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Fake married trope where no one knows that Baze and Chirrut are married (they’re just Guys Being Dudes don'tcha know) and Mon Mothma has an assignment for Jyn and Cassian to go undercover as a married couple but then they can’t do it, so she reluctantly asks Baze and Chirrut if they’ll go, and she’s not surprised at all when Chirrut agrees but she is surprised when Baze does. She tells them they’ll get them different cover stories and Chirrut just tells her there’s no need, they’ll totally pretend to be married it’s nbd

The Types and Drinking Water

ENFP: Drinks from the toilet. It wasn’t even a dare or anything; they just wanted to know what it tasted like.

ENTP: “h20? More like h2-YO! Hahaha drink your water kids.”

INFP: Misses their entire mouth. Their over-sized sweater is utterly soaked, almost as if their nipples are tiny water falls. Shocked at this sudden development, they drop the glass and it shatters, covering the kitchen floor. Trying to tiptoe to safety, they carelessly slip on the water and onto the broken glass, nearly bleeding to death. As soon as they get discharged from the hospital they’re applying for an infomercial.

ESFP: Sticks their face right under the tap and desperately laps up the water like some kind of deranged and unsettlingly large house cat.

INTJ: * sips water* “ Disgusting. Tastes like licking a car. And you know why? The water we drink contains small traces of iron, zinc, copper, manganese and other metals. And you know who’s fault that is? Our inCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT.  THEY NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND GET THEIR SH** TOGETHER. THEY’VE BEEN LYING TO US AS A NATION FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME AND IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE. 

See more of my conspiracy theories on my tumblr blog @anti-feminism-pro-atheism ( the one with red and black theme and the Rainbow Dash icon).”

ISFJ: Has been refusing offers of a glass of water from their friend’s parent for 10 hours now and they’re really reaching their limit. Will probably resolve to drinking their pee Bear Grylls style.

ESTP: Kicks off the faucet, throws it through the window, screams, and lets the broken faucet drench them all the way from their flat peak cap to their $400 basketball shoes, their perfect abs showing through their wet t-shirt. Uploads it to vine.

INTP: * aggressively sips water through a Krazy Straw* SUCC  ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ) 

ENFJ: *Makes it into Fit Tea™* “ This flattened my stomach, cleared my skin, watered my crops, improved my grades, brought Shakespeare back from the dead, got my parents back together, stopped war, solved poverty, and it tastes like Shrek in drink form GREAT. A discount code is in the description, guys! :D.”

ENTJ: Drinks the tears of all those ignorant fools they destroyed in the Spelling Bee last week. 

ISTP: They’re probably chained to a pillar in some empty warehouse as a result of a drug scandal. The only sustenance they receive is a mug of muddy water brought to them by a man in an anonymous mask twice a day. Free them.

INFJ: “Is this vegan?”

ISFP: Drinks the morning dew off the tulips and honeysuckle. It may sound whimsical in theory, but in reality seeing grown adult desperately licking wet grass and flowers in the town park is a rather unsettling experience. 

ESFJ: “Umm, tap water? No thanks. I only drink from my $20000 ultra healing magical energy quinoa infused crystals water filter I got off an infomercial thank you very much. The lady in the commercial says tap water gives you cancer and I trust her judgement. I even have her book, “ “vaccine” and “autisms” both haave six letter. Coinsidance? I think noot.”, wanna borrow it?”       

ISTJ: * Harry Potter Puppet Pals Snape voice* Today I drank some water for my breakfast. It was flavourless and watery. I thought of my mother. I cried.

ESTJ: Has one of those drink bottles with times written at different levels on the side to show you how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. It gives them a feeling of superiority knowing that their life is slightly more organised than everyone else.



► 20. Paige Michalchuk & Ellie Nash

“I can’t believe I won’t hear your daily fashion tips anymore.” “And I can’t believe we lived with each other for a year without murder.” “There’s still time.”

