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Sorry, diaper fetishists. Looks like you’re stuck with Louisiana Senator David Vitter as a mascot.

5 Major News Stories That Forgot to Tell You the Best Part

#2. The Diaper-Wearing Stalker Astronaut Probably Wasn’t Wearing a Diaper

Lisa Nowak is destined to be forever known as “the psycho kidnapper astronaut who drove across the country wearing diapers.” In fact, we’re guessing that approximately everyone in the audience who knows the story knows it only as “That time the crazy astronaut lady went on a diaper-wearing rampage.”

[However] the whole thing appears to have been based on a joke. There were toddler diapers found in her car at the time of the arrest (along with a wig and a BB gun and other typical crazy stalker stuff)…

[But] dammit, the story is just way more awesome if she’s wearing a diaper the whole time. So, that’s the one that got told.

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