I’ve taken a few drives through storms before but this one stood out to me as pretty thrilling. 

I’ve been out of the apartment for the majority of the day so I didn’t have a chance to track/ watch it develop. I was at a park earlier in the day and it hot and humid with a strong breeze under clear skies. Conditions remained the same until roughly 5:30 when this system began to plow through. The clouds moved in so quickly that I had to run out of the apartment to catch the leading edge of the storm. Power flickering as I’m leaving the apartment. The winds are already gusting 35-40mph, debris from the adjacent woods blown everywhere. The radar image was taken as I was getting in the car, the gust front shows up pretty impressively.

I’ve never driven into a gust front before so it was pretty surprising to literally see the wind and everything It was carrying farther down the road, I actually thought it was rain at first. The radio provided a pretty great soundtrack as Black Hole Sun and Sail played back to back. Power had been knocked out to a lot of the area already, most of the stop lights I encountered were out. One in particular was a surreal and interesting scene; windows down, music up, wind whipping through the car, sirens blaring, thunder rumbling. A lot of people went into panic mode as this storm was rolling in, I saw at least five accidents before it even began to seriously rain. The wind was probably the most impressive part of this storm, it didn’t rain particularly hard and I didn’t seen too much lightning. Tons of trees have been knocked over and smaller limbs ripped from other trees still litter the road.