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another smuttery mcSmutterson featuring the lovely Loki from MCU. One day I might actually write one featuring the Loki that I grew up with - the one from Scandinavian legends. Though I´m sure he will have sweet Hiddleston´s face…
pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: SMUT, sweet, sweet smut…

You were curled in the corner of the Stark Tower´s library with a book about (your favourite subject). Perfect moment, all was quiet (meaning no explosions from the lab, or shouting and thumping from anywhere…) Rare occasion, really. There was always something going on here. It could be fun and amazing, but also a pain when all you wanted was a calm moment to read.

You felt fidgety, though. It was some time now, since you saw Loki, with whom you had this mutual… understanding. Being a god he didn´t really care about the puny rules of modern humankind, and you had the wisdom to take him as he was. He could be the perfect lover and seemed to enjoy sharing your bed as much as you did. Perfect meaning not clingy, always ready for some fun and at times very surprising. And intelligent, witty and a perfect balance for your mouthiness.

Loki, where are you… Now would be the perfect time for some flirty conversation, leading up to some mind-blowing sex maybe.

Sigh. Quiet is nice, but really…

Tony peeked from the door, getting a sour look from you.
- Have you seen Reindeer Games, hon? Can´t find him anywhere.
- No… Though tell me too if you see him. I have… hm… something to tell him too.
- Yep. Sure you have. Tony´s lewd smile made you roll your eyes, though he was spot on.
- Sod off, Rustpot.
He went with an evil snigger.

You tried to concentrate on your book, but it was like your brain had something against all things intellectual today. Scumbag thoughts went back to imagining all manner of naughty things you wanted to do with Loki when he finally had the grace to appear. Bloody gods and their bloody unpredictable habits…

Struggle between you and your thoughts went on for some time and resulted in more fidgeting until you threw the book to the table with a groan. No use trying… You wanted Loki now! And if he was not around, then you simply had to do something yourself…

Your fingers moved like they had their own will, cupping your full breasts and tickling the perking nipples… Loki´s fingers were always almost cold, and it made his touch shockingly delicious. Mmmm… You closed your eyes and smiled to yourself as a new lively image of Loki wrapping his hand around his cock while looking at you touch yourself invaded your thoughts. Your hands and hips followed the image perfectly as you stretched out on the beanbag chair. These flashes you were having… were they coming from the outside rather than inside?

Damn it, Loki… You sneaky bastard of a god!

But you couldn´t stop the images, or the whims that suggested how to pleasure yourself. You really didn´t want to.

You actually started to add to these god-given (hah!) Daydreams some embellishments of your own. Like imagining how you could make Loki groan if you pleasured him with your mouth or kissed his very sensitive neck… And how wet his sounds of pleasure would make you…

Two could play this game too, my dear god of mischief.

Images started to get very steamy and a bit… shaken in your head. All of a sudden you felt Loki´s heavy breath on your neck and his cool fingers grabbed your arms from behind. You stretched your back to grind against his very much hardened trouser front, as he had materialized under you in the beanbag chair.

Mm… caught you, Loki!

- My dear (y/n)… he whispered and ghosted his blue-tinted lips over your earlobe. - Your willpower is remarkable for a mortal… I did quite… enjoy our little game there…
He snapped his fingers and you heard the library door lock itself. You knew no one would bother you for now and drew his hands wantonly to your breasts.
- Loki… you moaned. - That was a naughty thing to do… I was all but ready to finger myself here almost in public, you know…
- Yes I do know, and what a beautiful sight it would have been… I was so expecting to see you revel in desire orchestrated by me…
- Mmm… That can be arranged if you promise to make me cum… twice…
- Oh, certainly, my dear… Now strip for me. His voice was a husky purr, that made you feel even more flushed and wanton.

You stood up slowly and turned to face him with a knowing smile. He sat there head thrown back and hand lazily rubbing the bulge in his trousers. The sight of his smoldering smirk almost knocked you back off your feet.

