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Throwback to the Golden Age of Naruto when it was legit the number one manga out there. I followed this manga since the first volume came out and Kishimoto blew my mind with his great story arcs & beautiful characters. I mean seriously, Sabaku no Gaara was the sickest wildcard in shonen manga back then. Sadly, the last few arcs & the ending of Shippūden were a colossal disappointment compared to the genius of its predecessor. I couldn’t even bring myself to read the final arcs of the Fourth Shinobi World War Saga because of how much he butchered the ending. So technically I guess I still haven’t finished reading the series…one day I’ll bring myself to do it with a pinch of salt. But here’s to the classic Naruto, a cherished and fond memory. R.I.P. 

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Hello! It is I, the Anon you shipped with Hashirama! I wanted to say thank you and that I love your blog~ Also Hashi needs more love so could I request some headcanons for him?Thanks!

finally starting up again! so much catching up… Thank you so much for waiting and your love! Also I agree hashi needs some more love


  • He’s a goofy guy and may not be the most romantic/smooth person. However, he is very attentive to his s/o’s needs and is extremely perceptive. Every minute thing from the time they wake to the way they might touch their hair or face when they’re nervous.
  • Hashi would definitely try to figure out his s/o’s schedule. Not necessarily in a stalkerish way. He looks more for patterns. The obvious things. This is so he can surprise his s/o with maybe a poor, but cute breakfast or just stop by their workplace. 
  • Backhugs are a thing. He’s a master at them. 
  • If s/o scolds Hashi, he’ll definitely get dejected (sort of in the comical way). 
  • He has a tendency to care a lot. Maybe even too much. He may blame himself for anything that happens to his s/o. If there’s no real explanation he’ll definitely think of himself as incompetent. 
  • Hashirama is honest and seeks honesty from his s/o as well. He loves to talk and constantly wants to learn about his s/o. If you give a lot, he’ll definitely return the favor. 
  • He gets really shy when it comes to eye contact. Sometimes his s/o is just so cute to him that it makes his stomach do flips! He’ll scratch his head and look away. Then peak again for more.
  • He’s scary when he gets mad though. And he realizes that. He’ll never use this to his advantage. So if he’s mad, understand that it’s out of pure care and love. He’ll also make sure to apologize for the possible scare.
  • Marriage is a goal for him. He loves the idea of committing himself to someone and starting a family. Will be an excellent father~

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‘A woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities’

‘the chief female character in a book, play, or film who is typically identified with good qualities and with whom readers are expected to sympathize with.’

Sakura appears in more than 300 chapters of the manga making her the most recurring female character in  the series.

Now pray tell me, where is it written than the main heroine is always the heroes love interest??

all the categories of a heroine fits Sakura’s description proving that:


But that does NOT make the other female characters insignificant. They are important to the story in their own way.They are all heroines on their own.They all fit the categories of being a heroine. BUT they are Not the MAIN heroine as they don’t appear as much. That spot is for Sakura only.

SasuSaku’s arguments

This post contains answers about of SasuSaku’s reactions on this post.

1/ kishi said sarada is a child born from sasuke and sakura.

 サスケとサクラの間に生まれた子供。インテリ風のメガネを掛け、知的な印象に。髪は短く、サス  ケと同じ黒髪 。

The child born between Sasuke and Sakura. Wearing glasses, she gives the impression of an intellectual person. Her hair is short and has Sasuke’s black colour.

SasuSaku persist in believing that Sakura is Sarada’s biological mother because of this sentence which dates before the Gaiden, and who isn’t said by Kishimoto-sensei. The interviewer who has said this sentence couldn’t know the Gaiden’s content.


岸本:あんまり可愛い感じではなく、少し暗めで芯の強い感じにしようかなと。僕の中だとサスケ  の女のバーシ ョンです。ただ、サスケみたいな女の子だとちょっと怖いんで、サクラ的な要素も入れてます。メ  ガネの子って 外すと可愛いとか、普段はそういうイメージで語られやすいんですが、メガネのままでも可愛くな  るようなデザ インを心掛けました。服はサクラの雰囲気を踏襲していく感じですね。

“ Interviewer: How is Sarada? [Or what about Sarada? T/N: In the context of design.]

