shoe care kit

  • Brooks Brothers well-made shoes will last a lifetime if cared for properly, and this kit will make looking after your finest footwear a pleasure in itself. Equipped with horsehair brushes, daubers, black and brown creams and a polishing glove, this set has everything you need to ensure you look your most dapper at all times. Presented in a handsome cedar wood box for a refined finishing touch, it would also make the perfect gift for a friend.
Edward Green Shoe Care Kit

Edward Green stands for footwear excellence on all accounts. From ready-to-wear models to bespoke alternatives, one is expecting nothing short of perfection when purchasing any of their items…and the price tag reflects just that. One of the first things that comes to mind after dishing the + €700 for a pair of exquisite shoes, is how to adequately care for them to extend their life span and keep them looking their best during that time. Although most people resort to common mass marketed products, some of which of great quality, a select few, the so called aficionados, are willing to splurge on the best money can buy. 

My friend Francisco is one of them and was kind enough to bring me his official Edward Green shoe care kit for my personal delight. Even though it’s about a decade-old, it still holds its shape and original glamour. Comprised of a variety of leather goods, from briefcases to pouches, it holds a number of different brushes and waxes, as well as replacement laces and heel taps should the need arise. As a true gentleman, Francisco gave me no indication regarding the sum of his investment, but judging by the brand’s other offerings one can easily conclude it must be priced high up in the list. Nonetheless, it’s a thing of beauty…