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I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

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Sea dragn Hanzo saving pirate McCree from a shipwreck and adding him to his hoard :)))))

When he awoke, all he could taste was salt and blood.

Jesse coughed hard, curling on his side as sea water poured from his lips, gagging hard as he struggled for air. His body burned and ached all over as he sucked in breaths, mind shaking and numb as it struggled to come to its senses. All he could register was the cold and the pain, until slowly the ringing in his ears faded as his lungs began to work again. He continued to breath hard, though he tried to take in his surroundings and remember his situation.

What had happened? He tried piecing together the night before until suddenly it all came back to him, jerking upright. Captain Reyes, that son of a bitch. He was McCree’s number one enemy on the seas, a sea bandit hired by the Crown to put an end to the piracy problem that was running rampant in His majesty’s oceans. The mother fucker had smashed into Jesse’s ship and set the thing on fire, leaving her to sink beneath the waves with Jesse stranded along with it. He had barely been able to leap overboard in time before the whole thing exploded and disrespected into the dark water, the Deadlock forever gone to the sea. He remembered floating for hours, calling to his men who never appeared, in the blackness that was the open ocean at night, before giving into exhausting and embracing death.

Though death had never come, it seemed. Where he was now was a mystery, and how he got there even more of one. The pirate rose to his feet wearily, his long coat and clothes still soaked, and did an inventory check. He still had his Peacekeeper, but his hat was missing, which made him curse in annoyance. His jewelry, the heavy gold rings he had a habit of wearing on each finger, were gone as well. When had that happened, he wondered as he checked his surroundings. He appeared to be in a cave of some sort, on a rocky outcropping in the center of sea water. Only a few tiny streams of light shone down from above, breaking through the rocky ceiling in thin beams that made the whole room glow gold. The golden glow made him raise an eyebrow, and as he ventured to the edge of the rock on which he stood, he saw its cause and nearly fell into the water from shock.

The entire sea floor of the cave was coated in gold; gold coins, gold statues, chests over flowing with jewelry and goblets and gems that shined through the crystal clear water. McCree could make out suits of armor, gloves, rolls of tapestries, all growing lichens and mollusk, but still shining brightly beneath the waves. It was almost too much for the Pirate to take in; in all his years and all his adventures, Captain McCree had never seen this much gold. He had just a mind to strip off his clothes and dive in, until he heard the splash from behind him.

He spun around in an instant, drawing Peacekeeper and firing without a second thought. Yet the weapon only gave a resounding thud as the hammer fell on wet gun powder. Jesse was glad it had. For before him, peaking out from the water, he could see two dark glowing eyes. A pool of long dark hair flowed around them, hindering his view of what was beneath it, but he didn’t have to see to know. He’d been a sailor long enough to know eyes like that; eyes with slits for pupils that glowed like the moon.



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Malec Fic Recs

Something like six years ago I tried to read The Mortal Instruments books. I got partway through the third before failing out pretty hard. There wasn’t enough Magnus for my taste and the Magnus/Alec storyline wasn’t enough to keep me slogging through the rest of it. Then the movie was terrible too, and when the TV show came out I was like, “Nope, I’ve been on this crazy train before.” 

Luckily, I don’t live in a vacuum, and the odd gif started popping up on my dashboard. People seemed genuinely impressed with how the TV show was adapting the source material. I was bored over a weekend and decided to give it a shot. Boy, am I glad I was, because three days later I was completely caught up and making my way through the Magnus/Alec tag on AO3.

Here’s the inevitable rec post that’s resulted.

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At the sound of her voice, he turned his head towards the open door of the trailer.

Locking eyes with Betty, Jughead immediately saw the look of disappointment and shock in the seas of green. His stomach clenched and his heart felt like it had just been punched repeatedly. Her beautiful green eyes were wide and full of the look that he had hoped to never get from her.

Not that he had expected that hope to pan out. But still, as he watched her through the bangs that fell over his eyes, his throat getting dry and words becoming incapable of forming, Jughead wondered just how he had gotten himself stuck between a crowd of Serpents and his girlfriend who had been kissing him so passionately just moments ago.

He wasn’t quite sure how he was going to fix this mess either.

The one thing that he was sure of was where he needed to be right now. 

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Beaches (Aaron Burr x Reader)


Request- “Hi so I was reading the memoirs of Aaron burr (cause I’m a nerd) and I learned that he ran away from home when he was a little kid for a few days, so do you think you could do a reader where he meets them when he ran away then years later see each other again when they’re older” cartoonghost0-0

Words- 1,051

You skipped down the short path from your house to the beach. Your little pack was slung across back. It was full of trinkets you found on your many different adventures. When you finally reached the rocky area by the ocean, you slipped your shoes off. The rocks hurt your feet somewhat, but you were used to it. 

You ran across the beach until at last you hit the edge of the water and relief filled you as the coolness flowed between your toes. You smiled and relished the familiar feeling. 

The sound of footsteps and heavy breathing interrupted your moment. You whirled around to see a small boy emerging from the cheers. He was clutching his chest. 