Kishimoto: Rather than cuteness, I wanted to project a slightly dark but strong hearted sense to Sarada. In my head, she is like a girl version of Sasuke. However, as it would be scary to have a Sasuke-like girl, I gave Sarada elements of Sakura as well. Although spectacled people are commonly given the image of “cute without glasses”, in Sarada’s case I aimed to make her cute even with her glasses on. Her clothes have a sense of Sakura, don’t they?

Besides, Kishimoto has never said that Sarada isn’t born from Sakura. He has just said that in her design, Sarada has got some elements of Sakura, and he then precises that her clothes have a sense of Sakura. Clothes don’t represent a genetic relations, it’s different that eyes, hair, face, eyesight, which are genetics elements.

Then, the humorous situation is that Sarada has worn longer clothes like Karin than like Sakura.

2/ Sarada Hot temper comes from Sakura You know the character who is the first and most seen with hot temper in the manga.

I’m sorry, Sakura hasn’t got hot-temper.

She is violent with Naruto that she uses to cast a favourable light on her, but she hasn’t got hot-temper with Sasuke.

Her behavior is even the contrast to hot-temper.

Sarada and Karin :

3/ sakura has more amount of chakra than Karin. Karin lose chakra after healing twice a day even when it’s not 100% recovery, unlike Sakura (and I am not even talking about the yin seal).

In the databook, it is written that Karin has a large chakra from her Uzumaki’s bloodline. Besides,Tobirama identifies Karin like Uzumaki by her special chakra.

Sakura has got a poor chakra/stamina. It’s her weakness, like Iruka notices it.

So, Sarada can’t inherite large chakra from Sakura because Sakura has got a normal chakra.

4/ The image itself you are comparing to Karin is sarada using super human strength. Who has the super strength ?karin or Sakura?

The super punch isn’t a inherited technique. Sakura isn’t the Tsunade’s daughter, and she has learnt this technique. For other examples, Sasuke isn’t Kakashi’s son and he has learnt the Chidori jutsu, idem Konohamaru has learnt the rasengan from Naruto without be his son, so why Sarada couldn’t learn super punch jutsu in the same way than them?

Then, all the Uzumaki women have got natural super human strength. So, Karin has got this capacity like Kushina, Mito and Tsunade, without to need a precise chakra control.

The super punch belongs to Fatal Taijutsu, a taijutsu created by the senju clan. The Shodaime is the first user. This taijutsu rests on a physical force. The goal is to immobilize and to kill the enemy with minimum powerful thumps. Ninja without Senju power can practice this taijutsu by excellent chakra control increasing the chakra in his fist. Sakura can use this technique by her perfect chakra control.

The Uzumaki/Senju persons can use this technique without good chakra control by their natural physical force. Kushina and Karin are strong barehanded fighters.

5/ It’s a technique that need more than large amount of chakra to achieve. Who did sarada inherit the chakra control from? karin of course!

Sarada isn’t even genin, yet she hasn’t got perfect control chakra, and she can make this jutsu like a Uzumaki/Senju.

In this scene, we can see that Sarada is surprised by her power. It shows that her puissance comes from her emotional impulse, not from her control. It looks like a Naruto’s power up. In addition, Sakura is too surprised by the Sarada’s force. It shows that this puissance doesn’t come from Sakura’s training.

Sarada hasn’t got a very precise chakra control. She hasn‘t learnt yet chakra control in the Gaiden, she is always at the academy, but she doesn’t need to have good control chakra to make a super punch jutsu. She can make up it with her natural puissance, like Naruto has made to achieve super multi-clonage without chakra control during the first-gen.

After the Chunin examen’s second test, Naruto has always got much energy, not Sasuke and Sakura.