  • Percy: Boy, there sure is something...fishy...going on, isn't there?
  • Annabeth: Indeed, it'd probably avoid any trouble.
  • Nico: No, stop this right now.
  • Jason: My, what a... shocking... development
  • Leo: Oh, things sure are...heating...up alright.
  • Nico: Zhang, make them stop, please.
  • Frank: Alright guys, you heard Nico, just let me be... Frank... with you.
  • Nico: You're all idiots,
  • Piper: I don't know, i find them quite..
  • Nico: Don't you dare!
  • Piper: ...Charming.
  • Hazel: I'll say. These puns are pure... gold.
  • Nico: You're all dead to me.
How to Successfully Shock Your Readers

There’s a difference between shocking your readers effectively and killing off characters because you have no idea what to do next. In short, you want to shock your readers in a good way.

Keeping your readers on the edge of their seats does not mean you have to be constantly throwing things at them all the time. Here are a few ways to successfully shock your readers:

Make Sure There are Ups and Downs

If you want to build to a shocking moment, it’s important that you don’t try to fill your novel with them. Every story should have ups and downs, highs and lows. If you want to kill off a character and have the audience care, you need to build up to it.

Learn About Tension

Tension is so important if you want to successfully shock your readers. This is what I think the Hunger Games series did so well. Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger that basically forces you to keep reading. The reader is constantly given a little bit of “shock”, but every moment fits the story. We’re always on the edge of our seat. Understand tension by reading and figuring out your favorite tense scenes. You’ll quickly understand what makes them work.

Set the Tone

You need to set the tone within the first chapter of your novel. Shocking moments will just anger and frustrate your readers if they think they’re reading a light-hearted novel. The Game of Thrones shocks work (for the most part)  because we know from the start what kind of novel we’re reading. We know that people can die at any moment. We get attached to the characters, so we really feel the impact.

Avoid the Easy-Out

Shocking moments don’t have an impact if you immediately take them back. Don’t have easy-outs built into your story. If a character needs to get out of tough situation, for example, don’t suddenly make the villain explode out of nowhere. Avoid deus ex machinas! Commit to your ideas and avoid breaking the tension by taking them back.

Understand the Critical Choice

Many novels build up to the critical choice. Your protagonist has to make a decision and they have to commit to it. They are usually torn between two different choices, both with pros and cons. Shocking moments are often made out of the aftermath of the critical choice. Think about how this will shape your novel and lead to future problems.

-Kris Noel

i also really hope that we don’t just… never hear about Bill’s birth mom again. because there’s a story there. the Doctor went back in time and befriended that woman, before Bill was born, probably in the 80’s/early 90’s, and she was essentially his muse. he can’t have just taken that one photograph of Bill’s Mum, and he couldn’t have taken it in secret (i mean… let’s hope not…). she was looking away in that photograph where he was in the mirror, her guard was down with him, and she was smiling, she’s happy and comfortable around him.

what happened? what’s the story about those two? the Doctor is at the very least friends with Bill’s Mum. i want that story. i NEED that story. don’t waste that opportunity. with Bill knowing the Doctor is a space-time traveler now, she must’ve put together that he travelled back in time to get/take pictures of her Mum for her after she told him she didn’t have many.

please, i am BEGGING that Bill asks him about it, and that piece by piece, we get a sweet little story about the Doctor and Bill’s Mum’s friendship (or maybe more…? who knows? i for one wouldn’t be shocked if he developed feelings for the woman, though Bill’s Mum probably wouldn’t have returned them, but that’s just me!), and by extent, and more importantly, closure for Bill.


Wrong End of the Stick
I know I’ve got prompts to write but this wouldn’t leave me alone. just a very quick, fun fic. hope you like ♥

She could hear them arguing halfway down the corridor from the comfort of her quiet morgue; rolling her eyes, Molly focused her attention on stitching up poor Mrs. Gibson - aging, wealthy adulterer and murder victim, just what the detective ordered. Apparently, said detective suspected both the spurned husband and toyboy lover of the gruesome stabbing. As far as Molly was concerned, there were no defensive wounds on the body and there were multiple deep incisions. The duo entered as she finished her work, stepping aside dutifully to allow them access to the body; neither Sherlock or John seemed to notice, still bickering like children.

“All I said,” John ranted, pacing up and down beside the morgue slab, “was I didn’t want Rosie playing with chemicals!”

“Well, that’s ridiculous,” Sherlock replied dismissively, removing his magnifying glass from the inside of his famous Belstaff, “she’s far more capable than you.”

