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Fate/Prototype: Argent Fragment - Best Friend ACT-2. New servants are finally revealed.

The first and third image show Caster Fragment. According to the plot, Caster Fragment was Misaya’s father’s servant in the previous war. Now he is Misaya’s first servant before Cu Chulainn and serve as main protagonist of Best Friend Act.

Caster Fragment, a magus who founded the discipline of physican, botanist, alchemist, astrologer and toxicology. His identity is  パラケルスス - フォン・ホーエンハイム (Spoiler)

The second image, Rider Fragment (In casual outfit) is Egyptian Pharaoh servant. He summon shiny flying ship and sphnix, divine type of phantasmal beast. He has more phantasmal beast in his NP. The identity has been rumored and speculation that Rider Fragment is Ramesses II ever since Sliver Fragment mention about his attitude and personality. However it’s not 100% confirmation of his identity yet due his name is not revealed in this chapter.