Sakura is better than Naruto, however she can make less clones than Naruto. The chakra control isn’t the special one who enables to achieve a technique.

We can add that Sakura hadn’t got yet a good enough chakra control to achieve a super punch when she was genin, despite she had got some ease to control her chakra. She has become capable to perform a super punch, only after a Tsunade’s training which lasted for two years. Sarada hasn’t got yet a Sensei’s training.

Lastly, Karin has got too a good control chakra. A ninja needs to have a perfect control of his chakra to make medical jutsus, and Karin achieves some medical jutsus, so she has got quite good chakra control.

6/ Also UCHIHA HAVE POWERFUL CHAKRA even IF her chakra was odd there, it would be because of her dad. But Sarada is an Uchiha and they have potent chakra.

The Uchihas haven’t got large chakra. The large chakra and strong physical force are Senju/Uzumaki’s characteristics. The Uchihas have got the sharingan and strong spiritual force.

In the First-gen, Sasuke hasn’t got a large chakra like Naruto. Besides, he has got a inferiority complex in relation to Naruto because of it. It’s the reason that he rejoins Orochimaru.

7/ “empathic” Lmao how is that a personality trait? And how does that prove she is her mother because both had to identify with someone else’s  feelings? This is almost as bad as “she is a female like Karin”

its a feeling that occur to anyone not a personality trait .what next ? they both like things?

When I read you, I have the impression that Kishimoto-sensei has given the same personality at all his characters ! lol !!!

There are characters who are most « empathic » than the others. For example, Naruto is very empathic. He easily puts himself in someone else’s place. He understands the people’s pain. He always cares people’s happiness before his proper happiness. Sarada is like Naruto. She naturally cares people’s happiness. She wishs to help people, it’s her goal in her life. It’s the reason that she wishs to become Hokage.

Sasuke and Sakura are selfish. Kishimoto-sensei has confirmed it in interviews. Sarada can’t get her natural empathic from them. Karin is like Naruto. She has been self-denial in all the manga.

8/ But whatever again let’s pretend that’s the case. Sakura is also perspicacious.

Sakura isn’t perspicacious. She has never got combat strategy and she doesn’t understand the battle’s running.

This scene perfectly illustrates the difference of perspicacious between Sarada and Sakura. Sarada understands quickly, although it’s her first real fight. Sakura despite her experience doesn’t understand the situation and the thing which must be made.

Sasuke is too perspicacious, but Karin is more perspicacious than him. It’s a way to increase the value of the little Uchiha.

9/ Sarada has traits from sakura not karin. even kishi said he gave sarada elements from sakura.

I haven’t noticed that Sakura needs some glasses to see, not Karin. Thank you for that reminder.

Seriously, what are the genetic traits that Sarada have got from Sakura ? She has got the « Shannaro », she wears the same top than Sakura, and she has learnt a Sakura’s jutsu, but these aren’t genetic traits. The words used, the language are got by the education. It’s Sakura who has raised Sarada, it’s so logic that Sarada and Sakura use the same vocabulary. The Sakura’s punch jutsu isn’t genetic, Tsunade isn’t Sakura’s mother.

For example, Rock Lee isn’t the Gai Malto’s son, however he wears the same clothes than Gai, he uses the same jutsu than Gai, and he speaks like Gai. Sarada can so speaks like Sakura, wears the same clothes than Sakura and uses the same jutsu than the Hurano, and doesn’t be her biological daughter. Sarada has inherited from Sakura, only her education.

10/ Karin herself even said that she did not give birth to Sarada.

Karin has lied in all the manga. If she has said the truth about of her feelings, it could be well the first time. She has always denied to be in love with Sasuke.

The parallel between these two scenes is obvious !

Suigetsu teases Karin about of her feelings. Karin denies her love and betrays herself by her reaction.

Karin is always Karin. She continues to deny her love toward Sasuke, while she has aways been faithful to him for 15 years.