“Sod off.”

Sherlock hid his smirk behind his magnifying glass, looking over Mrs. Gibson intently. Several theories presented themselves and, thus far, he had reason to suspect both parties of the vicious death. The loyal husband of the cheating wife, saw red and lashed out, brutally attacking his wife as she slept. Or perhaps the younger lover, easily manipulating her emotions to get into her pockets? Either way, this case couldn’t have come at a better time, if John didn’t insist on distracting him.

“So, have you got any plans later, Molly?”

“Um, yeah, actually,” the pathologist smiled shyly, gathering papers from the desk in the corner of the room, “I-I have a date.”

John couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “wow…isn’t this the, what, fifth in the past two weeks?”

“It’s the same bloke, if you must know.”

At least the army doctor had the decency to look guilty.

“No, I didn’t mean-“

“It’s fine. We’ve been seeing each other for a month now. It’s going…well.”

Before John could utter another word, Sherlock stood straight up and tucked away his magnifying glass into his coat, addressing Molly directly.

“I’m going to need your assistance in the lab.”

“Yeah, I have the paperwork,” Molly sighed, gesturing her clipboard as they walked towards the doors, “any ideas? I take it Anderson was on duty…”

“Yes, which reminds me…” he removed an evidence bag containing what John feared was the murder weapon, “would you mind?”

She stared at him, “you’ll return it.”

“Immediately,” he smiled, a practiced smile but it seemed to satisfy the pathologist; she took the plastic bag, rolling her eyes affectionately.

“What am I going to do with you?” The pair’s conversation drifted off as they left the morgue and John briefly wondered if he was supposed to follow them. When he’d finally made up his mind, Sherlock reappeared in a flash, “coffee, John. So kind of you.”

He disappeared before John could do much more than open his mouth.

“Right, I’m off.”

John glanced over the top of his newspaper. Sherlock was preening himself in front of the large mirror hanging over the fireplace. He was off. Again. For another night of ‘case-solving’. Interesting. He folded his paper with the air of a disapproving father.

“Is that right?”

“Case. Could go on all night,” he snatched his keys, stopping to fluff his hair once more and John bit back a smirk. Oh, he knew what was going on alright. He folded his arms, tapping his foot for good measure.

“You’re on a roll. I thought you finished that case this morning,” when Sherlock didn’t reply, John continued, “it’s funny how all your late-night cases seem to always land on Molly’s date nights,” with an eyebrow raised, John hoped he looked a little smugly intimidating. Judging by his friend’s chuckle, that was far from the case.

“it’s amazing how often murder and Molly Hooper’s love life seems to coincide-“

“Bullshit,” John stood up, facing his friend accusingly, “I know what’s going on and I’m not going to let it happen.”

There was brief look of confusion on the detective’s face which turned into amusement as John snapped a pair of handcuffs over one of his wrists, attacking the other to the detective’s chair leg, forcing the taller man to crouch down.

“You’re not ruining anymore of her dates, do you hear me?”

Sherlock blinked at his predicament, sighing as he rather awkwardly took his seat, “you’re making a mistake.”

“No! You keep doing this and it’s not fair. For God’s sake, Molly’s trying to move on and be happy. If you’re too scared to tell her how you feel, she should be allowed to. Now,” John unfolded his paper triumphantly, “I’m going to read my paper. When Molly’s finished her date, I’ll let you go.”

The army doctor could practically feel the weight of Sherlock’s stare through the paper but ignored him. Several minutes passed in silence and John was frankly amazed his brilliant plan was working. He should have done this years ago. Half an hour later, he glanced over his newspaper to find Sherlock still staring at him, a smirk on his face.

“May I have my phone?”

“So you can ruin her date by text? Summon big brother or the homeless network to tear gas me and come free you? Do you think I was born yesterday?”

“Don’t be silly,” the detective said, a pout on his face as he attempted to cross his legs,” the homeless network doesn’t have phones.”

Whether he had given in or not, it wouldn’t have mattered for Molly Hooper herself came storming into Baker Street not five minutes later. She was dressed to the nines and furious, pointing at Sherlock.

