shocking seas


I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

asari headcanons:
> no hair, brows, eyelashes; no nails! their fingers are full-length smooth and soft, even the tips
> their skin is (very) taut, they merely have any wrinkles
> and it’s like layered?? the skin. when you press it, it makes staines from light to deep blue, almost violet??
> boobies keep growing their whole looooong life (can’t stop laughin imagining granma-asari with breasts laying on the ground pfff ;”BB)
> no freaking belly button (honestly, bioware)
i bet humans don’t really enjoy looking on the smoothest and flattest belly they’ve ever seen in their lives
> the crest gives you an electric shock sometimes…. (like sea rays!)
> ummm and the youth ADORES piercing that crest and the back of the neck with stuff
> they cry by THE WHOLE DAMNED HEAD (just look at Liara’s temples and forehead after Thessia, you’ll see)
> the teeth aren’t human (OKAY, BIOWARE???), they’re tiny and round and have really (really) cutie smile
> they blush… with their tongues! it becomes really bright, almost like fuchsia if asari is confused enough (can’t stop imagining situations when liara is… i definitely need a nsfw-blog for such moments)

Ta-daaa! Summer Freak commission! Except not really, it only turned into a sold good once I finished it. By the same people who actually got me in the mood to try some Mogekoverse fan art. Once it was finished and they saw it, one of them asked me to buy it! And they were super kind and scanned it for me!

The original has more charm, as any traditional art. In any case, I found it strangely pleasing how much fun I had doing traditional artwork again!


So last night I was fortunate enough to be able to go down to Dublin and see Andrew Scott in Sea Wall. I did very little research on the monologue because I wanted to come into fresh and I was just blown away. The space itself was a very small performance room, very intimate. There was no stage, no set, so as soon as I walked in, Andrew was just standing there and I sort of just stopped dead and he smiled and continued walking in adorable circles and I managed to find a seat. I was fortunate to sit beside a group of lovely girls (you can follow of them here and here). The performance was spectacular. I wasn’t expecting to be so moved, but Andrew did a brilliant job and in the space of a half hour he broke my heart. It was beautiful. And I got to meet him! He was in a rush after the show, but he was still so nice and stopped to sign our programs and I asked for a hug and he was more than happy to comply and thanked us for being a great audience. Really, he earned his standing ovation and I’m so lucky I got the chance to witness such a beautiful work of art.

‘Why don’t we talk to each other?

Why don’t we talk to each other?

Just give it a try.

Why don’t we talk about what happened?

Like me you’re trying to avoid it, I’ve seen you try.

You might not believe it.

You might not believe it but we’ve got a lot in common

we really do.

You’re not alone and I am here for you.’

This is a picture I told @gemcrust that I’d be submitting to them and so here it is! Morganite is hugging Ice and I’m so happy that I finally go this done. I was especially shocked after ‘Alone At Sea’ premiered and thought this was appropriate since our characters both like Jasper. Hope you all like it! ((Also hope you don’t mind my word change for the song ‘Both of You’

i love this time of year, it’s like the waves of Atlantis have washed ashore and cleansed the world with crystal power, eclectic vision, and utopia. the collective experience is profound and dreams are vivid, surreal, and confusing. with all this pisces/aquarius energy it’s like riding a cosmic carousel to starry lagoons, the mind rising like the sun, an ocean of psychic frequency, starfish with gifts from heaven, and the wounded walking from the shadows into the light of healing. it’s a time of redemption, salvation, and cleansing the mind and intellect with hypnotic dream, imagination, and practical fantasy. we are swimming in a divine sea, shocked by the bolts sparkling uranus intuition and soaked in scents and memories of home. the mind and the body is a vessel of godly knowledge and feeling. lightning is lilac and time moves at rapid speed. we bleed with the pain of the world. we howl with the violence and destitution. we are renewed and energized by the hope that one day everybody will be recognised as the ancient sovereignty they truly are.


Colt knew what he had done the second he walked off the stage from the interview. He was sick of all of this. They imprisoned him in the Capitol. He hadn’t been home in almost two years. He would have another ten Hunger Games to mentor before he could be released from custody and sent back home. Stone was gone, no telling if he was alive or dead. He didn’t have time to properly mourn his own sister. Then, of course, Flickerman bringing up Orion had been the last straw. He told them exactly what he would’ve thought. He just wished with all of his being that they didn’t have to contemplate what those thoughts actually were. 

He stormed off the stage, body locked up, tense, his expression hardened. It was the first time he really spoke out against anything in his entire life and he wasn’t as anxious as he thought he was going to be. He wasn’t trembling. He was just angry. He moved through the sea of shocked, gape mouthed faces and into a clearer hall to get back to the Tribute Tower, only to find that there was footsteps following him. After a second, he stopped and spun around, glaring.