“Hi!” you waved. He awkwardly waved back and then avoided your eyes. “Where are you going?” you yelled. He didn’t answer. You ran over to him. “Hey! I said where are you going!” you were angry. He was being rude. 

“I’m running away.” he said. 

“Well why are you doing that?” 

“Because my parents are dead and I don’t like my uncle. I’m going to sea.” he looked toward the ocean.

“Okay! I’ll go with you!” 

“You’ll what?” he looked at you shocked. 

“I’ll go to sea with you! But you can’t leave like that!” 

“Like what?” He looked down at himself.

“You don’t have anything with you! You can’t expect to survive long without food or anything! C’mon.” You grabbed his arm and started pulling him up the trail to your house. “We’ll put as much as we can in my pack!” you said still dragging him. “What’s your name anyway?” 


“My name’s Y/N.” 

You brought Aaron up to your house. You walked into your kitchen and emptied the contents of your pack on the table. Opening up the pantry, you shoved any food you could find into your pack. Aaron was looking at all the different trinkets you had found, which were all splayed on the table. 

You heard your front door open and turned around to see your mom standing in the doorway, 

“Y/N? Who’s this?” she asked politely. 

“This is Aaron, Mom! We’re gonna run away!” 

“You’re going to what?” 

“You can’t tell your parents that you’re running away!” Aaron shouted. 

“Why not?” You didn’t see what the problem was. 

“Okay…okay. Let’s go you two.” Your mother was gathering her bearings. 

“Where are we going?” you said excitedly. 

“We’re talking Aaron home.” 

You looked at Aaron sadly and followed your mom out of your house. She asked Aaron where he lived and he told her reluctantly. Your mother decided it was close enough to walk. You and Aaron trailed behind her. 

“I’m sorry…” you whispered to Aaron. 

“It’s fine. I would’ve had to go back eventually.” he whispered back with a smile. 

You were sitting outside you home when he walked by. You weren’t sure where you knew him from, but the recognition was definitely there. You stared at him until it hit you. 

“Hey!” you yelled, but he didn’t move. You got off the chair you were sitting on and ran towards the street. “Hey!” you shouted again. this time he turned around and looked at you. You swept some hair out of your face and dropped your skirts again. 

“Hello?” he said, confused. 

“Sorry,” you looked down. “But does your name happen to be Aaron?” 

“Yes, it does, And you are?” 

“Oh well…I doubt you’ll remember me, but when you were younger you tried to run away and-”

“And you found me by the beach. Y/N! This is such a pleasant surprise!” he smiled and kissed your hand. You grinned. You hadn’t expected him to remember you.  “I’m just headed home to have dinner with my daughter. You should join me!” 

“Oh…I couldn’t intrude on your family like that.” You were taken aback by the fact the he had a daughter. 

“Please, we would love it! Most often it’s just me and my daughter! We would love the extra company, and it would give you and me a chance to catch up.” he smiled and held out his arm. 

“Well, alright.” You took his arm, and you both began walking in the direction of his home. Along the way the two of you shared your stories and got to know each other. You both had married, but your spouses were both dead. You had never met someone else who had gone through that and you instantly felt bonded to him because of it.  You learned that he was actually Aaron Burr, the senator you had heard about. You enjoyed the walk with Aaron thoroughly, and your hand never left his arm. 

When you stepped into his house, he instantly called someone’s name. 

“Theodosia! I’m home, and there’s someone you should meet!” he winked at you and your insides crumbled. Not long after a girl, probably around the age of thirteen, came bounding down the stairs. Aaron kissed her on the cheek then gestured to you. 

“Thea, this is Y/N L/N. She’s an old friend of mine, and she’ll be joining us for dinner.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss L/N” Theodosia said in a high voice. She curtsied to you and you smiled. 

“Likewise.” you mimic her motion. She giggled and looked up at her father. 

Dinner was very enjoyable. Aaron often lay a hand your arm or wrist, which did not go unnoticed by Theodosia who would glance between the two of you with a smirk every time. Afterwards, you bid goodbye to Theodosia and Aaron walked you home. 

“Thea seems to have taken a liking to you.” he said when you weren’t far from your house. 

“I certainly hope so. She’s a charming girl.” you smiled at Aaron. He stopped at the edge of the path leading up to your front door. 

“You know, she’s not the only one who’s been taken with you.” Aaron bent down and kissed your knuckles. “I’ll hope you’ll come around often, Y/N. 

Blushing, you responded, “If you’ll have me.”

“I would be delighted to. Good night Y/N.”

“Good night, Aaron.” You felt his eyes follow you all the way up to your door and into your house. You climbed up the stairs to your bedroom. You heart was racing and there was a smile on your face. 

Ta-daaa! Summer Freak commission! Except not really, it only turned into a sold good once I finished it. By the same people who actually got me in the mood to try some Mogekoverse fan art. Once it was finished and they saw it, one of them asked me to buy it! And they were super kind and scanned it for me!