“What the hell, Sherlock? You said you made reservations and you don’t even show up?” It was then she really took in his position and anger was replaced with confusion, “why are you handcuffed to the chair?”

“That was down to me,” John said with a proud smile, once again discarding his newspaper, “I was sick of him interfering with your dates. You can thank me later…” he paused, thinking over Molly’s harsh words, “did you say he made reservations?”

“Yes, I’M Molly’s boyfriend, you insufferable idiot,” Sherlock snapped, waving his shackled wrist as best as he could. He smiled apologetically at Molly; neither of them had expected their relationship to have been discovered this way, least of all by their hapless friend.

John blinked at the pair, his mouth open wide as he tried to take in the shocking development.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Sherlock sighed, his wickedly honest tongue in full form, “I expected you had enough of a brain to work out the connection. Perhaps I give you too much credit.”

Molly could tell he had gone too far. Without a word, John marched to the open window and threw the handcuff key as hard as he could manage. In the next instant, he had turned and stomped towards his bedroom, muttering expletives on his way. Molly eyed her boyfriend, shaking her head.

“You just had to open that pretty mouth of yours.”

Saying Yuuki Yuuna is just a weaker rehashing of Madoka is stupid.

I’ve been saying it since episode 1. Though they may seem similar, these two shows are almost completely different.


  • magical girls
  • colorful fighting environment
  • fight against nameless (I know in madoka they have names and in yuyuyu they have astrological classifications but it’s a figure of speech) monster behemoths
  • lesbians (joking)

That’s a few similarities I’ll give it that. Let’s check out the differences.


  • yuyuyu is character driven while madoka is plot driven
  • yuyuyu spends time characterizing every girl while madoka focuses on developing 2 of the 5 girls
  • yuyuyu justifies its literary diegesis through subtle world-building and lore while madoka info-dumps a pre-existing scientific phenomena and attempts to tie it into the magical girl genre
  • yuyuyu’s main theme is discovering the hero within yourself in the face of overwhelming adversity while madoka’s main theme is self-sacrifice (these two themes may overlap at some point but are still vastly different)
  • yuyuyu’s character interactions are meaningful and pay off when the girls start to rely on one another while madoka’s character interactions comprise of brooding and self-loathing, causing the characters to shut themselves off from one another and deal with their problems alone
  • yuyuyu’s existential struggle is how to deal with not being able to die while madoka’s struggle is the fear of imminent death
  • yuyuyu spends time building tension and human emotions before executing while madoka opts for left-field twists or shocking developments before we even get to understand certain characters or their motivations, hampering our attachment to them
  • yuyuyu’s organization is using them to save the world from an imminent threat while madoka has kyuubey using the girls to save the universe from a threat that is estimated to occur billions of years from now if not longer
  • yuyuyu’s girls’ solution to a daunting revelation is to help each other and slap some sense into their friends when they need it while madoka’s girls’ solution to crisis is to kill each other to end their suffering
  • yuyuyu’s secondary theme is finding solutions to despair as a team while madoka’s secondary theme is trying to escape fate or despair (through the use of time travel)
  • yuyuyu’s hero system has side-effects if too much power is used fighting the adversary while madoka’s magical system and “emotions” are the direct cause of the show’s adversary
  • due to the nature of the plot itself, Madoka is unable to be properly characterized and she is thus underdeveloped, while Yuuna’s characterization, though subtle, hints that she is adaptable to many situations and is a key player in the group rather than just a mascot or overly-genki girl
  • due to the nature of the plot and the elements used, madoka is painted as “black and white” while yuyuyu opts for a more “grey area” interpretation of the girls’ struggle
  • though madoka girls are fighting witches to save people from despair, they are also being granted a wish as incentive for putting their lives at risk. yuyuyu girls are fighting vertices for no gain other than to help others
  • yuuki yuuna is not madoka kaname
  • fuu inubouzaki is not mami tomoe
  • mimori togou is not homura akemi
  • karin miyoshi is not kyouko sakura
  • itsuki inubouzaki is not sayaka miki

So it’s “a worse Madoka” eh? Yeah, you can leave now.

P.S. And in case you were wondering, I actually do like Madoka Magica. I just recognize that they are almost completely different shows and more people need to recognize that too.