You opened the buttons of your jeans one by one, slowly. You unzipped your hoodie, all the while slowly swirling your hips and looking him straight into the eye. Under the hoodie you wore nothing. Because. And under the jeans there had been pants, but all of a sudden you realised that they were there no more. The jeans were chaffing your swollen lower lips very deliciously. You drew a moaning breath and shuddered at the sensation, Loki´s hot gaze following your reactions with a slightly cruel smile.
- Just to remind you I can do anything I desire to you, my dear…

With a second snap of his fingers he was naked. You panted but couldn´t move a finger… He slowly stood up and dragged his long fingers down your neck very lightly. Your hoodie fell to the floor with a flick of his wrist and he circled your nipples with his fingers and then his lips, leaving a trail of fire in their wake. You moaned, but still his spell held you immobile and helpless…

He stepped back and narrowed those green eyes.
- Now, my dear… Kneel.

You dropped down willingly and took him into your mouth with a moan. You absolutely loved his cock, and couldn´t get enough of it. The spell was gone, this was all you worshipping his erect manhood… His groans and panting made you smirk and cup his testicles with a tender hand. You wanted to feel them draw up, which they did when he was on the edge of cumming… His shaking hands grabbed your hair and his slender fingers flexed rhythmically as you slid your mouth up and down his shaft.
- Stand… up… He gritted between clenched teeth and you obeyed like the good girl you so were not.

He held you at arm’s length and panted. You could see he was trying not to be too hasty, though it took some effort.

Now, that was a turn-on, if you needed one…

- Good mortal… You have earned your reward, Loki growled and slid his hands down your back, on your buttocks and down your thighs until you felt your jeans drop off. His hands went back to your bottom and he yanked you against his rock-hard body and held you there to grind and kiss you deeply. He swallowed your lusty whimper and walked you backwards to the wide, stony windowsill to lift you there. The height was perfect for him to kiss and bite your breasts and slid one cold, slender finger slowly between your thighs.
- Mmm… I see you are quite ready for me, my dear… Now, what on earth do I do with you, hm?

Second finger caressed your swollen lower lips and drew a gasp from you. Two fingers slipped inside you and pushed upwards, hitting your most sensitive spot.

You almost came there and then, but Loki slowed the movement of his fingers inside you and kissed you deeply. You curled and uncurled your toes and hanged on to him all helpless, shivering with a deep, deep desire.

- I promised you release, now didn´t I, he whispered against your neck and pinched your bundle of nerves between two fingers of his other hand while curling and uncurling the two fingers still inside you fast and repeatedly. You arched your back and moaned as your inner walls clenched around his caressing fingers.
- Lo…ki..! Please, I want you in me, you whimpered and wrapped your legs around him to draw him to you. He slowly drew his fingers from you and circled them around your nipples, licking at the moisture they left behind. You felt the quiver of anticipation and emptiness inside you and decided to beg next, if he didn´t take you now, and hard too!

You felt his lips quirk up to a wicked smile against your sensitive breasts.
- Do you think your have earned your release, my dear? His whisper tickled your ear and those slender, wonderful, cold hands cupped your neck, your buttocks, your breasts…
- Loki… I don´t care, a god or not, I´ll throw you to your back and straddle you if you don´t fuck me… Your voice was a whispery growl and your hands grabbed his perfectly shaped back, nails leaving long reddish marks to his bluish skin. Blueness intensified with your words, which was a mark of him getting too aroused to control the color. Good… That was very good, as when the Blueberry man came to visit, the results were uniformly mind blowing…

Loki narrowed his red-tinted eyes and dove for a deep kiss, lifting you from the windowsill. All of a sudden you straddled him on the beanbag and it only took a very small movement to skewer yourself with his sweet, hard cock. His growl mixed with your mewl, as the mere penetration almost pushed you over the edge to your second orgasm.

