shoe groupie


Aren’t they pretty? Fay D Flourite themed shoes from Super Groupies.
The overcoat is removable with an alternate strap in the box, for a more subdued look.
They are a size 25.5cm, or roughly a UK 7, however a 7 is usually big on me and boy do these not even come close to fitting me, I’d have to cut off at least two toes ;A; They are about the right length but incredibly narrow.
I do love them and was planning to display them as nice Tsubasa merch is few and far between, but I may end up selling them yet.

i rly want those awesome ygo themed shoes on super groupies but it seems like such an annoying hassle to either use a forwarding service or learn how to use the proxy ??? like i really want the shoes but that’s a lot of hassle lmao T__ TT