shoe bomb

♡little things♡
  • bath bombs!!
  • big fluffy pillows!!
  • planets!! out there!! in the sky!!
  • sparkly rose blush!! on cheeks!!
  • fairly lights!! blink blink!!
  • cats!!!!!!!
  • stretch marks!! lightning!! on your body!?!!
  • messy hair don’t care days!! loving yourself!!
  • curl and straighten and spray that hair days!! slaying!!
  • oceans!! cold sand at night!! waves!! the sound!!
  • sparklers!! sizzle!!
  • pasta!!!!!!
  • knee-high socks!!
  • perfume!!
  • feeling happy about your sexuality/gender!! pride!!
  • hydro flasks!!
  • classic nicknames!! baby!! dear!! honey!! sweetie!!
  • bonbons! 
  • sunlight through a bedroom window!!
  • succulents!!
  • bright moons!!
  • sweaters!!
  • giant cozy sweatshirts!!
  • facial glitter!!
  • platform shoes!!
  • kissing!!
  • smiling!!
    • everything is little when you think about it!! ♡
    • please add more!! ♡

March 6th, 1992

On this day, my mom gave birth to a beautiful girl, THATS ME!  We were in San Francisco for my  birthday and the weather was somewhat different from Los Angeles. It wasn’t cold but not warm enough to where I had to wear a jacket. I wore some nice skinny jeans to keep my legs warm because I hate being cold, a cropped top, and jelly shoes.

Jacket- Goodwill

Top- Top Shop

Pants- Forever 21

Jelly Shoes- American Apparel