You rode him. Hard. His blue fingers squeezed your hips so wonderfully tightly… Your hips rolled and danced on him, your hands pushed against his heaving chest and as the second peak hit, you threw your head backwards to moan his name and grabbed his wrists. He grinded his pelvis against you and held you tight as your legs shook madly…

Loki´s breath came in laboured gasps. Yours in short whimpers and moans. You were spent, done, sweaty, almost hurting… You could take no more…
- Oh my god…… I´m… I can´t…
- Oh yes you can, my dear… I promised you twice, but I think you have been such a good girl you deserve more… His voice was breathless but still purring.

He flashed you back to the windowsill, still inside you and grabbed your ass to hammer into you madly. You held on to him with your dear life and tried to remember how to breath. His teeth grazed your neck and earlobe, and you realized you had clamped your teeth to his shoulder to silence your moaning.
- Now, my love… I want to hear that sweet mewling of yours…
Loki´s sure hands spread your legs further and he leaned down to ravish your mouth and neck.
- Now… don´t hold back… Loki growled into your ear and did something with his pelvis that tore a whimper after whimper from your lips. You wrapped your legs tightly around Loki´s waist and met his every thrust with a tilt of your hips.
- Louder, my dear!
Your voice raised to a high keening as the storm of sensations became too much once again… Your orgasm intensified and renewed as you heard and felt Loki reach his limit…

Time and world stopped. For a breathless moment you stared into his blood red eyes, quivering mouth against his dark blue lips. Then he moved very gently inside you, his hands whispering up and down your back and sides. You dropped your head wearily on his shoulder and held him very, very close.
- Oh my god… Loki… I… love you. The whisper escaped from your weary lips without any thought or consent from your brain. As soon as you realized what you had said, you tensed. Loki and you had this nice thing going on, without commitment or worries, and your stupid, stupid mouth had went and dragged out the truth that you had succeeded in hiding even from yourself! This could spoil it all… He would go and never come back! And you would miss him terribly, for other things than sex too, you realized.

Loki chuckled softly, tightening his grip of you.
- Was it truly so very difficult thing to say, my dear? He murmured, quirking his lip to a cocky smile.
- But I… I thought you… we… That you only wanted me for… That we just…
You sounded a bit breathless, but… hopeful. Loki´s slender fingers drew lazy patterns at your back as he held you near. His member had softened and slipped to rest on your thigh and you felt his hot seed still in you.
- Oh, do not worry, my dear… I think you are good for many things other than just to warm my bed… Though I have no complaints in that regard either… Maybe I shall call you my queen from now on… Now, come my dear, let us continue this very pleasant subject somewhere more comfortable. Do you prefer your bed, or perhaps mine, as it will be yours from now on?
Your mouth hanged open and you snapped it shut and blinked before answering.
- I´m… fine with either.
- Mine it is, then. Come, my queen… You need your rest, and I intend to make sure you know you belong to me yet again… Just to make sure, and perhaps for our mutual enjoyment too.

Miyano Mamoru Q&A in Junon November 2013

Miyano Mamoru requested by @jennshaiel​ (SORRY FOR THE WAIT); merry christmas everyone (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Q1: Favorite dessert
Fresh cream and red bean paste are my favorites, but a cream mochi filled with both of these is the best dessert.

Q2: Favorite ingredients in miso soup
Tofu, cabbage, and bacon miso soup. I like soft tofu because while it’s lick-able, the inside is still very hot, which makes me think, “This thing has a lot of potential~” (laugh)

Q3: Favorite time of the day
Between 12am and 2am. It’s a time when I think, “Uwa, it’s this time already!? Even though I need to sleep!” but then still unintentionally do a lot of things. When I notice the time in the end, it’s 3am…4am…(laugh)

Q4: Something you need in your free time
Coffee. If I have time, I first look for Doutor Coffee (*a coffee shop*). My Doutor Sensor works to a scary level.

Q5: Favorite street in the world
Probably Ebisu. Since this is the location of the theatre troupe I’ve been in since I was a kid, I pass by this street all the time. During the years of lessons, my friends and I often went to the Ebisu park and played original versions of the game of tag that we came up with. Of course, I can only say this after I’ve become an adult (laugh).

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