I went through approximately fifteen fucking captions for this, including “I’m gay,” “[White person voice] Kawaii,” “On a scale of one to ten, how existentially exhausted do I look,” “Hi, I’m a punk, and every night I cry while listening to The Real Thing by Far East Mention Mannequins,” and “Eat the rich.”

There’s a crab in my pocket.

Yeah (Y/N), when are you and Alex having hot angry sex?

Intro: You are the actress who plays Njæla on History Vikings. After the season finale of season 5B, you and the cast are at Comic Con. Fans ask about shocking events, romantic developments and try to squeeze out some teasers for season 6. At the beginning of season 5, you and Alex started to date in secret. Your castmates suspect something but both of you have denied any gossip. That until there is asked a very spicy question…

I watched Comic Con panels all day instead of learning… Worth it? Probably. Going to regret it tomorrow? Probably.

( Making up because i am having to deal with writersblock for Óhræddr pt. 3 #perfectionist)

Originally posted by jbfor22

“Alex how could you have killed Lagertha?!” A girl screamed hard through the microphone. You laughed and laid your hand in a comforting matter on Katheryns, who sat at your right. She pouted and lifted her shoulders as she was applauded. It was your third time at Comic Con but everytime it excited you more. You had just rolled a killer season and had received such good feedback from all the fans, Micheal was truly a genius.

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scenario in which Todoroki's (incredibly dense & socially inept) crush asks him why her heart beats so fast around him, why has she been getting flustered around him (basically all the symptoms of a crush lmao) with a totally straight face (and her getting super red after finding out it's love, hehe) This is so long omg sorryy and i just wanna say i love your writing ;0; and gl with the blog!~

Aw, thank you so much! This idea is absolutely adorable, and I hope what I wrote did it justice. 

Slight spoilers for the manga. But you probably won’t really fully understand the spoiler if you haven’t read the manga, so it shouldn’t matter too much. 


You were confused. Utterly and hopelessly confused. It wasn’t a particularly uncommon feeling for you as many had told you that you were incredibly dense most of the time, but that didn’t mean you liked it. Though you were clueless most of the time, most of your classmates found it endearing, so you had many friends in 1-A.

However, this new situation had been making you uncomfortable lately. You were close friends with Todoroki, and you loved talking with him, especially after he mellowed out a bit more due to his fight with Midoriya at the sports festival. He was nice and you found his dry humour to be quite funny, so the time you spent with him was always pleasant. But as of late, you’ve been feeling different around him. It didn’t necessarily feel bad per se, but you weren’t exactly sure if it was good either.

You were aware that this was another one of your clueless moments and that you would be unable to figure it out yourself, so you decided the best course of action would be to go straight to the origin of your problems. While Todoroki also had a few dense moments at times, he was not as bad as you and was still very intelligent, so he would probably be able to assist you.

The class was currently on the training grounds, having just finished their latest exercise. There were a few minutes remaining until the end of the lesson, so most had formed their own little groups and began chatting while they waited for the class to end. You found Todoroki conversing with Midoriya, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu. With a determined glint in your eyes, you began making your way over to them.

“Hey, guys!” you greeted cheerfully with a wave.

Uraraka smiled brightly at you. “Hi, (Y/N)-chan! You did great today in class!”

“You too!” you replied. You turned to Todoroki next as he was the reason you joined them in the first place. When grey and cerulean orbs met your own, you began feeling odd again, so you decided to get straight to it. “Todoroki-kun, I needed to ask you something. It’s urgent.”

His expression turned curious, unsure of why you seemed so troubled. “Sure, what is it?”

You took a deep breath before answering. “I’ve been feeling really weird around you lately,” you told him with furrowed eyebrows. He blinked once, not quite understanding, and you elaborated. “Whenever I’m around you, my heart starts beating really fast. It’s not painful or anything, but it makes me feel nervous. And my face gets hot too! I keep tripping over words and stuttering during our conversations and I can’t think straight. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! So I was wondering if you could figure it out…” You said everything seriously with a straight face, not noticing that the training ground that had previously been filled with chatter was now quiet. “If you guys could help me too, that’d be great!” you said, referring to the other three that were there. You tilted your head to the side in confusion when you saw their expressions. Midoriya’s face was bright red for some reason while Uraraka had an excited glimmer in her eye and Yaoyorozu, with a tint of pink on her cheeks, held a hand up to her mouth as if in shock. Why did they look so weird all of a sudden?

