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I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform



Smoking Hot

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Warning: sexual implication

Request:  oh, sorry! is a conversation: “Motivate me to do homework” “Do all your homework and I’ll have sex with you”

Notes: I didn’t really use this very well but I hope you like it nonetheless

I hate smoking. I hate it with a burning passion. And I just found out my boyfriend Sirius Black loves to smoke.

“You smoke.” I whispered.

“Dammit how’d you find out?” Sirius asked.

“You smoke!” I exploded.

“Yes, and?” He asked.

“You know how I feel about smoking Sirius Black.” I said.

“Do I?” He questioned.

“I hate smoking!” I screamed.

“Oh Miss Goody Two Shoes hates smoking what a surprise!” Sirius bellowed.

“What did you just call me? This is what I can’t deal with this kind of bullying from you, you did it before we were dating and now you’re starting it again!” I screamed. I couldn’t deal with this again.

“Maybe there was a reason I did it before!” Sirius shouted.

“Are you joking?!” You just tried to make yourself feel better for verbally abusing me!” I screeched. “You made me so mad Sirius Black, you made me so upset!”

“Well then why did you agree to go out with me?” Sirius questioned.

“Because I had a massive crush on you! Did you want me to say no then?!” I squealed.

“Maybe I wish you did now!” Sirius screamed.

“Well. Maybe I should’ve said no then.” I whispered, before walking out of Sirius’ dorm. I passed James and Remus on the way.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” Remus asked.

“Why don’t you ask Sirius?” I mumbled before walking away.

I was a mess. An awful mess. Sirius and I had the same Patronus so we knew we were soulmates. But soulmates can change. And apparently ours had. “You look like crap.” Came a voice from beside me.

“Flattering, Potter.” I retorted.

“Sirius hasn’t come out of the dorm in three days go and talk to him.” James demanded.

“Did he tell you what he said to me?” I asked, lowly.

“No, of course not.” James said, like I was stupid.

“He told me that he now wishes that I said no to him when he asked me out. He wishes I wasn’t his soulmate James.” I said tears filling my eyes.

“Oh.” James said, shocked. “You know how Sirius is though Y/N.”

“I do. But this was a new low.” I said, the tears were now dripping down my face.

“I know. I do understand that. I do.” James said pulling me close in to his side.

“He tried to justify his bullying.” I said softly.

“What?” James asked.

“He tried to say that there was a reason he did it before.” I said.

“He’s an asshole.” James said. “He’s an asshole that you are eventually going to have to talk to. You know he does care, he is still in the dorm.”

“Should I go now?” I asked.

“Yes.” James said without hesitation.

“Okay.” I climbed the staircase in threes to get to the dorms. I knocked on the door.

“Go away James!” Sirius screamed.

“Sirius Black, always so dramatic.” I called through the door shyly.

“Y/N?!” He called back hopefully. I opened the door and saw tissues littered all over Sirius’ bed.

“Sirius what are all these?” I asked holding up a tissue. I could see from his red nose and cheeks that it was because he was crying. I just wanted to hear him say it.

“My tissues stained with my tears, snot and dying soul.” He said dramatically.

“Of course, of course.” I said.

“I’m sorry Y/N everything I said was not true. I swear I just was being stupid.” He said.

“I’m sorry too. It’s your business.” I said.

“No Y/N you don’t have to be sorry. I’ve stopped smoking. I love you.” He said, cupping my cheeks.

“I love you too, Black.” I said, as he leant down to kiss me. Everything was right again.

“I have a lot of homework to do. I have no motivation.” He complained.

“Yeah well you’ve been holed up in here for the past three days but I’ll tell you what, if you do all your homework, I’ll have sex with you.” I said cheekily.



From Sunday, katsucon

Damblamit, my herniated disk popped again this afternoon. I think I stressed it by walking so long yesterday with the wrong shoes, and then spent 8 hours in the kitchen today with my house slippers on instead of my work shoes. Silly of me. 

Ah well. Did my exercises and am going to run a salty bath before bed and have a little scoop of canna fudge caramel. The shooting pains down my ass cheeks are special, but they haven’t traveled down my legs yet. Hopefully I can head that off with the exercises over the next few days, and just get on with it. 

My friend picked up her food tonight, and I have to say seeing her so happy to know that she has real, wholesome food for the next five days filled my crusty broken heart with so much love. It was a wonderful exercise for me all day to drop down out of that terrible argumentative circular thinking, rehashing shit with the baker, and making myself crazy. To bring myself back again and again to a quiet loving attention to the prep and cooking. I feel very good about what I sent her home with tonight. It was nice to be paid, too. If I can find two or three more people who would sign up for the same thing, this could be a happy little side hustle. I can only scale that much before I would need to find a commercial kitchen, though. 

Meeting with Maj on Friday to set up a soup plan for the winter for him, and will talk with Lu about the power bowls, they might be something she’d like to get, too. 

Meanwhile, still trying to find a job/job. Not that I want one. But I need one. 

Wearing Koro-sensei socks must be very fashionable. 

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Them shoes are fantastic! I didn’t know you also like sonic ��

Oh Man! Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2  were my obsession when they released. (I cringe at the thought of all my old  sonic fan art. though that wouldn’t be any different by today’s sonic fanart standards XD)  @sonicthehedgehog social media have totally won me back. I’m hyped about Sonic mania and project 2017 has my full attention. So yes, I do really love the sonic series.  @miss-game-and-watch did an awesome job on the shoes! (she knows how much I love me stilettos) 

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Can I ask you something?“ A small child asks, looking down at her shimmering shoes.

“Of course.”

“When did you know you loved him?” She whispers to me, subtly pointing over to the tall boy behind me.

I smile, “You know, I think it was when his favorite song came on the radio, and all I could think about was how I wished he was there with me, singing along just as loud as I.

—  E. Grin

Kissing on my Tattoos Part Four

You can read the other parts here. Follow the links of the story on previous parts. Hope you enjoy. Hugs

You sighed and rolled your eyes while looking at your feet as Calvin proceeded to rip you a new asshole.

“He came with his wife Y/N! He doesn’t love you.” Calvin said trying to get through your thick skull.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me! You are better than being a side hoe.”

Your head snapped up and glared at your best friend.

“Did you just call me a hoe?”

“If the shoe fits bitch!” Calvin looked you up and down in slight disgust. “He does not deserve you or your child.”

“It’s his child too Calvin.”

“You were not too worried about that when you came running back home. Now that you saw him again and fucked him you are all in your feels.”

He was right. He was always right. Seeing Tom again renewed the passion and love you had for him. It might have intensified it and no matter how right Calvin was you knew you would text Tom as soon as Calvin leaves.  You sighed with relief when Calvin did leave and you quickly texted Tom your address and hopped in the shower. You had just slipped on a black satin nightgown when your door bell rung.  You smooth the nightgown over your baby bump and went to meet Tom. You opened the door and stifled your gasp. He was stunning. He had changed out of his tuxedo and wore blue jeans, a simple black t-shirt and a baseball cap. You instantly became wet at the very sight of him.

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