The original has more charm, as any traditional art. In any case, I found it strangely pleasing how much fun I had doing traditional artwork again!

NCT 127 How they would kiss (Como eles beijariam)

This is a little hard to do but i worked hard, hope you like! (I Dind’t included Johnny and Doyoung ; i didn’t included Mark and Haechan)

~Adm Rabbit~


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  • Shy / Tímido
  • Embarrassment after the kiss // Embaraço depois do beijo
  • In private / Em privado


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  • Shy on the start // Tímido no começo
  • Super sexy after that // Super sexy depois disso
  • Embarrassment after the kiss // Embaraço depois do beijo


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  • Supeeeeeer silly // Supeeeeeer bobo
  • Smiles in the middle of the kiss // Sorrisos no meio do beijo
  • Teasing you after // Provocando você depois 


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  • Teasing you before kissing you like “I bet you’d kiss me" // Te provocando antes de te beijar como “eu aposto que você me beijaria”
  • Super serious when it happens // Super sério quando acontece-se
  • A little shocked after the kiss // Um pouco chocado depois do beijo


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  • He wouldn’t take initiative cause he is so innocent // Ele não tomaria iniciativa por que ele é tao inocente
  • Shy kiss almost like a child kiss // Beijo tímido quase como um beijo de criança
  • Shy smile after // Sorriso tímido depois

asari headcanons:
> no hair, brows, eyelashes; no nails! their fingers are full-length smooth and soft, even the tips
> their skin is (very) taut, they merely have any wrinkles
> and it’s like layered?? the skin. when you press it, it makes staines from light to deep blue, almost violet??
> boobies keep growing their whole looooong life (can’t stop laughin imagining granma-asari with breasts laying on the ground pfff ;”BB)
> no freaking belly button (honestly, bioware)
i bet humans don’t really enjoy looking on the smoothest and flattest belly they’ve ever seen in their lives
> the crest gives you an electric shock sometimes…. (like sea rays!)
> ummm and the youth ADORES piercing that crest and the back of the neck with stuff
> they cry by THE WHOLE DAMNED HEAD (just look at Liara’s temples and forehead after Thessia, you’ll see)
> the teeth aren’t human (OKAY, BIOWARE???), they’re tiny and round and have really (really) cutie smile
> they blush… with their tongues! it becomes really bright, almost like fuchsia if asari is confused enough (can’t stop imagining situations when liara is… i definitely need a nsfw-blog for such moments)


Like humans, lobsters have a long childhood and an awkward adolescence. Just like us they also carry their young for nine months and can live to be more than 100 years old.

Like dolphins and many other animals, lobsters use complicated signals to explore their surroundings and establish social relationships. They take long-distance seasonal journeys and can cover 100 miles or more each year (the equivalent of a human walking from Maine to Florida)—assuming that they manage to avoid the millions of traps set along the coasts. Sadly, many lobsters don’t survive their most formidable predator … humans. More than 20 million are consumed each year in the United States alone.

Contrary to claims made by seafood sellers, scientists have determined that lobsters, like all animals, can feel pain. Also, when kept in tanks, they may suffer from stress associated with confinement, low oxygen levels, and crowding.  Most scientists agree that a lobster’s nervous system is quite sophisticated.

“As an invertebrate zoologist who has studied crustaceans for a number of years, I can tell you the lobster has a rather sophisticated nervous system that, among other things, allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm. … [Lobsters] can, I am sure, sense pain.”—Jaren G. Horsley, Ph.D

Anyone who has ever boiled a lobster alive knows that when dropped into scalding water, lobsters whip their bodies wildly and scrape the sides of the pot in a desperate attempt to escape. In the journal Science, researcher Gordon Gunter described this method of killing lobsters as “unnecessary torture.”PETA has consulted with many marine biologists about the least cruel way to kill a lobster. While the experts couldn’t seem to agree on which method would cause the least suffering, they do agree that there really is no humane way to kill these sensitive and unusual animals.

Watch this video and please stop contributing to this unnecessary torture!


The Shade of it All (Shalaska) - Vixen

So this is my first Shalaska, idk if it was because I’m pmsing or what but I cried writing the end tbh. I hope you guys enjoy it, its angsty as fuck with no pay off but aye. I’m not really too happy with it tbh, I think it couldve been longer but awk well theres always next time. So aye, enjoy it, send me adoration and long reviews of love - your friendly neighbourhood Vixen

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‘Why don’t we talk to each other?

Why don’t we talk to each other?

Just give it a try.

Why don’t we talk about what happened?

Like me you’re trying to avoid it, I’ve seen you try.

You might not believe it.

You might not believe it but we’ve got a lot in common

we really do.

You’re not alone and I am here for you.’

This is a picture I told @gemcrust that I’d be submitting to them and so here it is! Morganite is hugging Ice and I’m so happy that I finally go this done. I was especially shocked after ‘Alone At Sea’ premiered and thought this was appropriate since our characters both like Jasper. Hope you all like it! ((Also hope you don’t mind my word change for the song ‘Both of You’