“Well…” Your attention eagerly returned to Todoroki, the main person you were hoping to get an answer from. “That does sound strange. You might be ill.” He held his hand up to stare at it for a few moments as if he was remembering something. “I do seem to have some hand-crusher-like presence in me that causes the hands of the people around me to get hurt.” Midoriya had to choke back a laugh at the memory. “Perhaps something about me causes sickness as well.” Uraraka slapped a palm on her forehead in exasperation at his answer.

“Oh…” Your expression became crestfallen. “That would be terrible. I really do enjoy talking to you.”

“We may be able to find something to cure you. I go to the hospital on free days, so I can ask someone the next time I go.”

“That would be great, Todoroki-kun! Thank you so much!”

Dear God they could not watch this trainwreck continue for any longer.

“Someone, stop this madness!” Kirishima exclaimed, feeling embarrassment for the two.

Finally, Kaminari released a yell of frustration then screamed, “It’s called love, you dense idiots!”

The two of you finally realized that the entire class was watching. They were not planning on intervening as it seemed to be a personal matter between the pair of you, but they couldn’t restrain themselves. They had underestimated just how devastatingly stupid you both were. They had to help.

You blinked once. Then twice. Slowly, but surely, the information began to process in your mind. It seemed it had already registered for Todoroki as he had tensed up all of a sudden at Kaminari’s words. Instantly, your cheeks flared red. “What?” you yelped, mortified. “L-l-l-love?! No, I-I, surely I would have noticed if it was something like that!”

Everyone deadpanned. “No. No, you wouldn’t have,” Sero stated bluntly.

You cupped your cheeks in your hands in horror. So you had just confessed to Todoroki?! In front of the class?! Without even realizing you were doing so?! How does that even happen?!

“Uh…” Todoroki’s voice broke you out of your reverie. You looked at him, wanting nothing more than to disappear into the ground. “Do you… want to grab a bite somewhere after school?”

Wait, what? “Huh?” Was he asking you out? “Are you asking me out?”

He seemed a bit uncomfortable, unused to what he was doing. “Yeah,” he replied simply.

Your posture slowly relaxed. “Oh, um… okay, yeah, that’d be great!” The two of you then began chatting and started to casually make your way back inside the school for your next class as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary had happened.

The others watched as they left, shocked at this sudden development. “Man, they bounce back fast…”

“You know,” Kirishima began. “It’s because of their denseness that they were able to start going out, but honestly, if they weren’t so dense, the two probably would have started dating ages ago.”

Kaminari snorted. “True. They were so obviously crushing on each other, it was almost painful to watch.”

“I thought it was cute!” Uraraka defended.

“It was cute the first couple times. After like three months of them super conspicuously making eyes at each other across the room, not so much.”

“Well, it all turned out alright, didn’t it?” Izuku stated, a smile on his lips as he watched his two friends’ retreating backs.

Up ahead, you were sporting your own smile as you walked alongside your crush. Perhaps your denseness comes in handy sometimes.

So, I saw a theory I really like while looking at stuff for Wanted, and decided to write a little oneshot/proof of concept. Hope it entertains.


“Yellow Diamond found us!” Padparadscha yelled, but as usual, the other Off-Colors already knew.

Yellow Diamond, the scourge of the different, one of the sovereigns of Homeworld, towered over the three gems and human. Two poofed gems, one red and one pink, lay between the tyrant and the group. The sovereign scoffed.

“Pathetic” she said as she looked down at the ragtag group. “To think, such failures were crawling around right beneath us. How you’ve escaped detection before now I do not know but that ends now.”

She raised her hand, the glove upon it wreathed with writhing strands of electricity. A large form rose up, almost meeting Yellow Diamond’s stare.

“I…don’t…think…so…” Fluorite drawled. Six lights began to shine across her form, but as usual, she was to slow.

Six gems of varying shape and size clattered to the ground. Yellow Diamond looked pleased up until a stone hit her in the side of the head. She snarled as she looked down at the soon to be pile of dust.

