. “But, I wanted those.”

Inko scooped Izuku up in her arms as he began to cry. Izuku buried his head into her shoulder. “Don’t cry baby. It’ll be okay, we’ll find you some like them. Okay?”

Izuku shook his head. Inko thought about her options. She could check with a clerk to see if they had any in stock that were Izuku’s size. If that doesn’t work out they could always try another store. But what if the other stores don’t have those shoes? Inko let Izuku carry the shoe up to the clerk.

“My, my what do we have here? That’s a nice looking shoe you got there.” The old lady behind the counter beamed at them. “How can I help you?”

“We were looking for a pair of those shoes for him, but there weren’t any his size. I was wondering if you could check for a pair somewhere else.” Inko said, picking up the old sneaker Izuku had discarded in favor of the red one.

“See mom I can walk.” Izuku announced. His steps were shaky and he almost tripped over the laces, but Inko grabbed his hand.

The old woman began leading the way toward the back of the store. “I bet you saw those shoes on TV, didn’t you?”

“Uh huh!” Izuku answered. “All Might wore them!”

Inko shook her head with a laugh. She should’ve known it had something to do with All Might. The woman excused herself to look for the shoes. Izuku peeked through the crack in the door.

“Whoa! They have so many shoes mom!” Izuku was practically bouncing with excitement. They had to have his size.

All hope was dashed when the woman returned empty handed. She explained that they might have some more the next time they came around, but there were no guarantees. The shoes were selling quite fast.

Izuku was upset again. But he didn’t cry this time. “Mom! I can grow.” he said pointing to his feet. “One day I’ll be big and strong like All Might!”

“He sure is determined.” The old woman chuckled.

Inko relented after he gave her the puppy dog eyes and bought him a pair of the red shoes albeit one size too big.

A woven dress shoe is a great investment to have in your arsenal. When these shoes are worn, the woven detail is a subtle yet striking touch. Both the upper part and inside of this pair of shoes are made with full grain cow leather. The leather is really soft and can worn comfortably with or without socks. Similar to other pairs of shoes I own and depending on the occasion, this shoe can easily be dressed up or down. Since its now summer, I’ll be wearing these shoes more casually with dark denim and t-shirts. During the Fall, I’ll be wearing these shoes more formally and mixing them with earth tones. No matter when you choose to wear the Joel Derby dress shoe, I guarantee that you will be the best dressed in the crowd.

The Hangover - Supernatural Style Part 2

Here is part 2, slightly ahead of schedule. Enjoy! - Bella xxx


Part 1: The Cheery Chapel

Part 2: It’s a nice day for a drag wedding

Part 3: Lil Demon

Part 4: Cas, get off my ass!

“Oh come on, please?” Dean says for the umpteenth time.

“Dean we are not going to Dunkin Donuts.” You tell him again.

“The business card says we can get a free donut!” He protests, making a puppy dog face and looking over at you.

“Can we just go to the damn chapel and find out what happened first? Then we can go to Dunkin Donuts. Maybe.” You say reluctantly, making sure he heard the maybe at the end.

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will there probably be a bigger episode in the second half of the season that resolves this all then?

Yeah, I think it’s pretty much guaranteed another shoe is gonna drop in the back end of the season.

Photographer on Tumblr

hi. my name is kevin and i’m a hobbyist photographer living in orlando, florida. i work as a paralegal and spend most of my time shooting at night since i’m at my desk during the day. since most of my work is shot at night, most of the work deals with light, shadows, and contrast. i’ve been noted that my work has a cinematic feel where there are moments of quiet in suburbia. thus i started a photo blog titled "you forgot something" referencing the places and things in our everyday lives we tend to forget. 

this photo was taken down the street from my house as i was leaving a bookstore earlier this year. it’s also where i get my clothes dry cleaned, but they refuse to clean my shoes because they “cannot guarantee suede shoes." 

thanks for your time and i’ll see you around!


kevin yang

Thank you for telling us about your fascinating blog, Kevin!

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