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tyshalae  asked:

finally started watching Hannibal at least partially due to all the things you've posted about it and i'm really enjoying it so far. thanks! it took me so long to watch it since Silence of the Lambs terrified me when i watched it, but i was likely waaay to young to handle it back then o.0

I’m glad you’ve taken to it!! It’s such a BEAUTIFUL show even if it’s a little silly in some elements, but that’s Bryan Fuller for you. I wouldn’t say it’s scary per se (it has its moments!) like a thriller is; more shocking in its artful brutality.

Day 17: Prom Night

Still running Adrinette Month at my own pace. So long as I get all the drawings done I’m fine with it :) 

You know these cuties would dance like goofballs with no rhythm. 

I recently had the honor to be commissioned by the lovely @lbardugo to draw her a witchsona,  although can it really be a witchsona when she appears so bewitching all the time? She is such a kind andlovely person and a great writer, I can’t help but love all her characters and the richness and depth she manages to put in all her stories. I can’t wait to read what she have to bless us with in the future. <3 <3 <3