“L-leave them alone!” Lars yelled, a stone in each hand. Though he was shaking considerably, he tried to hold himself tall.

“:Well, if it isn’t the little human.” Yellow Diamond spat the last word, “I had a feeling I was going to regret leaving you alive. Allow me to rectify that!”

But as she reached to summon her weapon, the action was ground to a halt by a blinding pink light.

Where Fluorite once stood, one of the gems began to rise into the air. Pink light flowed from it like the petals of a rose and took a human silhouette. A moment passed before the finer details of her form were recognizable.

She was colossal, reaching up to Yellow Diamond’s neck, and entirely shades of pink. She was lithe and streamlined, with the exception of her jagged hair. Her garb was plain, resembling the standard Homeworld garb, but with long sleeves that hugged her thin arms and a hole in the stomach where her four pointed gem shone. She glared at Yellow Diamond with pink eyes, though with her searing gaze one could be forgiven for thinking them red.

It was unsure who was most shocked at this development, but Yellow Diamond was the most vocal.

“H-how!?!?!” she exclaimed, her composure crumbling, “You’re supposed to be-”

The Pink figure chose this moment to cut her off. Each word spoken from her mouth was said with deliberation, punctuated with an action.

“Leave-” She rushed leaped forward, left arm outstretched

“-My-” Her gem glowed. A shield, long and rectangular, appeared on her arm, blocking the volley of energy Yellow Diamond sent forward.

“-Off-Colors-” She landed before the electric tyrant in a crouching position. Her shield dissolved into pink light, which wrapped around her clenched fist.

“ALONE!!” She sprung upward, glowing fist colliding with Yellow Diamond’s chin. As if shot from a cannon, Yellow Diamond was launched skyward. It was clear after a few moments she wouldn’t be coming down anywhere near them.

A hush fell over the area. Lars took this moment to collect the two gems from where the tyrant electrocuted them, while the Pink goliath strode to the five other gems that formed Fluorite. It was easy for her to scoop them into her hands and hold them to her chest. A soft sigh of relief escaped her list as she inspected them, finding no damage to them.

Lars had chosen this moment to speak, but was promptly interrupted by a gasp.

“By the Star,” Padparadscha exclaimed, “I have had the most amazing of visions! Fluorite is, in part, the supposedly shattered Pink Diamond!”

Pink Diamond chuckled, a sound much softer and more pleasant to the ear than her previous shouts.  

“I suppose I am” Pink Diamond said, “and I suppose I have much to explain.”

you ever rewatch episodes like blood moon ball and wonder how the f u c k people are shocked that starco developed in the romantic direction? like, helen listen, i know m/f biracial couples aren’t “”“”“cool”“”“” but these two are the best pairing to hit this ugly website. helen. helen listen starco is fucking real and it’s happening. helen.

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May I request a headcanon of Class 1-A finding out Aizawa is married to a Pro Hero with a type of singing quirk that usually gets out of hand when she gets like really into the song? I'm sorry for such a weird request!

-They all freak out at the very notion that Aizawa-sensei is married, and a few of them go to Present Mic to figure out if it’s true or not. A few of them congratulate him, even if it’s not recent, but the majority of the class is just shocked at the development.
-After learning that his wife is a Pro Hero, the whole class basically turns to Midoriya who obviously knows her. He says what he knows about her, and some of his classmates start to chime in, too. Unlike Aizawa, she’s pretty well-known.
-They all ask Aizawa for pictures or stories, and they always ask him question about her or try to convince him to introduce her to them. Ashido organizes an “independent field-trip” and as a class (or at least most of a class) they all try to follow him around and meet her.
-When that doesn’t work and they end up with cleaning duties, they go to Mic for help and, surprise surprise, he’s totally up for helping them!
-Mic basically ends up inviting her over himself, and though Aizawa seems pissed off, he introduces her to his class.
-From then on, she ends up coming to class quite often whenever she’s free, and sometimes sings for the class. One time though, the girls and her all got too excited while singing, and they all ended up having to pitch in some money to repair the windows.
-Aizawa ends up banning her from singing while at school, but he ends up inviting his class to one of her performances.